Startup Success: The Sky Guys Aerial Drones

I wrote a post several years back about aerial drones and their potential in real estate sales and marketing and of course how prevalent they are in Youtube Xtreme Sports videos. It was easy to see the potential for aerial photography and just plain exciting to see a whole new sector start up.

Yet startups such as The Sky Guys and Real Estate Drones of San Diego are coming up with an impressive value proposition for the entertainment, real estate, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries.

The drones they use are filling commercial and industrial purposes that are extremely helpful including oil pipe inspection, hydro powerline inspection, and bridge structure inspection. These are applications with positive implications for insurance, public safety, and disaster prevention.

There’s already talk as you’ll see in the first video below about how this opportunity/industry is already already.  That’s the thing about digital and Internet business opportunities — they come and go quickly. Better read “The Quick and the Dead” again.

Fortunately, unmanned drone devices (UAV) seem to have infinite business applications. The well known Amazon drones are creating a lot of publicity for this new business opportunity, however the use of retail delivery drones might be impractical, particularly in cities such as San Diego which have military bases. Instead, if you’re looking to invest in this sector, the commercial application of drones might be more profitable, particularly those with military or law enforcement, and large scale industrial clients.

Drones are inspecting bridges, power turbines, power lines, and more tough to get places saving on repair, insurance and safety incidents.
Drones are inspecting bridges, power turbines, power lines, and more tough to get places saving on repair, insurance and safety incidents.
Freefly Alta 6 Drone Helicopter – Price: $16,000

I’ll introduce you to some cool drone entrepreneurs and their companies below. They’re on the path of innovation, and although they have yet to disocover the full potential of drone technology in business, they’re in the learning path. That’s the key to sustainable, huge success. They’ve identified growth areas in custom built drones and data collection software, and their appearance on the TV show Shark Tank connected them with 2 key investors who have substantial experience in their industry. Talk about hitting a home run in finding investors!

This graphic shows the potential global market for the aerial done industry is about $2 billion US. They might also want to calculate the potential insurance and legal services market growth as the skies are filled with drones.

Screen Capture courtesy of BI Intelligence and


Sky Guys are looking ahead to build their own drone technology for new aerial drones and for data collection systems.  They entered this industry and by working with their clients, they’ve botten themselves in front of all sorts of new opportunities and insights. The market future for Sky Guys looks very good.

Here’s the industries they’re focusing on:



And another startup in my favorite town of San Diego California, may be following a similar path. They’re Real Estate Drones of San Diego. There’s so much opportunity, they will undoubtedly move to new sectors such as travel and manufacturing. Enjoy some of REDSD’s entertaining drone videos. If you’re in the SoCal area, contact Adam about their services.

This video shows the beauty of San Diego’s most popular beach, Mission Beach.

And this spectacular home and neighbourhood in La Jolla, near San Diego is nicely explored by aerial drone. The creative potential of the cinematography is only being scratched at, but as this one reveals good music and good scenery is hypnotic.

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