Real Estate Leads | Seller Lead Generation

Real Estate Leads | Seller Lead Generation

Real Estate Seller Leads

What makes some Realtors attack the market with such confidence, even in a recession?  Do they possess skills, connections, and funds that push them front and center to buyers and sellers?

Or is it just a firm, calm, persistence that helps them build a huge lead funnel? If you look at all the brokerage brands, sales coaches, and top Realtors, they all have one thing in common — they do it, and they go for it.

Fears and self-limitation are missing in successful people. They don’t talk themselves out of success. Once they get a sip of success, they never forget the taste. They take everybody else on a ride to success.

Building Your Online Lead Generation System

We’ll get to some real estate buyer and seller lead sources below, but first I want to introduce myself. I’ve been working with Realtors, brokerages, agencies, and major brands for over 20 years. The work I enjoy most is working with Realtors.

Buyers and sellers want a relevant experience in buying or selling.  Going from an ad to a listing just doesn’t generate the emotion that creates a sale or loyal client. Clients need to feel you’re relevant, trustworthy, and able to get results before they hire you. Your website creates that feeling of real connection.

Great web content can do these things for you. And great content combined with excellent search engine optimization can generate thousands and thousands of buyers and sellers. However, it tends to be the Realtors with confidence, persistence, skills and talent that win in this space.  They’re good and they tend to dominate their markets.  You probably know the market leaders in your city.

Today Literally is the First Day of Your Launch

They all started where you are now.  You’re looking to grow your lead pool and you can follow the same path to success. But just buying leads unfortunately doesn’t work. There’s no lasting equity or client loyalty with advertising. You can’t build legitimate market presence with it.

The best real estate lead source is your website. Build it well and keep it nourished with interesting brand building information, news, events, photos, and video, and it will be a living, focal point for buyers or sellers.  It’s  something they can trust and learn from. This is the value they’re looking for.

Confidence Brings it All Together

Your confidence as a team leader is essential.  Sure you need resources, skills and there are moving parts. But the essence of creating a big lead pool is just getting to it.  Like Nike’s slogan “Just Do It.”  It’s so true.  If you’re intimidated by the market and lack belief in you, you’re imagining something that just isn’t true. Even if you don’t have the confidence and skill right now, you’ll be that market leader soon enough. It will all come together.

And the top Realtors I’ve worked with in Boston, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and other cities just plowed ahead.  That confidence creates forward momentum for everyone, creating focus and belief in marketing staff. That’s how some agents end up managing 80 to 200 agents in their own brokerage.

Who is the ideal Realtor for me? One who has listings and is at the first platform to take it to top 5 rank in your city. You want to be top 5 — a Market Leader.

Success Requires Traffic and Lead Conversion

As you can see in this graphic below, top agents who close more transactions are far more likely to blog frequently and create web content and social content than those who generate less leads.

Screenshot courtesy of Hubspot

Screenshot courtesy of Hubspot

The more content, the more traffic and leads.  Good content satisfies buyers/sellers, creates social media reach, shares, mentions, and it builds credibility and trust. Yet good agents don’t rely on any one lead source.

Homesellers need to feel you’re out there in the organic content world with a good name. Otherwise, you’re just another realtor, a commodity who can’t garner the trust, respect and interest of buyers and sellers. Build your brand and leads on your own, and use the aggregators to fill it more.  Turn weak leads into better ones.

With high volumes of home searchers and sellers, comes a few good quality leads.

90% of Home Sales Transactions Start Online

90% of home buyers go online, and you need to be in front of them and number one in your Zip Code.  Home sellers are there too checking out comps and searching using keyword phrases such as home selling tips, best return on home renovations to homes for sale + cityname, to how to create a bidding war and best real estate agents + cityname. They’re doing hundreds of millions of searches using Google, Zillow,, Yahoo, and thousands of other websites.

With spring markets so inviting in Los Angeles, San Diego, Toronto, BostonHouston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle , Phoenix, Charlotte, and Miami, you’ll want to maximize your with a great real estate website.

Lead Generation Companies

Companies which specialize in attracting real estate leads are known as lead aggregators or lead generation companies. They advertise houses for sale, realtor services, and do other remarketing advertising on Facebook and Google Adwords.   They promise to rid you of the advertising and prospecting work and accelerate the lead generation process.

Unfortunately, when scraping for leads this way, a lot of poor quality leads are served up to participating Realtors. And the terms of the arrangement may not be attractive.

If it worked, who wouldn’t sign up? Well, nothing’s ever that easy. So let’s take a closer look.

Realtors from BostonMiamiLos Angeles, Houston, San Diego, SeattleNew York, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago,  Vancouver and Toronto are wanting something better. Is it too good to be true?

Buyer sand Sellers. Find Good Real Estate Leads Fast!

There’s nothing wrong with fast, if it’s real. It might happen, and you shouldn’t be afraid to spend a little to test it out. If you’ve used any of the lead generation services below, please let me know your results.

Here’s 20 top lead generation services with a look at their strengths and limitations.


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Who are Lead Generation Companies? 

These are firms who provide buyer (or sometimes seller) leads for Realtors, using methods of aggregating online prospects (most often via Google Adwords or cheap ad networks) which they then sell to Realtors. 3 drivers promote the growth: a lot of prospects are online, home buying is in a frenzied state right now, and the fact there is only one home sold for each Realtor in North America — there are too many real estate agents and most have few quality leads.  The anemic number of listings will make it a tough year for most.

agents-6 deals or less

Realty agents in the hot Toronto market face the same challenge as those in US cities

Here’s Some Leads, but Let’s See You Try to Convert Them

The way these lead generators collect leads may be why they could be of poor quality. Ad campaigns, auto-dialers, and sketchy email lists of people make for testy, suspicious prospects. And these are someone else’s leads — they initiated them, which takes the warm and fuzzy out of it. Anything transferred from one person/company to another loses something in the process – the problem is lead quality and lead conversion.

Some realtors say these leads are hard to close while others treat them like flies at a picnic.  They’re basically cold calls and the prospect knows nothing about realtor’s brand image or honesty. And how do real agents and brokers feel about lead generators?

I’ve never found an online lead generation system worth the investment. Better to cut out the middle man (Internet) and just get out there and meet… people! — John Souerbry, Agent, Fairfield, CA —

I have never bought a lead. I don’t think that is the way to be successful in this business.  You need to spend your money developing a strong internet presence. — Carmen Brode, Agent, Scottsdale, AZ

It’s very expensive to purchase online leads. I’ve paid as much as $4,000 per month, but today I spend about $500 monthly. — Brian Talley, broker-owner, Austin, TX

The Good and the Bad about Paid Lead Generation

With some of them, the fees are low, sometimes only $20 a month and other times a little high, but almost never outrageous. For most, it’s like playing the penny slot machines at the casino. There’s a chance you could win, but is the payout worth it?

A few of the companies you’ll see below actually have you set up an account to be available for leads. Sort of like realtors sitting around a poker table. If you don’t respond fast, the lead is sent to someone else. In other cases, you will have to “buy your territory.”  The lead gen firms will push you in that direction once they have you on the hook.

Before you hire a lead generation company, consider how home buyers and home sellers themselves buy and sell a condo, home or property. They likely already know a local realtor or they’ll go to Google to search.  So online is a great place to be to lure the prospect away from his/her familiar agent.

Real Estate Search: Prospects begin with Google even though they could go directly to or for MLS listings in their Zip code, or a major brokerage website such as, or Google has a better brand, a better search experience, and it leads to realtor’s websites or phone numbers where they can begin a trusting relationship with that agent.

Few condo or home sellers would type their personal details into the text box of an unknown website. And buyers are normally pretty cautious too. They want to get to know the realtor, so they’ll Google his or her name and if that discovery experience is unsatisfying, it dampens their spirit. That’s why it’s a good idea to be online in a good way – i.e., a great realtor brand image — an image built on prospects needs and preferences.

Top Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

1.     Bold Leads – Bold leads advertises on unspecified networks to capture leads and direct them to you. If the lead doesn’t give away info, boldleads will continue to nurture the lead for you. You are given your own landing page on the boldleads site.

Bold Leads

Bold Leads

2.   Agent Locator – tells you straight they’ll conduct your ppc advertising and generate 480 leads for $6000. I like how they’re open about it. It may be worth gambling $6000 to try it out.


3.   Market Leader – Aggregates leads from their own site called,, and via ppc advertising. Market Leader guarantees they won’t sell the lead to another agent. You get to manage it all from your “Pro” account.

4.    Point2Homes Leads – offers low priced straight forward advertising options on its website where prospects arrive to search for a home. They also provide you with a webpage on their site.

5.    Real Estate Pipeline Leads – Real Estate Pipeline Leads says it has a network of real estate sites where it draws leads, and it gives realtors full ownership of their territory, although the size of that territory isn’t explained. Drip email campaigns are a big part of their service. Their basic package is $1164 for 12 leads.

6.   Agent Pronto Leads – Agent Pronto is different. There’s no upfront charge for leads! You will only be matched to referrals who have specifically requested to speak with an agent. They match each referral with a single agent that they believe is the best fit for their needs. Once you accept the referral, they provide your with the prospect’s full information and the details from their conversation with them. Sounds good. Their site looks a little lacklustre, but give them a good look.

7.   South Florida Real Estate Leads – This firms specializes in south Florida leads. They say they have a variety of sources of leads. It appears to be owned by Lex Levinrad who is a real estate coach and owner of the Distressed Real Estate Institute™

offrs-territory8.   Offrs –  Offrs uses vague sounding smart technology to find homeowners who are going to put their house on the market. It’s based on predictive algorithms or just social listening perhaps. If it works, it would be very exciting technology.

Combine that with communications that encourage homeowners to actually sell the property and that could be very powerful, particularly right now in places such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto and Vancouver where prices are very high.  They list by territory, but sadly your territory or Zip Code may be taken.

9.  Trulia – Offers a service for seller leads with Market Leader, a company that was in severe trouble before the purchase. Trulia is no Zillow, but it does have some traffic.

10.   Prime Seller Leads – Prime Seller leads creates a bunch of pages on their site for you. The CMS offers the ability to send epostcards and eflyers and their system integrates with many broker CMS.
11.   eRealting – eRealting doesn’t sell leads, they give you a website to send all your traffic to! It’s kind of a CMS for rent. They stated that it costs about $300 to create a client in their solution.

12. Lead Galaxy – Lead Gives you a home for your leads and uses the usual combo of Adwords, Facebook ads and telephone prospecting to create leads.

13.   Experian – Experian is a research and statistics business who have mailing lists of potential buyers and sellers. You can build your list online.

14.    Exact Data – Exact Data gets its lead list from telemarketing, opt in emails, and lists of prospective buyers and sellers. They claim superior data hygiene, however most list companies promise that.

15.    Commissions Inc. Lead Platform – Commissionsinc claims they are the #1 Real Estate Tech Solution. They offer a platform and an app to manage your leads.  They will run your Adwords and Facebook advertising campaigns for you. Sounds like a lot of noise. The value proposition is a little flaky.

16.   Firepoint Realty Leads – Firepoint says they deliver scalable lead generation with intelligent routing, to automated lead follow-up and task scheduling, to ROI and conversion reporting for all of your lead sources. The price is $350/month and you set you PPC budget which they manage. Is this better than a self-directed digital marketing program?

17.   Home Value Leads – Home Value Leads offers a CMS system for $59/month.

18.   Refindly Seller Leads – REfindly helps you generate, engage, and convert leads using one convenient system. They claim that historically, their agents receive between 5 and 8 leads per $100 spent in advertising. You can spend as much as you like on ppc advertising and they give you a lead management system to use.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to leads and sales, dollars and time. I must say, I like Agent Pronto, and Offrs best.

Even the best lead generation sources and sites can be a negative if you neglect to build your own Internet presence and realtor brand image. People want to do business with those they know and trust.

Realtors, should getting known and trusted be your Job #1 in 2020?

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