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The emerging storyline is about the US national debt and trillion dollar interest payments which it may default on.  It’s a huge threat to everyone and what makes it threatening is that the Democrats appear unwilling to curtail out of control spending, as their incoming tax revenues fall.

The lower taxes is a news story the Dem media simply ignore. But these issues had to come to roost eventually. Are the going to hit at same time in a tsunami of consumer confidence braking impact?

Something’s going to break and consumers who has supported the economy seem reluctant to keep their money in banks. Without backing down from partisan spending, the Dems risk a standoff with the Republicans. Biden is eyeing the 14th Amendment to push an inflation boosting spending plan through.

The current regime’s plan is not through economic prosperity and productivity, but rather through more spending. It makes the outlook worrisome.

Volatility and uncertainty have been plaguing the markets for sometime. Investors are optimistic but a steady spate of bad news is wearing more heavily on investors of late. Consumer confidence is only the latest negative signal to help sink stocks for the week.

Investors are desperate for clear market signals and guidance to help them plan their investments. Many are under pressure with their money in banks where cracks are appearing. More of them might make a run on their savings but be totally unprepared to choose a great investment alternative.

The debt crisis is finally surfacing as the major story, as the US hurtles toward default. On blind faith only, Americans believe the Republicans will give in to Democrat $7 trillion spending plans which only push inflation even higher, resulting in prolonged high interest rates. That leads to stagflation which the FED fears is going to happen.

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Today’s News in the Stock Market

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US Stock Market 5 Year to 10 Year Outlook

Those investors who focus on quality stocks with a strong balance sheet in sectors which will recover over the next 5 years to 10 years are going to enjoy worry free performance.  Those who ignore macroeconomics and pick individual stocks face huge risks and losses. Picking high performing stocks is very difficult.

Get to know the top stocks on the Dow Jones, S&P 500, NASDAQ for the best stocks to help you through this recession and your 5 year to 10 year performance will be okay.  If you’re looking for riches, the oil stocks are most likely to deliver.  Oil supplies are dwindling with lower exploration and drilling. At some point the economy will roar back and oil will surge above $100. Check out the Canadian oil stocks for even better upside.

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