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Digital marketing agency managers know it takes skill, experience, talent, hard work and passion to position their clients well and to compete in numerous noisy marketplaces.

They amass big teams of mediocre talent, covering topics and industries they haven’t developed expertise in. What distinguishes top performing clients however, is content expertise. Agencies try all sorts of gimmicks to build traffic and generate leads. Yet customer traffic is only won through consistent, relevant, high quality content.

What clients really want is expertise in their industry and in their markets. They expect combined hard skills and soft skills to generate authoritative, engaging and action generating content that achieves high rankings and social share counts.

Whether you’re a tech startup, Realtor, hotel, news publication, travel site, airline, or financial services business, Gord can grow your volume of qualified prospects and give them a compelling experience.

They’ll bookmark, share, and blog because they’ll love your company.

I’ve generated big results for marketing agencies, tech startups, real estate publications, major hotels, and more.  It always begins with big traffic captured via excellent unique content.

Gord Collins

Experience: 22 years with 4 digital marketing agencies in the US and Canada, and my own company servicing clients in the US, UK, China and Canada.

Expertise + knowledge + creativity + experience = outstanding results.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with many types of clients in many industries and likely have worked in yours.  I can play a key niche position in your marketing efforts.  416 998 6246.

My most recent publication combines SEO and Content Strategy for an unfair advantage.

About Gord Collins

I’m very hard-working and put in long hours every day to learn, produce, educate, and solve whatever problems my clients face.

Yet I also enjoy mountain biking, tennis, hockey, hiking, baseball and track and field. I’m trying to return to track & field (a former pole vaulter).

Hopefully, you’ll see some video of that someday soon. I enjoy travelling, especially California and the Canadian Rockies. I live in Canada, however I am mobile and free to help clients in Vancouver, Denver, Tampa, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston or anywhere in North America.

Gord Collins:  a tireless algorithm researcher, content analyst/strategist, and author of 2 groundbreaking books on SEO/Content Strategy.  Gord’s served well over 100 clients thoroughly as an SEO Specialist and Content Strategist. Continuous research and self-education in SEO and Content Strategy and producing the most compelling content is how he delivers better, more sustainable results. He is unique and has no competitors.

Gord’s Significant Personalized UVP:

  • one stop shop for unparalleled, sophisticated SEO/Content Strategy for businesses looking to take it to the next level.

Stellar clients: real estate agents, real estate publications, major hotels, key US manufacturers, marketing agencies, financial firms, ecommerce businesses and more.  Call me now at (416) 998-6246

Standard CV

Marketing Strategy

  • Amazing combination of creative imagination and critical insight
  • Analyzing client’s business model, unique value proposition, brand image, and offering insights into improving it or presenting it more effectively to prospective customers
  • Collect data, competitor positioning, and facts to support digital marketing strategy
  • Perpetually staying current on the latest changes in search engine news/updates/algo updates.
  • Results driven, ambitious, and love to help clients improve their bottom line
  • Enabled, self-starter willing to “step up” attitude to grow client’s business

Analysis and Insight:

  • Conducted insightful audits of site structure, page layout, navigation and usability review and offer insights to design team
  • Investigate troubling often silent technical website issues, Google ranking issues, and conversion problems
  • Provide and explain monthly keyword/KPI reporting to clients
  • Envision and find ways to create innovative, genius and extremely valuable content to attract, build intent, and convince new customer prospects
  • Provide strategic and diplomatic digital marketing counsel to clients

SEO/SEM Strategy:

  • Define requirements and tasks, and execute implementation of SEO strategies
  • Strategize new content for SEO with semantic relevance, and sophisticated internal linking
  • Execute link building campaigns and monitor rankings and performance
  • Proactively seek out new digital marketing ideas to help our clients drive more productive digital engagement.
  • Explore ways to establish KPIs and measure/improve success

Social Media Strategy:

  • Developing plan for social reach and engagement
  • Setting up social media accounts and doing networking
  • Conducting engagement with social media connections
  • Creating and curating content for social media campaigns and getting connections to share them
  • Set up quarterly campaigns

Content Development and Strategy:

  • Strong creative, engaging, and convincing writing capability
  • Plan, design, and execute content strategy and social content and strategy
  • Research/writing fun or deep technical blog posts acting as key traffic generators
  • Creating content ideas, promotional hooks, and calls to action that convert leads
  • Quickly research topics and create relevant high volume, high quality content
  • Copywriting for landing pages, email, print materials and videos
  • Strong editing and rewriting/revising capabilities (managing evergreen content)
  • Creation of visual content, whitepapers, ebooks, graphics
  • Optimize on-page content and social posts as per keyword strategy
  • Content planning and explaining/collaborating with colleagues for optimum content performance
  • Optimizing ecommerce product catalogues
  • Optimize widgets/landing pages for best conversion rates
  • A/B testing to determine top performing keywords, content and value offers
  • Engage with social users/prospects in human and attractive ways
  • editing html/css code when necessary; managing WordPress installation & CMS


  • SEO and conversion metrics (studying ranks, inbound links, content distribution, social media exposure, on-page optimization)
  • Manage marketing campaigns using marketing automation software
  • Optimize digital workflow to get more of the essential tasks done well
  • Develop, deliver and continuously improve monthly reporting of account performance providing insightful analysis
  • Setup and configuration of Google Analytics and Google AdWords campaigns

Client Account Management:

  • Partner with clients and quickly understand their businesses and industries
  • Ask the right questions to help clients discover their real needs
  • Listen to and collaborate with internal teams and clients to achieve client goals
  • Keep clients informed of progress on weekly basis
  • Explaining digital strategy, practices, and interpret achievements in layman language to clients


  • Spyfu, WordPress, Slack, Invision, Word, Outlook, Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Raven Tools, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Console.


When it’s all said and done, it’s your intent that sets you apart. Call me at 416 998 6246 to relaunch and grow your business.

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