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In the midst of Generative AI content pollution with restrictive search engines and social media platforms, it’s difficult for businesses to compete up against large corporations.

Yet you can compete using excellent, unique, well-conceived content, and strong promotion.  You need expert level content services to create impactful, engaging, brand-boosting, persuasive, informative, and lead-generating content.

Whether in travel, real estate, finance or software sales, your copywriting in particular must meet many, sometimes conflicting marketing requirements. This requires skill and experience to meet objectives to achieve your sales and revenue goals.

Work with 26 year SEO/Content strategist Gord Collins.  And enjoy that winning edge on competitors who are slugging along old school style. Excellence, affordability, flexibility all in one.

Compelling content is the currency of your website. Generative AI has been casting doubt on creative, authentic content, yet Google is beginning to filter it all out. Having millions of sites producing the same themes/copywriting is a burden for Google. Original, authentic, and personally written for customers is respectful and compelling. 

Your customers want to feel special, that you’re speaking to them personally. That can’t be faked by AI.


Let’s create sophisticated content angles, using real-world experience packaged within algorithm-resonating copy, which impacts, engages, persuades, and moves to action, so your sales team is getting the volume and velocity they dream of.


And it’s not about competing. Great content should make your brand and company the only one customers want. Great marketing makes competitors disappear. 

Let’s help more visitors find and love your content, videos, products, brand and everything else!


Let’s Solve your SEO/Content Problems


Service Packages and Consulting


Content Development

Build the content on topics that your audience wants and in the format which makes the most impact.


SEO Services

Review potential SEO Service Packages and tailor to your company’s specific needs


PPC Ad Campaigns

Plan and optimize PPC campaigns on Google, Facebook and Linkedin to support your free organic traffic.


Hourly SEO Services

Solve technical issues or whatever else is plaguing your site’s success on Google.


Social Media

Create your UVP and content and reach a huge audience with engaging posts on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram.


Real Estate Marketing Packages

Optimize your Real estate web site, blog, advertise, and get your powerful messages out with a Real Estate SEO expert.


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