Best Stock Picks for 2020

Best Stock Picks for 2020

Best Stock Picks for 2020

After hearing that a recession in 2020 is not likely, you might be wondering about the best picks for the stock market in 2020.

While Mad Money’s Jim Cramer might like the FAANGs (with Microsoft not Netflix), you might actually be able to pick the best stocks for 2020. The FAANGs have some challenges ahead. Facebook and Google are facing anti-trust and monopoly charges, Netflix is plummeting and Amazon’s stock forecast is heading downward. Apple’s stock price has been rising but can they survive China tariffs in 2020?

Keep in mind when you invest, that a China trade deal may happen, but it may fail as well. You may want to pick stocks that will not be affected by the trade barriers and keep a few that are recession proof such as Walmart, Pfizer, and McDonalds.

The S&P is expected by some experts to hit 3500 in 2020. Investing in US stocks remains a smart play, unless the Democrats were to win the 2020 Presidential election. They are not business friendly and could launch a major recession and outflow of investment capital. The political turmoil in 2020 will play a big role in market volatility.


Here’s the best stocks for 2020:

My Top 11 Picks for 2020

FacebookFacebook has no rival in social media while user numbers are high and sustained. Despite facing high fines and restrictions, the company’s revenues from Instagram, Facebook app, Whatsapp, and potentially the Libra payment system could make it a record breaking year. See more on the Facebook stock price forecast.

Google – In a year of political turmoil, consumers and voters will be doing plenty of searching. The advertising giant will suffer no setback in 2020 ad revenues. See more on the Google stock price forecast.

Amazon – The company’s stock has been down for almost 2 years, but should regain its market dominance in 2020. The company is creative and will get themselves turned around. Buy now when it’s low and enjoy big returns when it comes back. See more the Amazon stock price forecast.

Walmart – If a recession is coming in 2021, Walmart will see customers returning. With a strong economy Walmart’s marketshare Walmart U.S. During Q2, 2019, their sales revenue grew 2.8%, U.S. eCommerce sales grew 37%.

Apple – Apple’s streaming TV service and iPhone will sell well during a strong US economic outlook. See more on the Apple stock price forecast.

Tesla – Tesla’s production is hitting expectations and it’s on a roll. It’s new model Y is turning heads.  The price tag is high, but electric car hungry consumers can’t get enough of Tesla automobiles.

Autozone – the auto parts maker has performed well in 2019, and they were stars back in the last recession. With tariffs raised for auto part imports in place, they stand to do well in 2020.

Bristol-Myers Squibb – the major pharmaceutical maker has done well in boom or bust times and with consumer spending high with high employment, they won’t have to work hard to make a profit on their portfolio of drugs.

Visa – the credit card company enjoys money at ultra low rates and has 54 million merchant locations. They’re expanding globally. With tourism and consumer spending booming, Visa shouldn’t have trouble in 2020.

Lithia Motors Inc. – People are buying cars online, because they can find the new or used vehicle they want at the best price. Lithia is a hot stock of late and are expanding their physical locations to support growth. It’s a 1 Trillion dollar market and Lithia is third and wanting to grow.

Anika Therapeutics – Anika Therapeutics, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, provides orthopedic medicines for patients with degenerative orthopedic diseases and traumatic conditions in the United States and internationally. It’s revenues have consistently every year. As populations age, these conditions are the most debilitating and will create growing demand for Anika’s products.

Good luck researching and picking the best stock picks for 2020. Should be an interesting year for the S&P, NASDAQ and DJIA.  Like real estate? Low mortgage rates and growing demand for homes should begin a big resurgence in the housing market.  Builders such as Toll Brothers,  DR Horton and others may post good sales in 2020.

Stock Market Forecasts – Dow S&P NASDAQ

*  the above post includes opinions of the author and do not connote buy recommendations of any kind regarding stocks to invest in. The material is provided as information only.

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