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Buyer and Seller Lead Generation

The last 3 months have been difficult for Realtors, the housing market and stock market, but most sectors of the economy are bouncing back.

Online real estate traffic has grown because of the social distancing requirement and because buyers are afraid. Big volumes of home buyers ( and sellers too) and sellers has be to be generated.  And that traffic has to be converted to a closed sale.

Online conversion rates are at less than 1%. So we know most full real estate marketing systems likely aren’t working well. The lead generation companies might help, but for the most part it’s up to you to build a great marketing system if you want a successful sales career.

Big Traffic Feeding High Conversion System

There are window shoppers for sure, however the real matter after traffic volume is a lead conversion system that works. One of the reasons Realtor lead conversion rates are low is due to ineffective content (images, listings, copywriting, agent branding). Interested buyers leave for a reason.

It’s mostly because the content (info, marketing page, listings) doesn’t interest the visitor.  Even if you had real time closing power in your site, they’d still leave.

So even the best lead generation systems fail without good content. And many fail because of a lack of traffic. Most lead generation companies buy advertising spots online, and many of them recirculate fatigued leads which goes nowhere.


You should advertise online too and your ads will be more targeted and effective if your lead converting website is well strategized. This can get expensive however, and paid lead sources are more like “additional lead sources.”  The other way is something I’ve been doing for 22 years — free organic traffic.

Realtor Seller Lead Solution: More Web Traffic

Realtors, have been in tough to get any seller leads in 2020 due to low volume of housing stock. And a loss of buyers due to the pandemic has likely ruined your prospect list. The quest for Realtor seller leads is on as the housing market reawakens.

Pending home sales shot up 44% in May and likely the June home sales will be much better. New home sales are growing fast as well. And there’s a migration trend out of cities to the burbs or rural areas. So homes are being bought and sold.

In Comes Predictive Intelligence

Predictive intelligence in Real Estate is new but it’s evolving. It’s one more aid you can enlist to grow your sales.

How would you know a homeowner was going to sell their home ahead of other Realtors? Well, that’s where predictive analytics and predictive intelligence come in. These are technologies you need to investigate.

Realtors are going online in huge numbers, and they’re entertaining software solutions they never would have before. A few of those key services are predictive intelligence, document and transaction systems, virtual showings, and digital document signing.

They all optimize the online buying experience.

Of course buyers are increasingly younger and prefer the online medium. Realtors need to be present on many home listing portals such as Zillow,, Facebook, lead sites, and their own websites with digital lead nurturing built in.

There’s lots of them available, so you just need to find the best one for your and use the digital tools to help you streamline your work and improve your lead conversion rates.

The Quest for More Realtor Leads

There are plenty of Realtor lead generation companies, but one or two might not be enough. You know how intense competition is.

But rather than spinning your wheels, how about building a strong lead generation foundation first? Then load up with the new artificial intelligence solutions, advertising systems, lead funnel optimization, and sales tools available.

To succeed as a successful Realtor, you need a wide net. All the top Realtors have tremendous reach. Some of them achieve it through a team of hundreds of agents. Others advertise a lot. Some have decades of visibility in their cities.

Others build huge visibility through Google and Facebook and use lead conversion platforms to automate pre-sales processes and optimize lead conversion.

Reach and Visibility are the Holy Grail

New agents fail because they have no visibility. No one knows they exist even though their sales skills might be at a solid level.

If real estate sales are online now, you need strong online visibility and create compatibility with your audience.
And visibility isn’t a one time deal. Only through repeated exposure do prospects become aware of you and become trusting. It’s credibility, authority, likability, and relevance that determine whether prospects will call you and stick with you. Realtors lose hard fought leads because they haven’t built these strengths.

You’ll get leads, but to hold onto them and convert them to a closed deal is tough. Spending too much time on poor quality leads keeps you at the bottom.

You need big visibility, big reach, and to build rapport with that growing audience.

What is the Lead Generation Foundation?

The foundation continues to be a good real estate website, where your listings look good and the trust building content makes you look like a market leader. Sellers prefer market leaders not newbies.

The foundation is content that generates buyer and seller traffic via Google, Bing, and Facebook. It’s content that gets shared, gets attention, and bloggers link to. There is sizable traffic out there but it’s not easy to win. A really good SEO/Content Strategist is required to build this type of content.

After you’ve built your MLS data-served real estate website, you begin researching and creating great content. It’s this compelling content that gets shared online.

Relevant, Informative, Authoritative Content

The topics, copywriting and social sharing help you get ranked high on Google, bringing in big traffic of real estate consumers — prospects of all kinds. Your lead filtering system will pluck out the good ones so you can focus on them.

The content positions you as knowledgeable, skilled, relevant to your target, and having the power to get the right results. They read that in your content. Your content is the most influential asset you have. These are blogs, about us and contact pages, news, and MLS listing pages.

Even the MLS listing pages need slight modification to make you seem more relevant. House catalogs are the same on every Realtor website and they make Realtors seem like commodities.

Matchmaking Content

Your content makes you original, unique with a special, relevant flair for the type of homes you sell. Check out most successful luxury real estate agents and you’ll see unique and impressive video presentations (sometimes too slick and impersonal). The message: I’m an elite, connected salesperson and I sell special properties.

Okay, after you’ve got your website working as your big lead generation and lead nurturing tool, you can begin to focus on social media including Facebook. Your social posts communicate whether you’re a competent Realtor with good values or a flake who wastes too much time.

Social posts are purposeful with the real aim to build your brand image. It’s the emotion you generate that creates phone calls not just one particular property. The posts themselves build trust and relevance to make you the exclusive Realtor they want.

Buyer leads do sometimes convert on home listings presented on Facebook. Facebook and social media are increasingly popular because of how difficult it is to rank well on Google’s search results. On any digital medium, it is very competitive. But don’t let that discourage you. Smart Realtors who hire the right digital marketing people will climb to market leader status.

Faith in Yourself Too

This will be you if you have faith in yourself (and in your foundation building plan). Market leadership doesn’t happen overnight. Your next action right now is highly dependent on whether you’re ready, but also on how you feel about yourself professionally.

A confident Realtor knows he or she needs the right tools, not all the tools. Being focused is critical.

When do seller leads come in? They happen just like buyer leads, randomly via your marketing efforts. A specific blog post is most likely to do it when you hit on a topic or viewpoint they really like. A good social post can do it too.

It’s how you describe the results sellers got that makes the other sellers move closer to their screen.

Build all the key persuasive points into your website and content and build a great professional Realtor brand and you’ll make that impact with your ideal target customer.

Predictive Real Estate Sales

The field of predictive intelligence is very exciting. Using social media and website content posted, an artificial intelligence system finds signals of potential buyers and sellers. Something in their posts indicates a typical pre-selling action. It’s like having a crystal ball.

Of course, your content and how they react to it, tells you what their intent might be. It’s the prospects behavior and responses that signal whether they’re a likely client for you.

To launch yourself successfully, you need the foundation of a great website and a good social media marketing effort. These combined with effective advertising will help you reach more prospects. More is better.

When you’re ready to build a strong internet marketing plan, I’m ready to help. I want to work exclusively with a sincere Realtor looking to carve out a dominant position in their market.

With AI marketing coming slowly into play, I believe this will power up the efficacy of Content, social media and SEO assets I build for you.

It’s a process to become market leader. It starts on the first day and later, you’ll remember that day of decision.

Call me at 416 998 6246.

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