How to Sell Your Home for the Best Price

Chances are if you’re looking at the housing market stats or the MLS listings, it’s because you want to get the best price, perhaps better than the comparables in your neighborhood.

You ask “How do I get the best prices for my home?” The answer is real estate marketing. Marketing helps you access more, better qualified and interested buyers, and ensures they can get their bid in on time.  See the top 10 tips below to get the best selling price possible.

It’s a functional strategy to help you access market demand.  If you try to sell fast, and hope buyer impulse will help you create a bidding war so you can get more, it’s risky.  Those buyers who are interested right now, might not be the best buyers the market possesses.

By using a Realtor who uses a professional real estate marketing service package, you’ll have better access to buyers who are hard to connect with. For instance, International buyers are ready to return and they have a lot of money.  Buyers in your community may not have the funds, and their pre-qualified mortgage means nothing.

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You Need a Good Solid Selling Price

Take a good look at the final selling price of homes right now and consider that many of them were sold at under their real value. Instead you can name your price and use real estate marketing to reach more buyers, build demand, and showcase the home’s real value.

Don’t finagle about realtor’s commissions because a good one is going to get you tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

The Best Home Selling Tips Possible

  1. Find an agent with good character and personality, who can reach more buyers — do an audit of their online marketing because 90% of buyers go online. Is their online material all about them or all about helping customers? The Real estate agent’s linkedin profile will show how many connections they have created, and their Facebook account will tell you about their ability to engage prospects, and their twitter account will tell you how active they are online. Their presence on Google search will tell you how much reach they have to buyers searching online. (type this into Google site: (or .ca ). Basically put site: before their domain name and click search! Google will show you how many pages of that realtor’s website they have listed in their index. If they have 26 pages listed, that’s not good. If they have more than 2000 pages indexed, that’s good). Check their testimonials and do a Google search of their name. Seriously, check them out – don’t hire an unknown stranger even if you saw their face on the back of a bus.
  2. Ask them for a report on their sales activity — what was listed price and what did they sell it for?
  3. Examine their Realtor website, social pages to get a feel for their power to reach and persuade
  4. See how many homes they are the listing agent for right now
  5. Ensure the agent isn’t just using you as a pocket listing – this is for a small set of buyers they know and you won’t get maximum selling price.
  6. Certainly get comparative evaluations of many homes in the neighbourhood
  7. See how the agent sells homes, such as how good is the photography and have they done videos, and is the layout of listings on their website attractive and easy to read
  8. Ask them how they would improve the appearance or curb appeal of the home
  9. Fix or renovate anything that is awful in your home or property – and a realtor can tell you what’s unacceptable in your home which will drive the price down
  10. Make buyers feel comfortable and special by cleaning up your driveway and walkway areas. put in some shrubs and ornamental trees to create a visual break between the house and the street
  11. Have your home professionally staged so it looks perfect for buyers – move most of your stuff to a storage area or rent a portable storage bin for the backyard.
  12. Clean the bathrooms and the kitchen so they’re spotless — replace the toilets and worn fixtures – buyers don’t want that stuff!
  13. use a Realtor who employs a strong, dedicated marketing consultant who generates big visibility online and has tools such as video, photos, 3D home tours, and more to build desire for your property.

Selling Strategies and Tactics Galore!

If you’d like to learn more about how to get your realtor to sell your home over asking price, why you need a real estate agent,  what skills good realtors possess, and which cities have the best selling prices, I’ve got a blog post for that!  Yes, the real estate forecast across the US is very good for a while. Even if prices in your neck of the woods isn’t rising, I’m predicting you’ll be a big winner when you sell.

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