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Top Stock Investing Websites

For new stock market investing enthusiasts, such as self-directed investors, knowing how to invest in stocks, what to invest in, when to buy stocks, when to sell stocks, and where to find reliable, credible information isn’t a simple task.

Even if we find an excellent stock prediction software or service, we still need to learn and make sound judgements about the securities we purchase. Stock picking is a risky venture, which many investors fail at because they don’t have time to learn and aren’t accessing the best resources.


Some resources are skewed due to business goals, products to push, investing ideology or political bent. They look authoritative yet investors get stung by bad advice.  Stock market experts won’t suffice either.  Many of them offer contradictory advice and info, which undermines investor confidence.

Stock price prediction is the essence of it all yet even AI software prediction algorithms won’t do it all for us.

Searching Google, Yahoo and Bing will lead you to some excellent resources, however perhaps if we just jump ahead and list them here, it will save you some valuable time. Consider what your investment weakness is and find solutions that give you the investment decision power you need.

There are plenty of data sources, services and stock investment advisors online. The first step in improving your investment ROI and building lasting wealth is checking out this list of investment consulting and stock market information resources. Insight is vital to smart investing assets too — not just stock quotes.

The financial data, online trading and advisor services sites below are often quoted and featured on Yahoo Finance and Google Finance. It’s actually handy to be able to refer to one stock market investing website which aggregates news, data and forecasts. Unfortunately, each skews to specifics they’re interested in. You’re better off to bookmark this blog and get news and insight that’s easier to digest.

Jumping in too quickly isn’t wise. As in any matter, those who take their time, to trial and evaluate providers and sources are likely to fare better. Each company has a brief description, enough to help you decide whether each is relevant enough to investigate further.

Stock Market Investment Advisory Firms

If any one advisor/source was the ultimate Oracle, then everyone would know and would be letting them manage their investments. But alas, many of them don’t fare extremely well. That’s why ETFs and a basket of stocks is the choice of many wise investors. Picking the best stocks to buy is fraught with insecurity since who knows what economic, government, trade issues, and internal company events will send some stocks plummeting.

As far as I know, there is no stock market investment advisor performance comparison available, because these firms may not publish anything about their investment advice or performance. A smart investor is a well read investor. By taking your time to investigate each and everyone one of these companies, you’ll get a feel for their collective value proposition and their credibility.

Being savvy about stock investing takes time. Do take your time to review all the stock market investment companies and find one that has tools, research, and wise advisors on board. It’s your hard earned wealth that’s on the line. With the stock market peaking, and the threat of a crash in two years, a long term 5 year perspective is wise.

Your number one goal: not to get caught in the next stock market correction, because it will take all your hard earned gains away.

What will happen after the stimulus money is spent? Is the Democrat government capable of rebuilding the US economy? Is there a severe international conflict with China brewing? Will the current $70 billion per month trade deficit going to erode American competitiveness? Is debt a serious issue? Will interest rates have to rise to pay for all the government handouts, and will taxes have to rise.

Experts have said yes to many of these questions, and the stock market forecast charts do have a frown. We’ve likely hit the peak of the markets, and easy returns won’t be easy to find. Best to have a pro investment advisor help guide you to which stocks will get through this storm.

If you’re looking for winners, check out 5G stocks, tech stocks, oil stocks. If you can gamble, check out the penny stocks, gold stocks, and what the day traders are up to. Don’t forget to review the top performing stocks on the NASDAQ forecast, Dow Jones Forecast and S&P forecast pages.

Motley Fool

Motely Fool is everywhere online and it’s difficult not to find them.  You’ve likely already been to their website. The The Fool is headquartered in Alexandria, Va., with offices in Denver and Sydney, Australia, and serves investors and businesses in the UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany.

We believe in treating every dollar as an investment in the future you want to create. We believe that investing in great businesses, for the long term, is the most effective path to wealth. We believe in the power of a community to learn and grow together. We believe in keeping score and being transparent in our investment performance. We strive to fulfill our purpose by truly serving every Fool, from our employees to our members to our community. — from

You can learn more on their site and sign up for the stock advisor service, led by Motley Fool Co-Founders, David and Tom Gardner.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is the most popular stock market research and information site. It offers coverage of all stock markets and indexes, including commodities, bonds, and more. Find the hottest stocks and keep up to date on tech stocks, biotech stocks, industrials, consumer discretionary, financials, as well as the latest updates.

It’s a great resource to keep you up on all the latest stock market news and events. It’s definitely one site investors need to bookmark.

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance. Screenshot courtesy of

They have a live investing Youtube channel for more in-depth and current coverage of news events, trends, and expert commentary. You can learn more about them on the Yahoo Finance post.

Google Finance

Most investors have no idea that Google has a finance site dedicated to market reports and news. It’s a simple, brief look at local and International markets with some key stories their AI system finds interesting.

Google Finance
Google Finance market reports. Screenshot courtesy of

And I like Google Finance’s trending report. In the usual clean, uncluttered Google style, you have your data from last week.


Zacks is a popular stock investment site offering subscribers with 3 different service levels: Zacks Ultimate, Zacks Investor Collection, and Zacks Premium. Like Yahoo Finance, it has updated stock market charts, news updates, and a ranking of stocks to buy with buy ratings.

Zacks Research. Screenshot courtesy of


Kiplinger’s reports on markets such as Bonds, CEFs, Commodities, Cryptocurrency, Currencies, Economy, ETFs, Fixed Income, Futures, Indices, Mutual Funds, Stocks, REITs, and Options. You’ll find info and advice on wealth management, tax management, and retirement planning. They might help you discover niche investment opportunities such as utility stocks, municipal bonds, biotech stocks, or commodity stocks to further your insight into opportunities. You can subscribe on their website.

TheStreet which features stock market guru Jim Cramer offers the latest market news and trends and should be one of the stock market related sites you bookmark. You can subscribe and join Jim Cramer’s investing club. You can get detailed info on stock ipo’s, emerging markets, currencies and commodities too.


Morningstar is focused on empowering investor success. Wherever people are making decisions about investing, they are ready to guide them through it to build a portfolio that can withstand market shifts. You’ll find their magazine style website helps you find what you’re interested in quick and to see the top stories fast. Very nice. This is the way stock market investment sites should be designed.

You can do a 14 day free trial of the investment software online.

Morningstar Investments
Trading Accounts at Morningstar

Seeking Alpha

Another great service for stock market investing, Seeking Alpha helps you make smarter investments and grow Your Profits. Investor accounts are very affordable at $20 per month and you can do a free trial. You’ll enjoy in-depth insights into individual stocks as well as trending analysis and news reports. Find good stocks and weed out the bad ones with their research reports.

“Seeking Alpha’s ratings and factor grades enable you to find great ideas, fast. We offer three ratings on stocks — our proprietary quant rating, the SA authors rating, and the Wall Street Rating — and a Factor Scorecard.”

BMO InvestorLine Self-Directed

BMO offers its InvestorLine™ Self-Directed account which offer a low price of $9.95 flat-fee trading.

BMO is an online trading platform which allows you to invest in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds and more! You’ll enjoy their stock market research, tips and stock and portfolio performance-tracking tools tools so you can make every trade with confidence.


Fortrade is a Canadian forex trading platform, helping you make good decisions on investing in currencies or to avoid currency related losses for business. Some people earn a lot of money on currency investments. Fortrade offers a client dashboard and the ability to make low cost trades. Markets they provide services in include: Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Precious Metals, Energy Products, Agriculture Products and US Treasuries.

Opening deposits as low as C$200, tight and competitive spreads, and leverage ratios of up to 1:33, and amazing bonuses and promotions are just a few of the trading benefits you’ll enjoy.


TradingView is a trading software, developed by people who believe trading technology should be easy, powerful and accessible to everyone. Using the advantages of cloud computing they deliver interactive stock market and investment charts through any browser to investors. TradingView is also a social community for traders to interact and learn, share ideas and work together to improve their investing and stock picking skills.

Real-time data and browser-based charts let you do your research from anywhere, since there are no installations or complex setups. You can start a free trial online. For new traders and investors starting their journey its free and the pro level account is just $14.95 per month.

The Wall Street Journal

One of America’s oldest newspapers offers investment research to keep you current. You’ll find stock tickers, new updates, and more for a low subscription price offers research/news on the economy, real estate, and tech industries.

Day Trade Review

Day Trade Review appeared in 2017 to offers traders the insight and information they need to choose the best trading services. Their reviews of different day trading products and services provide some guidance on choices of Broker reviews, Chat room reviews, service reviews, and trading platform reviews.


Benzinga is a content ecosystem that makes financial and business information easier to consume. From auto insurance, to stock investment to forex trading, you’ll find it all here. Benzinga’s goal is to provide customers with news, data and education that makes the path to financial prosperity easier. They offer breakouts to unusual volume alerts, analyst ratings, futures and options. Benzinga describes themselves as the leading full-service, one-stop shop for investors of all stripes and styles.

Stock Street News

StockStreetNews is a leader in small cap company news. Stay informed with up-to-date, relevant investing news and company trends published daily. You can add them to your research sources on niche projects, and they are big into cryptocurrency.

Investors Business Daily

Screenshot courtesy of Investors Business Daily

Investors Business Daily is one of the top providers of investment research and stock market news online. A leaderboard account is $69 per month. And their MarketSmith™ investment research platform gives subscribers. Without ever leaving MarketSmith™, you’ll be able to find the best-performing stocks, use stock charts to conduct in-depth fundamental and technical research, and see—right on the charts—the optimal time to buy and sell.

Investor Place

For Over 40 years, InvestorPlace has been one of America’s largest, longest-standing independent financial research firms. They publish detailed research and recommendations for self-directed investors, financial advisors and money managers via subscription accounts.

Find expert guidance on Stocks to Buy, Stocks to Sell, Dividend Stocks, Penny Stocks, hot stocks, retirement investment, and recommendations on 5G Stocks, Cheap Stocks, Crypto, ESG Stocks, Growth Stocks, Robinhood Stocks, and Hot Stocks.

And find more on Equity Crowdfunding, ETF Investing, IPOs & SPACs, Mutual Funds, and Real Estate Crowdfunding.

Merrill Edge

My former employer, Merrill Lynch offers Merrill Edge®, a platform for buying and selling stocks, bonds or other fixed-income investing, investments in options, investments in ETFs and well-known investments in mutual funds or managing portfolios. The Merrill Edge® Self-Directed account investing platform giving you access to research and insights, step-by-step guidance and flexible tools. You’ll enjoy free online stock, ETF and option trades with no trade or balance minimums. If you have a minimum investment of $20,000, you can enjoy one-on-one guidance from an advisor.

Charles Schwab

As one of the leading stock brokers in the nation, Charles Schwab has a lot to offer investors. Products include Brokerage and Trading accounts, Retirement and IRAs, Global Trading, Trust, Estate and Charitable, Education and Custodial accounts, Organizational Accounts, and Personal Choice Retirement Accounts.

They charge zero commissions on trades of stocks and ETFs and have no trade minimum. Schwab offers a guarantee on your account of commissions and fees if trades don’t work out. However, their trades are not FDA insured.

TD Ameritrade

With TD Ameritrade, you can trade commission-free online, with access to their platforms and products with no deposit minimums, trading minimums, or hidden fees. They give you free access to the insights of other top financial investment companies listed on this page including Morningstar and TheStreet. And they’ve adopted an AI based education experience for users.

Barchart is a stock market data provider and has provided market data feeds, including real-time, delayed and historical. They were an early adopter of Amazon Web Services and cloud-based computing.

Their stock market data service is used by Zacks and Morningstar as their sources. The company offers clean, easy to visualize and understand stock and index charts. Barchart’s flexible cloud-based Market Data APIs make getting powerful data into applications, workflows, websites, and products easy.
Screenshot courtesy of


NASDAQ isn’t just an index or an exchange, or even a place to raise money for an IPO. They’re evolving to add value for investors of all types. They want to redefine the stock market. They’re creating more market choice perhaps expanding beyond tech stocks?

Screenshot courtesy of NASDAQ

They seem to be focused on corporate responsibility and politically charged goals which might actually be in conflict with profit goals.

Money Morning

Money Morning provides another unique perspective on stock market investing. They offer daily recommendations to help you make big gains, earn above average income on your money, discover overseas companies and booming new emerging markets, get insider tips and stock recommendations, track the latest investments in technology, biotech and energy, and learn how to protect yourself from the looming debt crisis. You can receive text alerts on the best stocks to buy.

Morning gives team of ten market experts with more than 250 years of combined investing experts – who have appeared on FOX Business, CNBC, NPR, and Bloomberg TV – deliver daily investing tips and stock picks.

Wallet Investor

Investing Accounts at Wallet Investor was launched in 2017 in order to fulfill a demand on the market for good quality and free-of-charge technical forecasts for cryptocurrency rates. Due to the expertise needed and the cost of manually creating forecasts Wallet Investor switched to AI-based solution to generate forecasts. For less than $8 a month, you can access a broad array of stock market forecast. This is one of those services you should be utilizing.

Are you interested in trading forex, CFDs, Stock, Cryptocurrencies, and other equities? Day Trading is likened to gambling for some, but millions are doing it. With the right information, especially AI stock investing tools, it might not be as big a gamble anymore. is the top international guide to online day trading in 2021. Beginners may learn how to day trade via the tutorials and watch how-to videos to get practical tips for online trading. Experienced intraday traders can explore more advanced topics such as automated trading and how to make a living on the financial markets.


MarketWatch is part of Dow Jones network of companies which includes The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Financial News London,, and Mansion Global. They’ve got market snapshots, heavily shorted stocks, and updates that keep you up on micro and macroeconomic factors happening. They’ve got a subscription deal for $1 for 4 weeks so you can check out their coverage and insights on your preferred smalls caps or other equities you’re interested in.


Barron’s magazine is also part of the Dow Jones Network and offers insights on Technology, Income Investing, Bonds, Commodities, alternative Investments, and Sustainable Investing. Since 1921, Barron’s has provided market advice and analysis to investors so they can make the smartest moves for their portfolio. There is service is notable at only $5.00 per month.

Valueline Research

Valueline touts itself as the uncontested authority in reliable, unbiased investment research on companies, industries, markets and economies. They provide current data, sophisticated tools and proven ranks along with expert analysis and guidance.

They develop research on  1,700 analyst covered large, mid and small cap stocks via 1500 database companies and offer 3 to 5 years of historical report along with technical charts. This solution is for advisors and brokers primarily and you must ask for a service quote. They have pro basic, pro premium, pro elite, research center, pro equity research, and investment analyzer level accounts.

Money Crashers

Money Crashers is a banking and investment blog providing tips to help investors make financially sound decisions. They would like to help investors become informed on credit and debt, investing, education, real estate, insurance, spending, and more.

Their products include new Brokerage Account Promotions, Best Online Stock Brokers, IRA Accounts, Stock Brokers for Beginners, Free Stock Trading, Stock Screeners, Fractional Shares of Stock, Stock Picking Services, Micro-Investing Apps, Robo Advisors, and Options Trading Platforms.


Financhill provides information and investment guidance for stock market investors. The firm delivers objective, quantifiable ratings on stocks using fundamental, technical, sentiment, seasonal, economic and derivatives data. They’ve created a proprietary algorithm to generate Stock Scores that may be superior to typical ratings delivered by stock market experts.

Smart Asset

Smart Asset is an investment portal providing advisory services, data and tools for investors. From real estate to tax planning to retirement strategies, and banking, they can help you get better returns on your wealth. They can match you up with a financial advisor (lead generation service) but there’s little info on their advisor vetting.

Smarter Stock Marketing Investing

We’re all looking for smarter stock market investing and whether that’s AI stock prediction or simply staying current on financial news, there are resources online to help.  This is why self-directed trading has become so popular. Hopefully you can cull good info sources and stock market investing apps that make it easy.

We’re nearing the peak of the long bull run that started a decade ago. That’s not to say a stock market crash is predicted, but only that the days of easy stock price growth are likely behind us. With new data sources, apps, education, responsive news services, and professional investment advice, investors will be able to beat the market. If your portfolio can outperform the S&P, Dow Jones, NASDAQ or Russell 2000, then that would have to be declared a success.

Being informed about the best stocks to buy is important, as is building a strong intuition about the stock market outlook for next week to the 5 year outlook. Be more active in your investments and protect your wealth. You’ve worked too hard to see it eroded.

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