Gord Collins

Gord Collins has been researching markets for several decades, to help clients present a variety of credible, trustworthy, and authoritative perspectives on housing market, stock market, and business management topics.

Education in international business, employment in the stock market sector, and being able to cut through complexity to create insights for investors, home buyers, and services users is a valuable helper.  The fact is, the media and industry experts are politically biased and someone has to remove that bias to achieve more accurate market observations.

Investment and real estate companies offer perspective on their websites to sell more of the products and services. They do not sell the truth as this limits profitability. Industry watchdogs do have a role to play in alerting visitors. There are periods such as now where stock market crash, housing market crashes, and dangerous geopolitical activities can threaten all of us. To have this type of information suppressed by a search engine or social media site is dangerous and not be permitted.

The GordCollins.com blog is a collection of observations, interpretations, forecasts and predictions based on more than just ideology or academic prejudices.  Many major investment celebrities control billions in investor money, yet lose billions in bad investments.  Gord brings up solid macroeconomic and political matters that could affect the value of your 401k and stock holdings, as well as the future value of your home and real estate holdings. It is only one resource and is not meant to be an investor oracle.

As a content research for major brands and digital marketing agencies, Gord has spent countless days and weeks studying threats and opportunities in markets, giving clients exceptional insights.

You can enjoy posts on stock market forecasts for different periods, reviews of AI stock market platforms, house price trends in many major North America cities.  The role of this blog is to research, assemble and present information that many companies do not want published.  A broader comprehensive view helps to create more informed stock market investors and real estate investors who will learn key performance indicators, recent important company news reports, expert economist opinions and major brokerage CEO predictions on markets.

Some of the major brands Gord has provided content research services for:

Boston Laser, Boston Massachusetts
Franklin Sports, Stoughton Massachusetts
Dream Homes Magazine.
Dream Homes Magazine. San Diego, California, USA
Delta Hotels.
Delta Hotels. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Boston Cedar
Boston Cedar, Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA
Cambridge Global Payments
Cambridge Global Payments, Toronto ON, Canada
Ivanhoe Cambridge.
Ivanhoe Cambridge. Toronto, ON Canada.
ManageCasa. San Francisco, California, USA

Gord Collins

Experience: 23 years with 4 digital marketing agencies as SEO/Content Strategist in the US and Canada, and own clients in the US, UK, China and Canada.

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About Gord Collins

I’m very hard-working and put in long hours every day to learn, produce, educate, and solve whatever problems my clients face. Yet I also enjoy mountain biking, tennis, hockey, hiking, baseball and track and field. I’m trying to return to track & field (a former pole vaulter).

When it’s all said and done, it’s your intent that sets you apart. Call Gord at 416 998 6246 to relaunch and grow your business.