Best Travel Destinations for 2024

We’re through the 2023 travel season and on into a new year of adventures and experiences.

Revenge travel isn’t over while an awakening 2024 economy is generating a whole new group of eager travelers whether for business travel or leisure. This winter many travelers are wondering which destinations suit their fancy.

So many places to visit and enjoy. Canadian and US snowbirds will be eyeing Florida, Texas, Cuba, and Mexico. In Britain, they’ll be checking out Spain, Italy, Greece, Italy, Monaco, and Cyprus. It won’t be a brutal winter, but still 3 to 4 months more which is too long for many who are still doing pandemic revenge travel.

What Shapes Traveler’s Choices:  Travel Content

Whether US or Europe, the economy and economic outlook will likely affect travelers’ choices, however some cities are popular for a reason. The trend to Portugal is one to note. Its lower prices and the fact it’s been a neglected destination for so long is making it more desirable now. Many digital nomads are descending upon Portugal’s cities.

The top 2024 lists are important to both travel agencies and travel management software companies who must ensure they can do business effectively in these countries. Arranging payments, tours, hotels, car rentals, and travel visas are becoming essential. If your travel management software isn’t providing the full range of services you need, then look at this list of 32 travel management software platforms.

Since so many have traveled to Costa Rica it’s not on many top lists anymore it seems. California too is missing and this year Australia might be too pricey for the average tourist to handle. We can expect the cost to be more of a factor as the 6 month economic outlook is subdued. Switzerland’s majestic beauty is always on top lists, yet the pricey Alps might only be for the financially well-to-do. And the ultra prestigious Maldives, the pinnacle of luxury vacations might slip from most US travelers lists next year.

Staycations for Americans might increase in popularity making Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Maine, Virginia, Utah, Arizona, and Michigan more attractive. Travelers, especially with families will be looking for new adventures. Those wanting to get more from their travel budget will be investigating Vancouver and Whistler BC, Banff Alberta, Toronto Ontario and Quebec City QC. The chance to experience a different culture can be exhilarating for kids. However, when the trip is 1000+ miles it’s not really a staycation.

Top Destinations During 2023

According to a CNBC travel article, these were the top destinations for 2023:

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Florida Keys, Florida
  3. Istanbul, Turkey
  4. Lisbon, Portugal
  5. Mexico City, Mexico
  6. Montenegro
  7. Paris, France
  8. Sydney, Australia
  9. Woodstock, Vermont
  10. Yakuve Island, Fiji

So will 2024’s list be any different? It may be so. Travel agencies and publishers often change their recommended lists as old destinations become passe, and new ones clamor for traveler’s attention.

Again CNBC posted their top 10 destinations for 2024:

  1. Adelaide Hills, Australia
  2. Bodrum, Turkey
  3. Cervo, Italy
  4. St. Kitts & Nevis
  5. Niseko, Japan
  6. San Miguel De Allende, Mexico
  7. Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.
  8. The Seychelles
  9. Udaipur, India
  10. Zermatt, Switzerland

And if money is no object, Go Ahead Tours offers up an impressive list of must-visit International travel ideas for 2024:

  1. Guanacaste Costa Rica
  2. Cuzco, Peru
  3. Ko Samui, Thailand
  4. Fukuoka, Japan
  5. Luxor, Egypt
  6. Nungwi Village, Zanzibar
  7. Menorca, Spain
  8. Sao Miguel Portugal
  9. Meteora, Greece
  10. Zadar, Croatia

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