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Take Action – Your Love for What you do Will Take Care of Everything

I attended a seminar in Markham, Ontario last Monday evening. It was hosted by Julie Flippin of Small Business Savvy. She’s a sales coach who helps small business people discover what is holding them back from achieving success and get on with building a successful business. It was fascinating to hear her talk about how…

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Power Networking with Linkedin

Start Your Linkedin Strategy the Right Way Meeting the right people is critical to success in any endeavour and in our era, connecting is done online via Linkedin.  Linkedin has a vast group of link minded professionals, who you may do business with at some point. The key to success in business is to connect with…


5 Signs You’re about to Have a Career/Business Breakthrough and 5 Ways to Make it Happen

  Growth Hacking 101: Career and Personal Breakthroughs Usually Happen Together 2017 was another record business and sales year for many people. How did you do? Have you been working very hard with little show for it? Well, it could be you just haven’t done enough networking, or worked on your unique value proposition, haven’t…

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How to Create a Riveting Awe-Inspiring UVP

Building Your UVP In my last post, we found out why a unique value proposition is so important. You want to be the best you can be, and communicate your value expertly. While your UVP also expresses your passion, remember that the bottom line is that it’s more about your customer (target market and what they want)….


The Go Giver — Success Through Giving – Personal and Business Improvement

I discovered an excellent book that you’d be wise to read too. It’s called the Go-Giver, A little story about a powerful business idea. It’s about turning an old idea on its head; that being a go-getter, is really not the way to a better life. The book’s premise is that giving is the ultimate…