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It’s a new home selling season and opportunities still abound in 2022.  The challenge of being seen and heard and then connecting is no easy matter however, which brings is to promotion and marketing.

Realtors with a strong online presence will at least be able to reach buyers and sellers. Seller leads are present since everyone goes online, particularly to Google to get information.

Compete, Build Preference, and You Won’t Need Marketing!

What’s critical for new real estate agents to know is that long-time Realtors tend to stick to their long-time circle of contacts. They’re not competing online for new clients fore the most part. Some are smart and put more emphasis on marketing, and they become the big names in your city.  You can get yourself established to capture some of their prospect pool, both buyers and sellers.

Home sellers and buyers choose Realtors often because they were the first to come to mind, or because they found them online. Their Google search was relevant to them whatever they were hunting for. And online, a Realtor may have reached them via being connected and announcing the sales of a home nearby.  Yes, relevance and significance are sometimes

  • high volume listing months are coming soon in spring and summer
  • sellers need some time and information to plan their sale
  • sellers need encouragement to sell with you, which takes promotion and presence
  • get your value proposition, expertise, relevance, and build desire to contact you
  • sellers want you to prove you can get the best price – expertise
  • real estate marketing is a challenge and you need to get going now
  • components need to be built and optimized each and every month
  • marketing and lead generation success don’t happen instantly even if you advertise (you’re a stranger and therefore a commodity to sellers)

You’ll find the key ingredients are brand image, relevance, and big visibility.  These can all be developed and showcase you as a relevant, talented, and valuable sales professional. These real estate marketing packages have everything you’re going to need to make a big impact and reach your target clientele. It’s the right time to start and be ready for the big 2022 home selling season.

An amazing real estate website — a Website can be a beautiful and quite the hub for all your leads, especially automated lead generation. Bringing focus to your client prospect’s experience is important. A website creates that focus.

And real estate marketing is really about building relationships with clients, not technical web responses or lead gen gimmicks.

A solid real estate marketing package includes a wide funnel for gathering leads while delivering a great digital customer experience and to showcase how relevant you are to your target buyers and seller.

Deliverables for an Integrated Real Estate Marketing Strategy

  1. thorough study of your buyer/seller profile and their motivations and preferences (full digital marketing audit if desired)
  2. building a strong Realtor brand image as the focus of all content including video, blog posts, social media posts, ppc ads, marketing pages etc.
  3. research and creation of unique content that reaches, impacts, informs, entertains and ranks high on Google
  4. creation of content that creates a more full demonstration of your Realtor skills and value
  5. engaging blog posts and social posts that help bring prospects closer to your way of thinking
  6. social media account development and engagement
  7. creation of content that builds high exposure on Google and Bing (SEO)
  8. creation of content that is impactful, credible, and moves prospects through the conversion funnel
  9. targeted local ppc ad campaigns that focus only on high converting keyword phrases
  10. well targeted Facebook ads that help nurture leads and build familiarity
  11. remarketing ads that helps create persistent awareness of you and your value offer
  12. an attractive website with CRM to help you build relations with your prospects
  13. assistance with special projects such as videos, contests, and other promotional tactics

You can see more of the details on the real estate marketing package page.

Better, free, sustainable, powerful and something you will control


One Time Impressions Don’t Cut It

Big ad campaigns can pay off if other marketing assets are in play. But again, the medium of engagement is a real estate website. When designed well, your website can bring the prospect’s experience with you to a sharp focus.  The sharpness of that brand experience really ramps up contacts and sales.

Ads often lead to a listing they’re not really interested in, since their wants are so specific. The experience then is a disappointing one without the home they want to buy. Just another contact form to fill out to an agent they don’t know.


Relevance: It’s about Being The Only Agent for Them


Building Trust and Relevance in Your Content

Trust and Like are important in this sphere and your content is what creates it. Trust comes from relevance, credibility, and shared goals and that comes from a knowledge of your local market and the ability to get your Realtor value proposition across.  If they feel a strong compatibility with you via excellent content, they assume you are trustworthy (are just like them).

In a nutshell, online marketing via a website isn’t dead. It’s actually the core of a modern, digital customer experience needed to nurture a lead and ensure loyalty.  As mentioned, it’s about building a certain, strong preference for you and your brand.

Review the real estate marketing packages and make a commitment to marketing.  This isn’t something you foist upon a slick agency, but rather a skilled marketer who will commit solely to your success. You must have a deep commitment from your marketer. It’s going to be a lasting relationship build on a powerful foundation.

Learn more about Real Estate Websites, capturing Real Estate Leads using comprehensive Real Estate Marketing Packages .

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