Lead Generation for Agents and Brokers

realtorpresentingsmallWhile there are plenty of real estate lead generation providers, the typical lead isn’t very high quality. Let’s not kid ourselves. Why would any homeowner in Vancouver, Toronto, San Diego, Los Angeles or Boston trust their gimmicky come ons?

Pursue a more natural, organic approach to reaching home buyers and sellers, build trust and respect, and you may find yourself with a stream of new clients. Word does get around, but it typically doesn’t start on marginally trustworthy websites or advertising. When you actually meet with your clients, they will already have built a preference for you — because they’ll know. ┬áContrast that with a cold lead.

Buyers and sellers look for trustworthy, credible agents and brokers. You can intercept them on their journey (on Google, Realtor.com, Zillow.com or via local advertising) with a highly visible MLS IDX website that presents you professionally. Read up on lead generation companies, and consider how more valuable generating your own leads really is.

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Gord Collins is a Toronto-based digital marketing strategist serving clients in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Vancouver and San Diego. It won’t hurt that your strategist is also an SEO expert, prolific copywriter and social engager. Save and put the rest of your funds to work.