Atlanta Housing Market 2019

Atlanta Housing Market 2019

Atlanta Housing Market Forecast

Consistent with other cities such as Los Angeles, Tampa, Miami, Houston, Seattle, and Philadelphia, Atlanta’s real estate sales waned as 2018 progressed.

Yet Atlanta is one of the country’s better performing housing markets. The word growth might characterize Georgia’s outlook for 2019/2020. A growing housing market, population, employment base, and economy should keep Georgia growing well beyond 2020. For sellers and rental property owners here, it’s looking good.

Zillow forecasts a 6.3% rise in prices in Atlanta for 2019. Rent prices in particular have risen strongly of late suggesting strength in the housing market. NAR believes sales will drop by 1.90% and prices will rise 3.0% in the Atlanta area during 2019.

New Housing Developments

Curbed Atlanta reports 34 major development projects are underway in midtown Atlanta. This includes almost 2,400 apartments and condos under construction. Another 1,400 units are proposed.

Rentcafe cites the Atlanta community of Chamblee as have the fastest rent increases at a 44% clip over 5 year. During that time, renter income has fallen 8% and renter population has grown by 156%. That means high demand in a community of under 20,000 renters and 8400 homeowners.

Growing Demand for Rentals

Rentcafe cites the Atlanta community of Norcross as next in 5 year rent price growth here of 38%. Renter growth has grown 148%, yet renter income has dropped 17%. Demand is intense yet the average rent is only just above $1000 per month.

Atlanta’s population has grown as abundant job opportunities and affordable housing makes its mark in a country with very low affordability and housing crisis. The current situation isn’t all rosy. Georgia has problems with education levels, affordable health care, and a lack of suitably qualified talent.

Housing Market in 2018

Atlanta Realtors Association reported that home sales decreased 21.3% in December. The median sales price was $268,000 which is 7.6% higher than last year. Listing decreased 12.7%, and new listings rose 18.7%. Although home availability is increasing, higher interest rates will make it tougher for Millennials to buy in 2019. Millennials comprise over 40% of mortgage applications.

Trends for days on market and prices are following a typical yearly cyclical pattern so there’s not much to report on changes.

As the economy improves, the typical selling price in Atlanta will appear as a bargain for many property investors. This may be one of the best cities to buy a property.

Atlanta Georgia Economic Outlook

Benjamin C Ayers of UofG said: “We predict job growth in all of Georgia’s 14 metropolitan areas and in all of the state’s major industries. Georgia will benefit from several reliable sources of growth—including an impressive economic development team, favorable demographic trends, more homebuilding and real estate development, higher defense spending, continuing fiscal stimulus from recent tax cuts and faster productivity growth.”
Growth will slow as consistent with the overall US economic growth forecast, yet Atlanta’s employment growth will see 68,900 more jobs in 2019.

If the $5 billion plan for development in Atlanta’s downtown should push forward, the picture becomes much rosier.

Unemployment has dropped to 3.1% from last year’s 4.1% rate. New housing permits are expected to drop 3.8% after 2018’s phenomenal 10.8% growth. That still makes Atlanta’s employment outlook positive.

Atlanta Housing Market Hits a Turning Point?

Some are wondering if the slowdown this winter with the government shutdown, trade wars, and higher interest rates will slow Atlanta’s housing market. What’s happening to Atlanta is no different to other cities. These are macroeconomic factors.

The Federal tariffs on Chinese products will create a transition period of economic activity. As multinationals are forced to bring production to the US, cities such as Atlanta look very attractive. Atlanta is a distribution hub making it a smart location for a new American headquarters.

Atlanta companies should be lobbying multinational corporations and other foreign corporations to locate in Georgia. This is one of the biggest business events of the last 30 years and those smart entrepreneurs and financiers will draw them to Atlanta. Are you considering moving to Atlanta to live and work? It could be one of the best cities for 2019.

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