Complete Digital Marketing Packages

Realtor’s challenge this year is to build reach and create both buyer and seller leads in a very competitive online landscape. Using digital marketing tools, techniques, strategies and just plain hard work, we build visibility, impact and engagement, to build buyer and seller leads.

Success in digital real estate marketing is hard work.  With a commitment to it, I can help you build a lasting, strong and lead generating presence via these comprehensive Realtor marketing service plans. Get started with me now, and I’ll give you the first month free of charge.

Customized to Suit You

Your situation and needs might be unique, and a custom designed service package is likely the better way to go. We can discuss that when you call and we discuss your marketing needs. View the packages below for reference.

3 Simple Choices for Service Packages

The 3 thorough service packages below are crafted to provide the best results in visibility, reach, impact, engagement and lead generation.

  1. Realtor Turnkey Package
  2. Market Sales Leader Package  
  3. Excelerator Plus Realtor Package 

These services are designed for serious Realtors who know to focus on key drivers of sales.

Let’s Make You the Most Visible Realtor

Your real estate marketing package will build your brand, communicate it, and put you in front of buyers and sellers.

Seeds of success:

  • you need someone versatile, helpful, highly skilled, adaptable and responsive to help you
  • you want to focus on clients and closing leads not suffer through DIY digital marketing
  • content quality expectations are high and you don’t have nearly enough time to do the research
  • consistent, fresh and updated text and visual content is required, because the web is all about now
  • your social and Web content must get your unique value proposition across and set you apart as the best
  • Google SEO and rankings are very challenging and you’ll have a 22 year seasoned expert search engine optimizer and author working specifically for you
  • you must build your brand image as authentic, trustworthy, and reliable before clients will work with you

Tens of thousands of Realtors have thrown their budget fully into ads to discover it isn’t sustainable and there is no equity. In fact, it can damage your agent differentiation.

Realtor Turnkey Package  (Turnkey, One Time Payment)

This is the classic turnkey real estate marketing services package that creates a strong foundation for you to build on, on your own. With the hard work out of the way, and some guidance, you can execute your successful digital marketing strategy.  If you find later that you’re not able to get the leads you want, you can speak to me about moving to the ongoing campaigns.

  • set up a new FTP or RETS IDX or other hosted website and make it Google friendly
  • conduct appropriate technical SEO and content audits and optimize where necessary
  • optimize your content (main site pages and featured listings)
  • 20 pages/blogs of original, epic and engaging content to educate, entertain, and persuade and rank well
  • 3 epic posts which become anchor content for your site for rankings on Google and Bing
  • set up social pages, build new connections and create 2 months of Twitter and Facebook posts
  • training and consulting with you about digital marketing strategy and conversion optimization
  • set up Facebook, AdWords and Linkedin advertising accounts
  • 6 optimized landing pages for ppc ad campaigns

Market Sales Leader Package (monthly) 

The MSLP packs incomparable value and power. No other Realtor marketing service package can beat it.  You’ll become the leading realtor in your city. (Note: I’ll work with your photographer, videographer, staff, and other professionals who bring very high level skills and I welcome the opportunity to work with other producers).

  • Complete hosted, responsive-designed website with IDX MLS integration and lead form/management plus CMS
  • free plug-ins that integrate with your site (choose the ones you want)
  • multiple mini-sites for towns or neighborhoods
  • Lead Capture Forms and new Listing Notifications
  • full optimization of your website pages, blogs, and mls listings for Google and for improving conversion rates
  • optimize a minimum 2000 MLS listings pages and their content (if possible)
  • optimize Google local business maps listing and registration with directories
  • 100 optimized, original, unique real estate blog posts per year including 20 EPIC level posts (not outsourced junk)
  • 35 pages of unique, local-focused content
  • optimized, compelling and persuasive copywriting throughout
  • creative marketing ideas to help you get an edge
  • major outreach and link building campaign — reaching influencers with content they need
  • social media excellence – positive brand image to set you above the rest
  • social media plan to create and distribute sharable content and achieve relevant goals
  • setup Facebook account plus daily Facebook posts and strategy to create friends
  • intense engagement and follower campaign on social media — engaging on lifestyle, investment and Realty matters, and also associating with quality brands and businesses in your area.
  • 1 contest for social media each month
  • email drip campaign + enewsletter
  • active development of your significant, personalized, unique value proposition and brand image
  • paid Google Ads, Instagram, and Facebook Advertising campaigns included
  • custom landing pages for your advertisements optimized for your sales funnel
  • actionable analytics reports

There’s going to be more deliverables here. As time passes, we can accomplish many other small projects that will add to your regional dominance. Whatever adjustment in approach and content we need to do, we will get it done.

I’ll be visiting you, strategizing individual property sales with you. I’ll be working closely with you and we’ll be leveraging conventions, open houses, and other events.  This is all about you building a leadership position.

Excelerator Plus Realtor Package (monthly)

  • complete hosted, responsive real estate website with RETS IDX MLS integration and Lead forms/management and CMS
  • 35 pages of local-focused content
  • optimize 500 MLS listings pages (your local mls feed) and their content
  • optimized Google local maps/business listing
  • 52 optimized real estate blog posts per year with graphs or photos
  • social media excellence – positive brand image to set you above the rest
  • social media plan to create and share sharable content and achieve relevant goals
  • custom designed Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages
  • daily social posting to keep your message and credibility front and foremost
  • Intense follower campaign on social media
  • active development of your unique value proposition
  • Adwords and Facebook Advertising campaign
  • Realtor brand image strategy
  • beautifully designed and actionable analytics reports

Keep in mind that as we work together, my services will increase and improve. I’ll develop much expertise in your local market and build even more compelling content that your prospects will find irresistible.

Don’t worry about your geo location. The local online markets are my specialty – including Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas, Denver, Boca Raton, Tampa, Boston, New York, Atlanta and more. Focus on your dream of growing your real estate leads and becoming the market leader. You can do this.

Contact me now at 416 998-6246.  

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Get the visibility and sustained lead generation you need through 2022 to the next 5 years.  Packaged services for Realtors in Charlotte, Tampa, Naples, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Anaheim, San Antonio, Detroit, Cincinnati, Beverly Hills, Malibu, San Jose, Fresno, Santa Clara, Reno, Sacramento, New Haven, Palo Alto, Portland, Washington, Irvine, Nashville, and Sunnyvale.  Home buyers and sellers are searching online in Salt Lake City, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, Oakland, Arlington, El Paso, Costa Mesa, Raleigh, Jacksonville, St Petes, Oklahoma City, Colorado Springs, Albuquerque, Tacoma, Glendale, Oceanside, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Carlsbad, Santa Clarita, Henderson, Las Vegas, and New Orleans for houses for sale. Let’s make sure your brand is in front of them, and drawing them in.