Coolest Mountain Bike Videos – up to 2016 Collection

Cool Mountain Bike Videos

Just some way cool MTB videos to blow you away. These guys have just as much fun making the videos as they do with the stunts. So dangerous, yet they ignore the fear and that makes them very good. Enjoy some great videos with funky music!

As you wait for the new mountain biking season in the spring, let’s get pumped with some amazing videos. The growth of mountain biking and the use of high definition cameras (Go Pro) and drone helicopters has enabled endless creativity in making mountain bike videos.

The GoPro video revolution is inspiring real estate videos and travel videos too. Mountain biking is one of the most thrilling, engaging exhilarating sports and it’s difficult not to smile the whole time you’re riding. And you don’t need to take the risks that these guys do to enjoy it. There are trails for everyone, regardless of skill and insurance coverage, including the young tots. It’s outdoors with fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of exercise. Get into mountain biking. Who knows, maybe you’re the next Danny McAskill? The stunt where he flips over the fence is over the top, but it seem there’s no top with Danny McAskill.

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Make sure your friends see these fantastic mountain biking stunts, music and incredible locations. You should be doing this!

Njoy the videos!

This Danny McAskill riding a ridge high top the Isle of Mann in the UK. Wow, that’s high and scary.

Will Danny McAskill ride anywhere?

Danny Jumps over walls to get into the Playboy Mansion!

Looks like Davos, Switzerland should be on every Mountain Biker’s bucket list:

Amazing Drone video high up in the Grand Teton highlands.

Here’s Whistler’s bike park in 4K

And a cool ride in Colorado:

A Smooth ride down Mammoth Mountain in California

And you must see the downhill race at Val Paraiso in Chile

And Redbull’s ultimate mountain bike event in Utah where death is a very real possibility.

And here’s a beauty of a video made in beautiful Whistler BC.

Hope you enjoyed this fantastic series of videos. Thanks for much to each of the video makers for their amazing work. Really appreciated!

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