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Is there a thorough, sound way to build a successful real estate sales career today?  Yes, and it attracts, connects and builds client relationships that are exclusive and last a lifetime.

Welcome to my blog and I hope you’ll take a moment to see how a more engaging approach to real estate marketing could lead to the real business outcomes you have dreamed of for years.

An amazing real estate website — the digital medium of client relationship building is a key part of it. But that’s just a shell. It’s the traffic it generates and the experience that your web content generates that is the essence of client relationship building.

And real estate marketing is really about building relationships with clients, not technical web responses or lead gen gimmicks.

A solid real estate marketing strategy includes a wide funnel for gathering leads while delivering a great digital customer experience — the real reason for a Realtor website filled with quality content.


Better, free, sustainable, powerful and something you will control


Isn’t Real Estate Marketing Dead?

Has real estate marketing been replaced by Google and Facebook ads and landing pages? PPC ads and outdoor advertising are the media of choice for many Realtors.

The problem with them is obvious. Everyone’s doing that, and what those lead generation tools do, is to ruin your brand image. Once you appear to the market as “fast eddy” the instant miracle worker, they won’t take you seriously. As Marshall McLuhan said, “the medium is the message.

A lead gen tool cannot be your client building strategy. With respect to SEO and content, it does take some time to build awareness, rankings, and move prospects to engage with you.  SEO and content strategy are for Realtors with big ambitions and a determination to become one of the market leaders.

Success does mean climbing beyond the rest, who by the way, won’t do sustainable marketing.

Search is How Buyers and Sellers Reach Realtors

You’ve found me through a Google search result or a Linkedin or Facebook share. They’re a good organic medium to meet. They’re natural, trusted, not pressured, and you’re more likely to follow up later when you have more time.

Google rankings in particular still hold a lot of prestige since home searchers believe your company is number one because Google pushes the best companies to the top. It’s vital in building credibility and trust.

The experience you’re having now lets you dive more deeply into the matter of having me conduct your search engine optimization, content development, and lead generation activities.  In future, we’ll benefit from the optimization powers of AI marketing. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s a lot of hard manual work ahead.

PPC text advertisements on the other hand don’t differentiate, make an impact, or get your agent UVP across well. You become part of the pack.  That kind of advertising has become more of the digital noise which consumers (and home sellers) are tuning out (ad blocking software too).


One Time Impressions Don’t Cut It

It takes time to build enough awareness and you can pay for persistent exposure.  Many agents believe such automated advertising pays off. Yet it’s expensive and there is no lasting equity if you advertise infrequently.

Big ad campaigns can pay off if other marketing assets are in play. But again, the medium of engagement is a real estate website. When designed well, they can get the prospect engaged with you.

If you forget the front end exposure to home buyers and sellers for a moment, and consider what they experience after clicking on an ad, you’ll see the problem with relying on ads.

Ads often lead to a listing they’re not really interested in, since their wants are so specific. The experience then is a disappointing one without the home they want to buy. Just another contact form to fill out to an agent they don’t know.


It is about Being The Only Agent for Them


The Real Estate Web Site is Still King

Let’s respect the website and building exclusivity. Your website is still key to meeting them and introducing yourself professionally as the only Realtor they should work with. Being the only agent for your prospects means competition disappears.

A Facebook page has no depth and the appearance is horrible, much the same as every other Facebook page. That’s not the way to differentiate and make you the only agent for them.

Prospects are buying something very important to them and the website is the most familiar, stable, and informative place they can learn about you. A website offers infinite flexibility and best communicates the “promise” they’re looking for.

Since real estate is digital now, the website is most suited to creating a digital experience of satisfaction for home buyers and sellers.

Many times, it’s not in delivering data and possibilities, it’s how you deliver them. For that, a great sales conversion process will infuse the right messages, stories, images, and calls to action.

After they arrive from Google, Bing, Facebook or other lead generation site, the initial experience with your website should:

  • introduce you as a warm, compelling and talented professional (homepage and about page)
  • reveal you’re a compassionate, caring and good listener who understands what they need (why me page)
  • convince them quickly you can get the results they want (services and about page)
  • offer plenty of mls listings for them to sample after letting them specify quickly what they want in a home (mls listings database section)
  • help them easily progress through your sales conversion funnel (organized touchpoints)
  • establish a solid, trusting relationship between you and them (email, social media, and relevant stories)

Building Trust and Relevance in Your Content

Trust and Like are important in this sphere. Trust often comes from relevance. If they feel a strong compatibility with you, they assume you are trustworthy (are just like them).

Because this trust isn’t built quickly on websites, a lot of prospects might look at your photo. If they’re concerned about your face or looks, it means you’ve failed to achieve trust and relevance. By considering your face, they’re trying to give a second chance!  It’s best not to rely on looks, especially if you plan to age.

In a nutshell, online marketing via a website isn’t dead. It’s actually the core of a modern, digital customer experience needed to nurture a lead and ensure loyalty.  As mentioned, it’s about building a certain, strong preference for you and your brand.

And leads rarely turn to sales right away.  90% of Realtors fail because they’re not taking the effort to establish a trusting relationship. And that makes a big statement to all incoming prospects.

By taking the effort to create a compelling experience for them online, you’re demonstrating the kind of real estate agent they want to work with.

All you need now is a professional real estate site, great content, and traffic and leads from the right places. And that’s where Gord Collins Real Estate Marketer comes in!

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