Finding Real Estate Leads

With the buyer market drying up and home owners retreating for better times to sell their home, perhaps in 2024, a large number of Realtors are leaning hard on lead generation companies.

As one of my clients once said, sales is a game of numbers. Yes, as volume grows, so does the small number of good leads, which are more valuable and easier to convert. So the secret of lead generation services may come down to how many of these lead generation companies you use and how you collectively manage and nurture all of those leads.

This of course is added to your own individual lead generation and prospect farming activities.

This post is not a recommendation of any of these “20 lead generation providers” below.  Instead, it’s just to suggest you might want to use a few of them, and feed lead activity into an optimized brand experience on your real estate website and social media pages.

A big network is good only if your online content and brand can convert those leads.

Downside of Lead Gen Companies

The issue with the real estate lead generation services would revolve around the quality of leads.  Often these are eager/desperate sellers or buyers attracted by ads.  Lead generation services don’ remove the agent’s need for authenticity, competence, and performance. Buyers and sellers have alternatives and can choose another agent.

You’re still competing with other agents who are employing their best marketing techniques too — including an optimized real estate website.

90% of Home Sales Transactions Start Online

Home buyers and sellers are doing hundreds of millions of searches using Google, Zillow,, Yahoo, and thousands of other websites.  That is an enormous amount of buyer and seller leads.

20 Top Lead Generation Companies

Below you’ll discover a number of real estate lead generation companies, also known as lead aggregators. They advertise online to draw a volume of leads, then farm these leads out to participating Realtors.  Sometimes, an agent can get first dibs on a lead, or own a geographic region, which is nice to have.

Other times, the leads are shared into a pool or string of real estate agents and that’s where poor value begins. Many of the competing agents become desperate and begin offering deals that are not optimal.  Then you and your professional brand get caught up in that.

The lead gen companies reach prospects via remarketing campaigns on Google, Zillow, or Facebook.  Some advertise via spammy websites and unfortunately attract some undesirable leads — more trouble than they’re worth and they could lead to issues for you.

Without a genuine web presence, active and obvious promotional campaign, and undeveloped brand, prospects don’t get the impression you’ve got your stuff together.

So while paid media are a necessity in the Google/Facebook monopoly era, it’s likely agents are wasting too much money.

This is why launching your own real estate marketing effort is a key to building the Realtor brand prospects want to work with. Your brand is to be that attractive, hard working, knowledgeable and successful professional they should be working with.  Branding creates preference for buyers and sellers — and sellers are the real targets.

Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

Here’s 20 lead generation services which might generate good seller leads and help you widen you net.

1.     Bold Leads – Bold leads advertises on unspecified networks to capture leads and direct them to you. If the lead doesn’t give away info, Bold leads will continue to nurture the lead for you. You are given your own landing page on the bold leads site.

Bold Leads

2.   Agent Locator – tells you straight they’ll conduct your ppc advertising and generate 480 leads for $6000. I like how they’re open about it. It may be worth gambling $6000 to try it out.


3. Redx

Redx finds leads via expired listings, FSBO, FRBO leads, geo leads, and pre foreclosures. They promise more than just phone numbers, to connect you with homeowners who are actively looking to sell. Their systems helps you manage leads.

4.    Point2Homes Leads – offers low priced straight forward advertising options on its website where prospects arrive to search for a home. They also provide you with a webpage on their site.

5.    Real Estate Pipeline Leads – Real Estate Pipeline Leads says it has a network of real estate sites where it draws leads, and it gives realtors full ownership of their territory, although the size of that territory isn’t explained. Drip email campaigns are a big part of their service. Their basic package is $1164 for 12 leads.

6.   Agent Pronto Leads – Agent Pronto is different. There’s no upfront charge for leads! You will only be matched to referrals who have specifically requested to speak with an agent. They match each referral with a single agent that they believe is the best fit for their needs. Once you accept the referral, they provide your with the prospect’s full information and the details from their conversation with them. Sounds good. Their site looks a little lacklustre, but give them a good look.

7.   South Florida Real Estate Leads – This firms specializes in south Florida leads. They say they have a variety of sources of leads. It appears to be owned by Lex Levinrad who is a real estate coach and owner of the Distressed Real Estate Institute™

offrs-territory8.   Offrs –  Offrs uses vague sounding smart technology to find homeowners who are going to put their house on the market. It’s based on predictive algorithms or just social listening perhaps. If it works, it would be very exciting technology.

Combine that with communications that encourage homeowners to actually sell the property and that could be very powerful, particularly right now in places such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto and Vancouver where prices are very high.  They list by territory, but sadly your territory or Zip Code may be taken.

9.  Trulia – Offers a service for seller leads with Market Leader, a company that was in severe trouble before the purchase. Trulia is no Zillow, but it does have some traffic.

10.   Prime Seller Leads – Prime Seller leads creates a bunch of pages on their site for you. The CMS offers the ability to send epostcards and eflyers and their system integrates with many broker CMS.

11.   eRealting – eRealting doesn’t sell leads, they give you a website to send all your traffic to! It’s kind of a CMS for rent. They stated that it costs about $300 to create a client in their solution.

12.  SmartZip – Smartzip is all about using predictive analytics to identify future leads and preparing to be first to engagement with them.  Smartzip offers 4 different products — from lead targeting to reputation to access to predictive analytics data.

13.   Experian – Experian is a research and statistics business who have mailing lists of potential buyers and sellers. You can build your list online.

14.    Exact Data – Exact Data gets its lead list from telemarketing, opt in emails, and lists of prospective buyers and sellers. They claim superior data hygiene, however most list companies promise that.

15.    Commissions Inc. Lead Platform – Commissionsinc claims they are the #1 Real Estate Tech Solution. They offer a platform and an app to manage your leads.  They will run your Adwords and Facebook advertising campaigns for you. Sounds like a lot of noise. The value proposition is a little flaky.

16.   Firepoint Realty Leads – Firepoint says they deliver scalable lead generation with intelligent routing, to automated lead follow-up and task scheduling, to ROI and conversion reporting for all of your lead sources. The price is $350/month and you set you PPC budget which they manage.  Their new feature of AI powered conversations shows us where real estate sales and lead generation area headed.

17.   Home Value Leads – Home Value Leads offers a CMS system for $59/month.

18.   Refindly Seller Leads – REfindly helps you generate, engage, and convert leads using one convenient system. They claim that historically, their agents receive between 5 and 8 leads per $100 spent in advertising. You can spend as much as you like on ppc advertising and they give you a lead management system to use.

19.   Market Leader – Aggregates leads from their own site called,, and via ppc advertising. Market Leader guarantees they won’t sell the lead to another agent. You get to manage it all from your “Pro” account.


Serving the Canadian real estate markets is, who use some clever techniques to reach buyers and sellers buying/selling in Canada. They attract seller leads via advertising a free home evaluation or broker price opinion on a variety of sites that carry newly listed homes, information on the purchase of foreclosures, housing market trends etc. They attract buyer leads by placing ads on websites that are likely to be visited by those considering the purchase of a property.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to leads and sales, dollars and time. I must say, I like Agent Pronto, and Offrs best.

Even the best lead generation sources and sites can be a negative if you neglect to build your own Internet presence and realtor brand image. People want to do business with those they know and trust. If you’re looking for property management leads, check out marketing techniques suggested by ManageCasa.

Maximize your sales numbers in 2023, please get in touch with Gord at 416 998 6246.

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