In a previous post, I talked about The Power of Fascination, how people might make a bigger impact for personal success by discovering what is fascinating about themselves. Part of being fascinating is in being memorable.

Do people remember you? Did you get a second date with that girl? Did you convince the investors to invest in your new business idea? Did you get the job? Did your prospects accept your sales proposal? Are the people you’re meeting wanting to see you again?

Who needs to be memorable?

  • People dating
  • People looking for a job
  • People trying to create a job
  • People who need investors
  • People wanting to get into particular group


The mass of society is mostly cramped like Sardines into a zone called the “mediocre middle.”  It’s a safe zone where people prove basic relevance and conformity, so that other people will trust them. Most never escape it nor try something new that would make them stand out. It’s a significant barrier to growth. Trying something new means taking chances and many of us don’t like taking chances. If we fail, we feel like we’ve lost face and look silly.

I think one of the reasons people don’t become fascinating and assert themselves naturally is because of their current situation. The status quo is powerful. Because of where we are now, we feel we can’t do or have all the things we want. We wait for a better “context” to fully assert ourselves in life. I can attest to this from personal experience. Unfortunately, the situation just drags on forever and we adjust to it. The key is just to get on with it even though it’s painful.

Breaking out of the mediocre middle is what sets you apart as someone special, to be remembered and even revered.

I’d recommend reading my post on fascination and taking the test to find out what your fascination profile is.

I just attended an internet marketing conference where an array of guest speakers spoke on various topics. One woman on a panel stood out. Her discussions were not particularly relevant really and not valuable enough information-wise. Some might have been disappointed with her, but what struck me about her was that she spoke from her heart.

She was expressing how much she loved her job and her work as a web designer.  She had the courage to go up in front of a lot of people.  She didn’t really even try to sell anything! The other speakers tried to be trendy and push their companies and too often missed the mark, I think, and that put them in a non-memorable category. I only remember her.

Being memorable isn’t cheap tricks. The key is to describe yourself in ways relevant to important people.

Shouldn’t forget to mention that you’re targeting key people not everyone. Don’t waste your time on people going nowhere, cynics, and those stuck in the status quo. That’s where you get very frustrated.

Being yourself can be tough, but if you can pull it off, then you won’t feel invisible and you’re more engaged in the conversation. They pick that up.

With that insight, you can tell them about relevant things about yourself. When you head into your next business meeting or job interview, spend some time getting to know people. Google them and find out what they do.  You’ll only get a small part of the picture, but it might be enough to help you stand out from the rest, who made no effort to get to know them. Sometimes all that matters is effort.

Perhaps one of the most powerful ways to connect and be remembered is to discover what someone doesn’t like about themselves or their life. Help them solve that and you’ll be more than remembered.

Is it your spontaneity, relaxed attitude, joie  de vive, sense of humour,  talent, creativity, ambition, intelligence, broad mindedness, versatility, determination, generosity, harmoniousness, friendliness, etc?  There’s so many ways to differentiate yourself and make yourself compelling.  If you have no talents, hobbies, sports, or social interests, that might make you look like a blank slate others can write on. Why do you think companies hire young people with no experience?  There’s always something compelling to other people about you, so you need to think about what that might be.

It’s likely these characteristics make you memorable. So if you emphasize or play up these key characteristics, you’ll likely make a great impression.

Go take the fascination test and discover what your strengths are. Then think of the things you might do, say or present to others that gets the message home.

Take note of how you talk, walk, and gesture and the topics you speak of. If current topics aren’t working, don’t talk about them. If certain situations don’t bring out the best in you, avoid those situations.

Sometimes it all comes down to one single thing about you. Therefore, even if you have differentiated yourself from the dull, common crowd, you still have to have one hook or main sticking point. It’s like the snow cap on a mountain. Think of that beautiful snow cap against a brilliant blue sky in the background.  Your main point makes you stand out in the foreground, pushing everyone  else into the background.

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