Best 5G Stocks to Buy?

What’s more exciting today buying the hottest tech stocks and small caps as we head into the economic recovery in 2021?  It has to be 5G telecommunications technology and you’ll discover which may be the best 5G stocks to buy.

While 5G technology kind of put people to sleep, and the pandemic killed the 5G phone market during 2020, 5G is coming back into focus. The new 5G phones and other devices will be available in Q1, 202.  They will bring big interest in 5G stocks. But which 5G stocks should you invest in? Just those offering consumer 5G phone plans?

5G will give you faster speeds.  And it’s going to make so many new things possible via mobile connections including live video (Facetime) and grow the popularity of live events via consumer smartphones.

I’ll cover some of the business applications of 5G below which will continually evolve as 5G becomes more real.  The growing demand will pull in more companies, manufacturers and entrepreneurs to leverage the power of 5G.

5G Will Create Whole New Digital Services

Due to its impressive bandwidth, low latency characteristics, it is driving innovation, new product development and services. It’s just starting and you can jump on what is the biggest thing since the Internet.

Is 5G just mobile phone companies?  No, carriers offer their cell systems and they build new ones to carry your phone signal. AT&T, Bell, T-Mobile and other carriers are big into this.  The real big speeds aren’t here yet, but they’re coming soon.  There are going billions of dollars spent in infrastructure, hardware, networks, software.  The range of product and service companies involved could be massive.

Let’s learn more about the product, service and revenue possibilities that will drive the value of 5G stocks and make them the darling of the 2021 stock market.

Right now the mobile telecommunications sector has taken a hit, but when it comes back, 5G may be part of the common vocabulary. The 2021 market forecast for 5G is similar to the Dow Jones forecast, S&P forecast or the NASDAQ forecast.

5G is a big step up from the current 4G/LTE technology. 2021 will likely see 5G come into greater use. Remember that this is a major technology revolution which comes in slower and permanently pervades the tech sector from now on, until 6G arrives.

Forecast for 5G Revenues Worldwide

Capturing a piece of a $60 billion market over the next 5 years is a driving concern for 5G companies. There’s more than just 5G phone sales at stake.

Revenue Forecast for 5G Worldwide for next 5 years.

5G Profit Projections are Significant

5G is multi-billion dollar industry is forecast to be extremely profitable. Consumers and companies who use it will be paying more for the infrastructure, products and services.  Consumers and businesses will demand it and pay well for 5G service.

Huawei of China has been a leader in the 5G telecommunications sector.  However President Trump has blocked Huawei 5G products and technology from operating in the US.

5G adoption Globally. Screenshot courtesy of Statista.

US Companies Taking a Leader Position

This means US companies will have an opportunity to establish themselves to serve the 5G telecommunications in the US and other countries which have trade agreements with the US. The whole 5G market is still up for grabs by many of the companies listed below and many more which haven’t showed up yet.

5G stocks will be some of the best stocks to buy in 2020.  Investors are checking the forecasts, predictions and projections for news on progress of the technology to find the best 5G stocks to buy.

Superfast Bandwidth is Just the Beginning

Publicly traded 5G stocks might be the darling child of the stock markets in the coming years, ahead of Google stock, Amazon stock and Facebook stock. This is because fast wireless speed generates a lot of advantages for the smartphone and its users. The crazy high bandwidth and low latency will allow consumers to play multiplayer gaming or download/upload at major sports stadiums because of incredibly fast speeds.

5G will be used in private networks with applications in industrial IoT, enterprise networking, and critical communications. And at least 8 companies are lined up to be carriers of the new 5G service: Altiostar, Cisco Systems, Datang Telecom/Fiberhome, Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, and ZTE and several more in Canada.

24 of the Best 5G Stocks to Buy

Below we have a list of 24 stocks of what may be some of the best 5G stocks to buy including; Apple, Qualcomm, Skyworks Solutions, Qorvo, Intel, AMD, ADI, Eriksson, Nokia, American Tower, Corning, Acacia, Keysight, Viavi, Cisco, Marvell, Ciena, T Mobile, Verizon, Samsung, Applied Materials, Crown Castle, Xilinx, and Inphi.  Each comes with a description of what they do.

To understand how each company is creating and delivering 5G products and services, you’ll have to click through to their website.

This new 5G technology will evolve and change, so it’s difficult to know which companies will claim a key advantage and capture bigger market share. These companies might produce hardware, network services, processor chips, software and other services. Some are large firms such as Apple, while others are smaller specialist firms focused more on 5G.

Learn more about stock forecasting and prediction, AI stock prediction, along with today’s stock prices.  Read up as well on the best stock to buy now.

*  the above post includes opinions of the author and do not connote recommendations of any kind regarding stocks to invest in. The material is provided as general information only. For all your stock investment decisions please refer to your financial investment advisor.

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