Advanced SEO

Why Hire an Advanced SEO Consultant?

Hoping to solve your persistent search engine optimization problems and drive more traffic to your website?

Is your website traffic and even your social media success lagging?

You’re not alone. Google and Bing search engine traffic are the most highly prized sources of targeted lead prospects on the web. And Social Media success can be dependent on search engine ranking success.  In fact, this traffic adds prestige to your brand and can power up your entire marketing campaign.

If your site can rank high on Google for many keyword phrases, and convert visits to sales, you’ve got a goldmine.

When customers type in their search keywords, it tells you everything about what they want and need and where they are in their buying cycle.  So simple but powerful.  Yet Google’s interpretation of words and the links it follows is very sophisticated. To deal with that and to find problems and improve performance, advanced level skills are needed.

Advanced Strategy, Techniques and Tactics

But you might be wondering what Advanced SEO is. It isn’t tricks or fixing technical problems. It isn’t black hat spamming either.  Advanced SEO begins with a deeper understanding of what’s actually wrong instead of wasting time on guesses and patches.

Advanced level SEO is many different tasks, skills and abilities and your needs might be specific or general, depending on what you believe is failing in your SEO strategy.  Let’s look at that right away:

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Areas:

  • conducting advanced SEO audits to find issues that are causing ranking and traffic problems
  • understanding searcher intent and designing keyword use and content to suit them
  • understanding the client’s target keywords — how Google interprets their meaning
  • high level keyword research (high value keywords, additional keywords you can use, keyword combinations that support each others rankings, and related words)
  • advanced level copywriting to match algorithms (determining how to hack copy and links to improve rankings based on known parts of Google’s 200+ factors)
  • understanding site structure problems – linking, navigation, Pagerank flow and sculpting
  • fixes to content topics, site speed, linking, Javascript, Googlebot spidering, metadata, ecommerce, and technical problems
  • SEO automation software
  • any activity beyond best practices guidelines
  • content impact, engagement and lower bounce rates
  • finding ways to build expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EAT)
  • building content themes and hubs within your site
  • finding and creating business partnerships with an SEO benefit
  • optimizing videos and video metadata for better rankings
  • improving link building results

Experts are Focused and Determined

When CEO’s and small business owners search for advanced SEO consultants, they often find well-funded marketing agencies, digital marketing gurus, popular marketing celebrities, link spammers, SEO magazines, Google guidelines pages, SEO software vendors, and hacking tip bloggers. Everything but a true expert!

That reflects a flaw in Google’s in search ranking algorithms among other things. Popular doesn’t mean deep expertise, in fact, that kind of depth is usually distasteful to the crowd.

Of course, search engine companies hope you won’t get into advanced SEO but rather stay uninformed, incapable and willing to lay out a lot of money for PPC Ads. There’s nothing wrong with Google Ads of course. If you’re reaching the very best qualified prospects, ads can help out. Ads aren’t a sustainable source however as PPC prices rocket during this recovery.

SEO expertise creates high rankings and also sustained rankings. Search Engine Optimization experts help build lasting equity in the free organic search results. That’s huge value. Pseudo SEO providers deliver temporary results.

If you want to feel you’ve made a good decision about SEO, then hire an expert with experience because if they’ve been doing it a long time, they’re probably legit. They know what works and what doesn’t. And if you’re offered expert SEO at bargain basement prices, it’s a pretty certain sign you’re not going to get high ranking results.

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Why expert SEO rather than a marketeer?

Advanced SEO is a practice that combines strategy, analytics, branding, social media, and content expertise. Even business managers who type in Advanced SEO aren’t really sure of what it is. There are a number of benefits and it’s difficult to summarize in your elevator sales pitch.

An advanced SEO expert creates an unbeatable strategy. They’re geared to create market leaders, not stragglers who wait for the next algo update crash. Google rankings are very competitive, and searchers click on the first 3 ranking sites. Google often pushes free, organic listings down the results page and cuts off the number of listings.

Expert search engine optimization than is the only way you’re going to rank in the top three for keyword phrases that convert to real customers. The expert is more competitive and builds more assets to capture top rankings.

However, SEO expertise is not common.  Some simply have a long lasting love for SEO ranking competition and everything that leads to high rankings. You want this person on your team.

Kick it up a notch

Rising to the top of the rankings, means rising to the top of search engine optimization providers. Those SEO pros who have a passion for SEO make a difference. SEO is sophisticated, challenging, often requiring lengthy diligence that requires persistence and stamina.

And that determination is why you have to demand if you’re going to rise to the top.

How SEO pros create industry leading results:

  1. they offer a customized (not computerized) SEO audit. If they cannot deliver a customized audit, don’t work with them. A thorough digital marketing audit or SEO audit brings out all the details on the table, so that you understand the SEO strategy. If you don’t understand it, don’t sign them.
  2. understand your UVP and what your audience wants. You must understand your UVP vs customer wants. This affects click through rates, engagement, return visits, and backlinks to your site. Websites with a poor value offer, poor branding and poor user experience do not convert well. This will affect your rankings as search engines see that users aren’t interested in your content.
  3. they focus on advanced techniques. Not metatag manipulation. Using sophisticated copywriting, engagement, social media reach, persuasion, and link acquisition techniques, they make an impact with visitors and brand ambassadors, all aimed at building your brand and drawing visitors. High level copywriting is what convinces others to share that content online or link to it within their own marketing materials.
  4. highest quality content – content must serve multiple masters. Building impactful content on highly desired topics is key, but so is building a journey within each page and within a website. Highest quality content is the result of expert research, experience, analytics, incremental improvement, and a brilliant content strategy.
    content that impacts — visitors see your headlines, photos and UVP right away and experts ensure that that first 3 seconds is powerful.
  5. expert analytics — top notch analytics software ensures the expert can see those trends and user behavior that create customers. Top notch analytics and predictive analytics solutions can make a huge impact on user engagement. Informative analytics helps experts know specifically which keywords and content are successful.
  6. assessing technical issues — sometimes servers aren’t behaving well and server related trouble will lower your site’s rankings and search engine traffic. If Google’s receiving your pages fast without too much server load, it will get a good core metrics rating. Otherwise, your site gets tagged as troubled and this Google won’t show it to users, even if your site regularly rankings highly. Ranking means nothing if they won’t show your website.
  7. avoiding mistakes — yes, everyone makes SEO mistakes, mostly because Google won’t tell anyone how to do SEO perfectly.  Avoiding mistakes again comes from studying analytics reviews, audits, discussions, and building a strategy that builds ranking signal strengths, so mistakes don’t come into play again.
  8. auditing your site speed and core metrics is vital today.  Advanced SEO pros know this and will investigate all programming that ruins your rankings.
  9. understand ranking algorithms. It takes experience, testing, plus advanced software tools to understand which of Google’s 200+ ranking factors matter. Algorithms change every month and despite having the best website, yours can get hit.
  10. understand seasonal themes – Google’s algorithm is so sophisticated it can decipher seasonal demand and it could mean your site will be excluded because it’s not about the “topic of the day.” Advanced SEOs help to keep your site in vogue despite Google’s attempt to categorize sites according to topical theme relevance.
  11. capturing links from high authority domains – catching the attention of influencers, small businesses, and authority domains is the biggest challenge of SEOs. Acquiring backlinks from relevant sites is excruciatingly difficult and those web site owners only link to your site under certain circumstances. Advanced SEOs know what it takes to capture those coveted high quality backlinks.
  12. establishing a viable high level strategy. This overall strategy leverages all assets in a focused manner to boost rankings. Content strategy is key to this marketing strategy, yet business relations, content marketing, PPC, social media strategy, are part of big foundation that is continuously tweaked to gain an advantage.

Advanced ranking results

SEO Book Content StrategyThese are only a few of the reasons why Advanced SEOs generate better results. You might think it’s going overboard with effort, planning and execution, but in reality its often not enough. Competition is so tough now that you must be the best.

The key point when you’re considering an expert SEO consultant is that you’re aiming really high and that they can put it all together for a big win. You might lean toward a digital marketing agency, but seriously, the chance they have a leading SEO expert onboard is almost zero. The best are all independent consultants, and not agencies who tend to look for easy low cost solutions (to achieve profits).

An advanced SEO delivers many surprising benefits, in guiding your content developers to create better content, achieving a much bigger traffic volume, creating lasting brand value, and helping you discover your best value proposition.

Dedicated to solving your problems

Most clients search for expert SEO consultants to solve a problem. Technical problems will keep showing up as Google keeps making ridiculous demands without communicating what they’re doing. Solving’s great but you still need to progress your SEO to become a ranking leader and a market leader.

So hiring an advanced SEO expert isn’t really over the top. It’s just enough to get you into the elite category and with the right consultant, you may find yourself ranking up there with the biggest corporations.

You can do it. It is always doable for entrepreneurs, SMB owners and CEOs with the faith in their company and products and the correct SEO budget. It’s just one more good decisions for your company as you head to the top.

Advanced SEO pros are not ordinary people. They’re different and they revel in being unique and unfettered by the problems that limit everyone else.  They shake it all off to become the number one pro in their industry. Of course, we’re all on that journey.

Take a good look at this unparalleled digital marketing audit as an indicator of how a market leader approaches SEO.

Advanced SEO Services

Service packages are custom designed to suit your needs and budget.  Contact me at 416 998 6246 to discuss.  I’m looking forward to speaking with you.


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