Where is the Best Travel Destination?

Is travel an escape from your current life, or is it a path to the life you should have? My guess, is it’s both because you’ll need to let the unfilling go to get to the one you want.

So the Joy of Travel is really a journey to higher self-actualization that leads to relaxation, heightened awareness, clarity and good health.  Some destinations are spectacular and create amazing experiences that people rave about online. But there’s no best destination because there’s a special place for everyone including you. What’s enjoyable for someone else may not be so nice for you. And vice versa, what some people bad mouth, might actually be rewarding for you.

So, I’m thinking you should ask yourself what the joy of travel is for you? By answering that you’re bound to find out why you dream of travel and where your special destinations are. Is Yosemite Park, Lauterbrunnen, Waikiki, Phi Phi, Porto, Amalfi Coast, Kruger National Park, or maybe Santorini?


What Experience is it that You Want?

Is it health, enthusiasm, relaxation, cultural escape, escape from misery and a mundane life, companionship, romance, activity, share as a family, wander with friends, or just a chance to grow and experience? Do you like meeting interesting people, experiencing history and civilization, or just quietly enjoying life in a small village for a short period? Would you rather be at a spa or roadside cafe?

Or do you want ride a cable car thousands of feet above a mountain cliff?  Or how about visit an isolated village in a 3rd world country? So many possibilities. Why not do them all?

Leave a comment below about your favorite destination and why you choose them.

For some, a love of travel shows their love of opportunity, surprise, fun, and great expectations. One thing for sure, a lot of people travel, so they must expect something of value is going to be had. And travelers tend to be very successful. Okay, maybe they’ve got the dough to do it, but I think there’s more to it than money. It’s a progressive confident view of life they have that makes them fascinating people.

Travel is a major industry and one that people are passionate about. Except for women’s clothing and food, travel is the major theme on Pinterest.

Why are Some so Pessimistic?

I think it was Seth Godin who said about travel; that you should build a life you don’t have to escape from.  That’s not a good way to look at it.  We’re not all masters of the universe. The system is rotten and we’re stuck in it. Travel is an adventure and it’s particularly valuable when you’re traveling with someone who really understands the mission of exploring possibilities. Wanting the best of life isn’t narcissistic. You should expect getting the best life can give you and special destinations will bring out the best in you in return.

Travel really is about expanding one’s life, mind, emotions, and one’s self. If you don’t want to grow, to experience all that life has to offer, and inspire others and share with them, then you probably don’t want to go anywhere. You can sit in a chair and watch your toenails grow.

Travel can be a wish of hope for your family and friends — that your actions will cause them to pursue a better life. And that you’re bringing something back that makes their life worth living. And what is a life worth living? Why don’t you write that down right now.

And let’s get rid of that word vacation. I don’t like the semantics. We don’t vacate anything. We transition temporarily to make our lives better. We’re experiencing and enjoying natural rhythms, instead of the mechanical daily grind. We’re boldly pursuing something better and it’s truly transformative.

Relaxing in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Thanks to the Internet, we’re more aware of the incredible places we can visit. Of course, money and time are the killers aren’t they? That’s a big problem, but it’s the biggest opportunity too if you’re an entrepreneur.

Inexpensive, rich travel experiences are what most people want. A branding-minded entrepreneur will one day make it possible. But with no thanks to governments and corporate opportunists who prey on vacationers with overpriced, shoddy accommodations and ridiculous taxes.  That’s not joy. Rather than catering to only the wealthy, a smart entrepreneur would do better to target those who want to go but have less funds.  It would definitely take some entrepreneurial innovation and genius, and a good measure of persuasion. But what could be more rewarding than savings thousands of lives and giving such intense joy?

Understand the Pain of a Travelless Life

Anyone I know who doesn’t like to travel is devitalized and they ignore the incredible possibilities for themselves. It could be personal or career growth, and it could enrich the lives of their family. The travel bug is contagious and fills the void these people have.

It’s a lack of relevance that causes their blank emotional response when you tell them about a waterfall in Hawaii or a mountain peak teahouse in Banff, or a palm strewn beach in Punta Cana. They can’t relate to it, but you can. You know the joy, so share it generously even if they don’t look too enamored with the vision you’re painting. You’re an experiential artist, so make your bold strokes count. Always let your heart speak, right?

I hope you have someone to share your joy of travel when you return. There’s nothing more deflating than trying to share your love of life with deadbeats.

It’s just that some fear leaving their cocoon even for a moment, craving the comfort of their overly familiar world. They relish material gains, watching TV, visiting the same restaurants, stuck in time-wasting routines,and talking the same talk over and over. But it’s boring.

Ya, maybe good rebellion for a better life. Pinned by Dirk Uys.

Travel is the Quest to Keep Your Life Fresh

The only way to communicate the joy of traveling to non-travelers is to tell them they’re hurting themselves and the ones they care about if they don’t travel. If you don’t travel, you’re failing to inspire others in an important way.

Once you or a friend/family member travels, it creates a beginning context for them. That’s key to getting the point across to skeptical, fearful people.  Suddenly the destination has relevant meaning and specific things that you did or could do that catches their fancy.  Present your memories, pictures, videos, and momentos carefully and they’ll find that point of relevance.

What’s your very favorite destination? Mexico. Cuba.  Costa Rica. Brazil. Or is it Europe or Africa? I can tell you that Africa would be the last place I would want to visit and I suspect most people don’t mix well with deadly animals, snakes and spiders. I actually prefer the more civilized places in the US. They’re safe, comfortable and the experience is relevant. China, Central America and south America are less dangerous now so travellers are flocking there. There’s a take home in visiting some places, while with others, it’s a weak memory, even a thought that you took an unwise risk.

Travel = Freedom

Just the fact the visuals, sounds, people, accommodations, and commercial setting is different frees your mind. It’s that freedom of the mind that could be at the heart of the joy of travel. When the mind relaxes, the body does too.  And then something strange happens.  Your mind becomes more receptive yet more focused, almost as though the two sides of brain are becoming good friends again and together they can do anything. And when you return home, your attitude is excellent, your mind refreshed and your productive capacity is peaking again.

In Europe with their 5 to 6 weeks vacations, they appreciate the value of rejuvenation. Europe has few natural resources yet they can compete with us while working one month less per year. Why is that?

Travel Brings Us Closer to Who We Want to Be

California Beach parties spawned a whole genre of movies for Hollywood

When I visit San Diego, I feel like I’ve experienced and absorbed the easy going, athletic but creative surfing lifestyle that was so popular 40 years ago. The Beach Boys music was so innocent and fun. There was never a time, when fun was such a priority. Only California could create a livable dream. So a surfboard isn’t necessarily a surfing board. It’s a symbol of a fun era where boys liked girls who didn’t mind being girls, and money wasn’t the center of the universe.

When I visit Banff, I’m captured by the imposing Rocky mountaintops covered in jagged ice and windswept snow. The unspoiled nature, mountain lifestyle, wildlife, blue turquoise water, pine scent in the air, and the healthy appetite that shows up out of nowhere.

Downtown Banff has such charm and character that people flock here from around the world to experience it

All of your senses are heightened as you breathe in the thin, clean air on a mountainside trail lined with larch pines and then grip your paddle as your whitewater raft plunges over a rapid. And then at night the stars are so bright you can’t believe what you’re seeing.  It might take a little longer to start your fire and boil your water up here, but the wait makes it better.

Incredible Moraine Lake Alberta, Valley of the Ten Peaks. Take the road to Lake Louise, but make a quick left and go 14km to what is likely one of the most beautiful places on earth.


World Famous Lake Louise with Chateau Lake Louise in the foreground. Best hiking terrain in North America.


Yes, some of the hotels in Banff are works of Canadian Art

Are You Worthy of the Best? Yes!!

That’s two contrasting and world class destinations that provided some of the most enlivening experiences of my life. I’m sure Mexico and Switzerland offer similar thrills, and I’ll get to those places with someone special.



China Travel: Tianmen Mountain Cable Cars

And China will be the destination of the next few decades for the world. A lot of people don’t mind travelling alone because these travel destinations offer so much. They know how to take care of singles cause singles today (only 50% of the population gets married). It’s a brave new world. It’s about time:)

But if you can find someone who really appreciates what travel means and how to enjoy even the smallest travel experiences, then you have someone that’s better than the destination.  That might be your real joy of travel.

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