Stock Market Today

Stock Market Today

Stock Market Today

After 5 straight sessions of losing value, investors are back into a good mood this morning as the Dow Jones, S&P, are up again yet the NASDAQ still lags.

It’s an unusual movement given the trending mindset that we’re in for a correction soon. Of course, we all know Biden can float the economy and the markets through Trillions more in spending, so some don’t take the stock market crash threat very seriously. We’ll see if today’s upward trend has any legs. Check out more on the US stock market outlook and the new 5 year prediction along with a check on Bitcoin.

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Read more on the 3 month forecast, 6 month forecast and check out signals for an impending stock market crash. It’s not likely until 2023 and most indicators are solid. Check out the full stock market forecast and predictions.

Best Stocks to Watch Today

These were the best performing stocks today:

Top stocks right now.
Top stocks right now. Screenshot courtesy of Yahoo Finance.

Stock Markets

Top Major Stocks/Equities

Jobs, Inflation, Earnings Reports

Jobs growth won’t be strong and that should keep wage demands down, positive signal for investors. Although wages rose 4% in last report. Investors are paying more attention to the top stocks with big earnings and avoiding riskier small caps. The recovery is under way and businesses are reopening.  Earnings reports will be the focus for the summer months.

It’s quiet and investment eyes might turn to the housing market given home prices could rise this summer.  Homebuyers are asking if home prices will fall, but that’s so unlikely, most experts have stopped talking about it.

The conflict however will prevent investors from feeling good about committing to their investment choices in the US stock markets. Without stimulus this summer, the recovery may not be what Americans are hoping for.

By end of trading Friday, we had some record highs.  The Dow Jones hit 34,433.84 points while the S&P reached 4,280.70. The NASDAQ didn’t fare as well dropping to 14,360.39 and the Russell 2000 stayed level at 2,334.40.

Please do check out stocks to avoid, the best stocks to buy, best tech stocks, and the forecast for the next 6 months.

Hot Topic for 2021/2022
Investors are nervous as the market peaks, give them some help.
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Powell also predicted inflation this year might reach 3.4% but will fall back down near the 2% target the Fed is targeting. May’s CPI was 5% which is running too high for some, but if it is transitory, no statement of rising rates was needed.  Powell spoke in a stuttered fashion throughout his speech, which suggests doubts and uncertainty, or that political pressure is being applied.

Aberdeen Standard Investments deputy chief economist James McCann commented that “This is not what the market expected. The Fed is now signaling that rates will need to rise sooner and faster, with their forecast suggesting two hikes in 2023.

The Dow Jones, rose last week along with the S&P, NASDAQ and Russell 2000 which keep touching all time highs. All indexes plunged on May 11th and 18th as inflation, jobless claims, and Fed rumor mongering via the media took the spotlight. By week’s end the indexes had recovered.

A Bit of a Bubble for Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have been the most volatility investment. Bitcoin is back over $40,000. But is this euphoric and unrealistic? There are a lot of regulatory issues for cryptocurrency and backers say it will just blow over opposition and technical drawbacks.

China is reinforcing its ban on cryptocurrency for sales transactions.  That’s not good news for the crypto crowd, however China is likely pushing for their own cryptocurrency which they hope might become the world standard (with a backdoor perhaps?)

ARK investment Funds Cathie Wood is still sticking her neck out with a $500,000 forecast for Bitcoin. There are others who forecast $700,000 for Bitcoin, so many are tempted to invest, and waiting for a dip in price.  Woods never really explained the macroeconomic, banking, and transactional underpinning’s of Bitcoin rise to dominance. Given the volatility, not many other investors feel as confident of its long term price growth.

How do you feel about Bitcoin? Are there alternatives?  Ethereum has plunged too.

According to MarketWatch, stocks fell Tuesday against as “upbeat corporate results and expectations for a booming economic expansion in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic competed with worries about lofty valuations and signs of accelerating inflationary pressures.”  And the correction continues.  This is quieter than expected, so is the real “correction event” or will all of this blow away, given how strong earnings reports are?

Volatility Up, with Downturns

Everyday, it’s some temporary struggle of indicators. There’s lots of noise happening, however you really should recalibrate every so often to ensure you’re investing smartly. Is the daily volatility concerning? Okay, then digging in deeper in to the Dow Jones, S&P, Russell and NASDAQ is important.


Live Financial Markets

Get up to speed on the Dow Jones forecast, S&P 500 Forecast, Russell 2000 and NASDAQ indexes.  Are the FAANGS returning:  Google stock price, Facebook price, Amazon price, and Apple price reports. Where will next weeks stock market forecast and the 6 month forecast take us?  Get up to date on the stock market, oil markets, and cryptocurrency market.

The stock market changes daily, weekly and seasonally. Let’s see what the real time data says, and then look deeper at what that really means. If you’re real time day trader/gambler, your strategy success depends on price trends which can be sudden macroeconomic reports, political speeches, Fed announcements, and other news.

Keep in mind that many of the stock market events today are politically motivated attempts to manipulate public perception. It’s shallow propaganda and this is where inexperienced investors lose their shirts. Be careful accepting news site reports. They live on hype. Dig deeper and know what you’re doing with your equities investments.

Real Time or Enduring Trends?

Investors want real time up to date price quotes on stocks, but what’s more important are price trends. A few cents here or there aren’t going to make much difference in your investment value and strength for the long term.

Day traders look to events happening this week that will send the stock market up or down. It’s an approach that may work well, and if it didn’t they wouldn’t be day traders for long would they? Some watch stock price reports during the day while others watch for key factors that will push the price up or down in the next week.

What’s happening right now on the Dow Jones, S&P, NASDAQ and Russell indexes and which stocks are trending upward fast? We’re reporting that here.

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