Stock Market News

Stock Market News

2022 is almost upon us and forecasts and predictions are all over the place. Given the political and health issues we’re still facing, the volatility and uncertainty is not surprising.

Keeping up on the latest stock market news is important for any investor.  Opportunities disappear.  Most stories are recounts of investing activity and slanted projections. Don’t get fooled. Make better use of stock market news publications by looking for key news events that actually drive stock prices, earnings, and buying opportunities.

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Today in the Stock Market

Barchart News: Stock markets close higher this week as Omicron worries ease:

Bankrate survey says stock market in for a 10% correction, but not a stock market crash:

GDP growth forecasted as weak in 2022 — Goldman Sachs/BNN News:
Goldman cuts U.S. GDP forecast as Biden economic agenda in doubt – BNN Bloomberg

US consumer confidence rises:

Voters Think Biden is making inflation worse:

Supply Chain Stumble: White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki says Biden saved Christmas

Barron’s suggesting Powell and the Fed won’t raise rates next year: https://www.barrons.com/articles/interest-rates-2022-outlook-federal-reserve-51637969491

Investors Business Daily says stock buybacks will be popular in 2022

IBC believes Bitcoin may drop below $48,000

Marketwatch says 2022 is on the line if the next 10 days aren’t a bull market

Investors still pouring nearly a trillion into ETFs. Why?

CNBC predicts fewer Home Sales in 2022

Goldman Sachs holds a bullish outlook
in the stock market for 2022

US Stock Market 5 Year to 10 Year Outlook

US stock markets still have a positive 5 to 10 year outlook.   The bull market continues.

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