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Many years of building content and SEO plans for businesses in the US, UK, and Canada has helped Gord develop and refine skills that many SEO consultants need. 

Developing your content strategy with a powerful tactical focus allows your website to compete far above what is believed possible. Gord is an SEO consultant who generates significant value in traffic, and in supporting your entire marketing plan.  It’s more than top rankings for your website — the value Gord delivers is in branding, impact, engagement, nurturing, and capturing prospects and leads at any point in their buyer journey.

Having authored two groundbreaking books on SEO and Content Strategy, it’s proof to you that Gord is really into this revenue boosting business of search engine optimization. Skill and strategy are king.


Gord has worked with 5 digital marketing agencies (US, Canada) over 2 decades serving prestigious clients including Delta Hotels, Franklin Sports, Dream Homes Magazine, Humboldt Moving, Cambridge Payments, Boston Cedar, Boston Laser, eScribe Software, ManageCasa and more.

His first company Bay Street SEO operated for 7 years (2003 to 2010. After a stint with a digital marketing agency for a few years, Gord has restarted as Gord Collins Enterprises and welcomes new clients.


Gord’s clients have been in consumer finance, Fintech, sports manufacturing, real estate sales, housing products, foreign exchange, software development, brand consulting, sports retail, property management, packaging, medical services, IT, and commercial/retail property sectors.


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