Write Your Own Blog Posts and Facebook Posts

Things You Can do to Build Your Own Site’s Traffic

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Awkward beginnings: Quite a few professionals in ecommerce, medical, real estate, travel, hotel, mortgage, and professional services businesses feel they can’t write blog posts, articles for other websites, or even interesting Facebook posts for that matter.

So you’re not a Content Marketing wizard, yet you do know your business and you have many stories and insights to share with clients. It’s time you juiced up your boring website, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

The rewards will surprise you. As an example, I wrote blogs for a realtor and before long other agents were taking our blog posts and publishing on their sites.

It created leads for him even though he never gave permission. And, if you have a sterling reputation like Merrilly Hackett does, people will pick up these posts and share them. It’s worth the effort.

Sometimes need only to find interesting topics that inspire you, or more importantly, ones that your customers and prospects find fascinating. Start with your customers. What are they interested in and what might help ease their business or life pains? What’s the buzz lately and how does that actually affect your customers?

Good Ideas Abound to Captivate Your Visitors

With one image, you can tell a compelling story. But please don't do this, you might hurt your back.
Sir Richard Branson’s always good for a compelling story!

For instance, a real estate agent or digital marketing agency manager will find some of my posts useful. On the real estate topic, I have posts on attractive condos, housing forecasts, how to get people to sell their homes, get seller leads, and sell over asking price, growth hacks, improving an agents brand image and why real estate agents are important.

For hotel managers, I’ve talked about the joy of travel, and shared some hotel success stories. Tell your clients about these and add your comments. That’s called curating content. It’s fast easy and helpful.

links-seoFor digital marketing managers, there’s posts on climbing out of the status quo rut, with posts on generosity, improving copywriting, building a modern digital agency, targeted link building, search engine updates, along with marketing trends.  Then there’s special interest stories that stimulate opinions and reactions such as the post on Roberta Mancino,  Indian marketers, and edible beer rings. Readers love stuff like this and they’ll share them with others.

It’s time you let go of your inferiority complex and discovered how much you have to share with your prospects and others. Create a website, blog, and Facebook page people will love to visit again and again.

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