Stock Market Today

Stock Market Today

Today’s Stock Market Action

Last weeks markets were a little flat, but with one good day, and the markets in the recent 2 months have performed well. The Santa Klaus rally looks like it will continue.

Major Indexes Today:

TESLA Real Time

Google Stock Real Time

Amazon Stock Real Time

There’s a number of investing sites and data sources which help you get quotes on today’s prices and more on the current status of the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and NASDAQ. See more on Facebook stock, Google stock and Tesla stock.

Check out today’s stock prices further on:

  • Yahoo Finance
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If you’re wanting more insight into what’s going on in the stock market this week, be sure to check out the stock market predictions post. There you’ll find the key issues driving the market right now and what will influence it this week, 3 months from now and next year.  Yahoo Finance has a broad array of stock market information including real time tickers and economic news.

For immediate stock market news, the news service Reuters might be your best source. CNBC has a daily morning report, and businessinsider has real time tickers to view your top choices. Barchart has all your stocks, ratings, and more.

Investors seem happy, and we might begin to see more cash flow back into stocks. It’s interesting to see which stocks invetors are most interested in (see chart below). It’s clear the 3 month forecast is altered, although some experts are still predicting a shallow, short recession in the 1st half of 2023.

There’s lots of big events coming however during the next half year, so investors need to exercise caution. Accessing more views and perspectives is a great way to avoid the propaganda machines for politics and big investing companies who just want your money.

The result:  today’s big lift in stock prices.

Barchart shows its top performers, stocks you might want to check out today:

Screenshot courtesy of Barchart. Top performing stocks.

Dow Jones, S&P, NASDAQ are already up significantly this morning. The Russell 2000 joined the party too and the TSX in Toronto is up strongly. Of course, the tech stocks enjoyed the biggest recovery.

The Majors Today:

Dow Jones: up .1% to 34,429.88
S&P 500: down 2.9% to 4071
NASDAQ: up .8% to 11,461.
Russell 2000: up .6% to 1,892.84
S&P TSX: down .2% to 20,485.66

Gold rose strongly too, while oil has fallen a couple of dollars (China demand questioned), and the US dollar had a momentary 2 cent drop. Facebook stock rose slightly too after META cut its staff, with an apology by Zuckerberg for getting business all wrong. It’s far from a recommendation for Facebook stock however. With advertising revenue slowing, their money machine won’t be producing as much this winter. It’s not a good strategic time to reinvent a corporation.

Tesla stock rose 5% today on the inflation news, and the Dems election standoff ensures suppression of oil production and high oil prices which bodes well for the electric vehicle company for at least 2 more years. Elon Musk’s Twitter could be an excellent promotional channel for promoting the trendy Tesla EV models.

The 3 month prognosis looks better now. The keys would be hedging strategies for the recession, and finding quality stocks that will hit bottom in the next 6 months.

Market experts and commentators appear to be moving forward to 2023 and the spring/summer market. The consensus is a slow slide into recession rather than a stock market crash. Although the questions of a housing market collapse is still being debated.

See more about Yahoo Finance.

WTI oil is still hovering near $80 a barrel with the OPEC+ oligopoly having announced a 2 million barrel a day cut.  Despite oil reserved releases by Biden, experts believe oil prices could reach $120 a barrel late next year because of a lack of oil exploration and oil field development and leases.  Economic stimulation makes it more likely.

Gasoline prices in some regions has fallen the last few months and consumers are enjoying a break. Diesel prices are very high withlow supply. This is adding to food prices and transportation costs — inflation.

However, oil production is a question now since oil company investors would rather keep profits rather than spend on exploration and development when the President has stated he intends to crush the oil sector. That will cause oil prices to rise in 2023. The issue with Russia worsens meaning Russian oil could get shut out of markets.

Right now, China is filling up on cheap oil, which means they will enjoy a good restart when they get past the Covid lockdowns next year.

US Dollar Today: Rising

The US dollar index has slipped 9 points to 104.5. That will make US exports a little cheaper which can help rev up the economy.

It’s quite a surprise for everything at this sudden rally, which may affect the stock market predictions of many. We’ll see what happens tomorrow and if this lasts beyond next week.

Investors and economists are very worried about the Fed making a policy mistake as volatility increases and inflation refuses to die. They know more decisions have to be made, and more decisions means a higher likelihood of something bad occurring.

VIX Volatility Today

Volatility is up of late and it is a recording of investor’s emotions.  Investors are uncertain as are the best experts, FED officials and government leaders. JP Morgan’s investment chief expects a lot of volatility in early 2023.  See more on the 6 month forecast, and the today’s stock market predictions.

Vix volatility today, and year to date. Screenshot courtesy of Google Finance.

Best Stocks of Late:

Best performing stocks today included:

Best Stocks of Late. Screenshot courtesy of

Top Recommendations Today

Some of the most impressive stocks discovered via Barchart give promise that some worthy stocks are available. See more on the best stocks to buy.  Pharmaceuticals and Therapeutics stocks are worth a look. See more on the 3 month outlook for stocks.

Top stocks today.
Top stocks today. Screenshot courtesy of Barchart.

Top Rising S&P Sectors Today

From Red to Green, what a difference a few days makes!  Consumer discretionaries, consumer staples, and IT took off today.  This may tell us what a big rally might look like right after the coming elections, only much bigger.  Given there are a lot of investors on the sidelines playing it cautious this rally is interesting.  As the US dollar weakens and if rates do moderate, more cash will likely flow out of bonds and cash accounts into stocks [opinion].

It’s been some tough times for the Faangs, as Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Tesla, have all struggled. It’s getting more difficult top pick winning stocks. Advisors suggest not trying to pick winners.

Read more on the 3 month forecast, 6 month forecast and check out signals for an impending stock market crash. It’s not likely until 2023 and most indicators are solid. Check out the full stock market forecast and predictions.


Please do check out stocks to avoid, the best stocks to buy, best tech stocks, and the forecast for the next 6 months.

Hot Topic for 2023
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Remember Transitory Inflation?

From last year:  The Fed’s Jerome Powell predicted inflation this year might reach 3.4% but will fall back down near the 2% target the Fed is targeting. May’s CPI was 5% which is running too high for some, but if it is transitory, no statement of rising rates was needed.  Powell spoke in a stuttered fashion throughout his speech, which suggests doubts and uncertainty, or that political pressure is being applied.

Aberdeen Standard Investments deputy chief economist James McCann commented that “This is not what the market expected. The Fed is now signaling that rates will need to rise sooner and faster, with their forecast suggesting two hikes in 2023.

Forget 2023, we’re not even through 2022. The Fed Pivot is the key conversation now as the inflation/recession matter comes to a head.

Real Time Quotes or Enduring Value?

Investors want real time up to date price quotes on stocks, but what’s more important are price trends. A few cents here or there aren’t going to make much difference in your investment value and strength for the long term.

Day traders look to events happening this week that will send the stock market up or down. It’s an approach that may work well, and if it didn’t, they wouldn’t be day traders for long? Some watch stock price reports during the day while others watch for key factors that will push the price up or down in the next week.

What’s happening right now on the Dow Jones, S&P, NASDAQ and Russell indexes and which stocks are trending upward fast? We’re reporting that here.

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