Realtor Leads

Buyer and Seller Real Estate Leads

Acquiring leads and especially seller leads has been especially difficult for a couple of years now. Homeowners haven’t been eager to sell for a variety of reasons.

Given how competitive the online medium is, it’s important for Realtors to commit to a thorough real estate marketing service package.  And it should be one that’s sustainable.

Lead Generation Companies Too Costly and Ineffective?

Can lead generation companies offer help?  The issue with these companies is the quality of the leads.  Often, the leads are recycled, after the lead is acquired via Facebook ads or Google ads.  You can do that advertising yourself, direct to your website.  This approach helps you develop Realtor brand recognition (your name) and gives the prospect fast, direct access to you.

There is nothing that can surpass a well strategized real estate marketing package designed to maximize lead capture and sales conversion.

Big Traffic Feeding High Conversion System

There are window shoppers for sure, however the real matter after traffic volume is a lead conversion system that works. One of the reasons Realtor lead conversion rates are low is due to ineffective content (images, listings, copywriting, agent branding). Interested buyers leave for a reason.

Agent branding is vital. It’s not frivolous. Visitors decide to stay based on their experience with your content and the promise of satisfaction is delivers. Many agents spout words, yet there’s little on their websites to really back up the claims.

It’s the same with ads.  If content doesn’t deliver the right message, they leave. The brand experience gives them confidence, comfort and builds trust.

It’s mostly because the content (info, marketing page, listings) doesn’t interest the visitor.  Even if you had real time closing power in your site, they’d still leave.

So even the best lead generation systems fail without good content and a good brand experience. And many fail because of a lack of relevant, interested traffic. Most lead generation companies buy advertising spots online, and many of them recirculate fatigued leads which goes nowhere.

The Quest for More Realtor Leads

There are plenty of Realtor lead generation companies, but one or two might not be enough. You know how intense competition is.

But rather than spinning your wheels, how about building a strong lead generation foundation first? Then load up with the new artificial intelligence solutions, advertising systems, lead funnel optimization, and sales tools available.

To succeed as a successful Realtor, you need a wide net. All the top selling Realtors have tremendous reach. Some of them achieve it through a team of hundreds of agents. Others advertise a lot. Some have decades of visibility in their cities.

Others build huge visibility through Google and Facebook and use lead conversion platforms to automate pre-sales processes and optimize lead conversion.

Reach and Visibility are the Holy Grail

New agents fail because they have no visibility. No one knows they exist even though their sales skills might be at a solid level.  First things first is to build a powerful online channel to potential clients. They’re all online and reachable, if your real estate marketing strategy is good enough to reach them.

Relevant, Informative, Authoritative Content

The matter with content isn’t just being authoritative. Content must rank well, be persistently presented without annoying your audience, and it must build power and visibility.

That takes a sophisticated strategy, one you won’t find with an amateur content marketing provider.

The real estate specific content positions you as knowledgeable, skilled, relevant to your target, and having the power to get the right results. They read that in your content. Your content is the most influential asset you have.

It’s Time You Became the Market Leader

When you’re ready to build a strong internet marketing plan, I’m ready to help. I want to work exclusively with a sincere Realtor looking to carve out a dominant position in their market.

It’s a process to become market leader. It starts on this first day and later, you’ll remember this day of decision. See more on Advanced SEO services.

Call me at 416 998 6246.

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