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Seller Leads through Better Marketing

Today’s home sellers are a cagey lot, continuously holding on for a better price and the exact right time to sell their property.

Still, as a Realtor among thousands in your region, you must build a system capable of reaching as many homeowners as possible. As one of my Realtor clients said to me one time, “leads and sales are a game of numbers.”

A comprehensive real estate marketing effort builds those numbers.  And that’s where an energetic real estate marketer comes in handy. I help you get focused on those elements of the real estate marketing program that make the biggest difference.

I know it’s difficult, which is why you haven’t mastered it.  It’s something you instantly acquire, even if you hire an expensive marketing agency who will change tens of thousands of dollars to help you look good.

Yes, your branding is important but even more important is building visibility and reach. They need to find you.

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Even when your effort reaches buyers and sellers once, they soon forget you and another Realtor replaces you. Let’s make that not happen.  This makes persistence and omnipresence one of your success keys, and let’s kick up your prospect engagement, and your value proposition.  Buyers and sellers need time and many exposure to your name, value offer, personality, and professional brand.

Many Homebuyers are Sellers Too!

All seller leads will arrive at your Website. It’s the go to source and when it’s loaded with the most significant information, a nice viewing experience, it lends great credibility to your professional brand image.  They’re going to judge your professional sales powers based on the image of your website (cheap website means you haven’t made it to the top sellers club yet).

Sellers are going to quickly evaluate the weight and clarity of your value proposition.

They may not prefer you right away, but if you present the right message quickly, and persistently (visible on Google and Facebook) they may overcome those issues (prejudices, preferences). In the realm of capturing the attention and intent of sellers, it’s often doing enough to avoid rejection that’s smart. Because these sellers are no doubt seeing a lot of offers from other Realtors.

Does your selling value proposition seem more significant than other Realtors?  List the signals that make you the better choice. We can make it way more compelling.

Digital Marketing Strategy to Reach Sellers

Having a strong online presence helps to keep you in front of sellers and keep them away from your competition. With a talented SEO/Content Strategist this domination of your real estate region really can happen.

Home sellers will land on your website to see how you sell homes and what the result of your expertise was. Your content and visuals can say a lot too. On Facebook, Realtors spend a lot of effort to show their solds and then how they celebrate those sales.  That celebration is important. It suggests the client was happy, got their price, the sale went well, and that the Realtor deserves to be pampered.

It’s not just bogs, videos and social posts. It’s the personalized message that creates compelling significance to a home owner.  This is a high involvement purchase, so it’s not just click and sell.

Realtor’s Facebook pages are cluttered with these celebration messages, often the only ones they show.  That’s not enough for sellers who are on the fence about letting go of their property and moving on. Others show extensive personal transparency which is immensely powerful for building relevance and credibility.  A constant flow of images, comments, info, and forecasts keeps prospects engaged.

That fear and the hope of the future are keys that good website marketing can solve. Realtors who show empathy are seen as more compatible, genuine and helpful. Sellers know they’re going to get a high price for their home, so money isn’t the issue. The real issue is the process. And you can show mastery of that on your website too (and via your social pages as well).

Real estate agents can many online and offline channels and perhaps funnel leads to their Realtors website to build trust and then deepen the relationship with prospects. Then at some point during this buyer/seller experience they will decide to call you to do a trial run/explanation of how their selling experience is going to go.

You’ve built the image and predicted it on your website, and now just have to convince them this is real and authentic. They’re ready to sell and progress to the face to face, in person meeting where you further explain how easy and painless it will be and how they’re expectations will be met.

You know best how the process goes. The point here is reaching as many prospects and their friends and families as possible, because you never know where a seller lead will come from. e.g., it could come from a son or daughter who needs to sell the parents house, or wants them to sell it.

But getting seller leads is tough. Even buyers don’t want to meet with you until they’ve made up their mind what they want to do.  So the website can play a role in helping them commit to the selling process.

The new stat out apparently, is that you must meet 50 people before you get a client, down from the old days of 100 contacts.

So what can you do with your web presence and your personal skills to present an ideal image to buyers and sellers out there?  Here are 8 key ways to generate strong, persistent visibility and make you the most significant salesperson they know.

  1. Show them how your talent and system is more effective and reliable. Resolve trust and credibility via good content on your website.  Speak of techniques, and a digital selling system that attracts the exact right buyers (so there’s no friction and time waste for them).
  2. Choose a geo or demographic market to focus on so you can dominate it. Find a neighborhood that has the type of people who typically respond well to you in person. Don’t go for young millennials if they don’t like you or trust you on sight. It might be your clothes, haircut or the way you walk and talk, but that’s you. Some agents focus on lifestyles since building one common interests is a great way to get conversations started, often you speak the same lingo. Create a physical presence in that market and ensure your realtor branding and website content reflect their values.
  3. Make high quality videos to make an impact visually and get yourself in front of prospects. Introduce yourself and a beautiful home you’re selling just as a way of showing how you look in action. Get relaxed and have the camera follow you. Remember to really like yourself first. You are worth knowing and they’re lucky to meet you.
  4. Be social — think about places you can meet people, get active in many activities and engage them in conversation. Do more and work on doing more. Play some golf, tennis, attend some meetups, and make social time a big priority. And think about the things you like to talk about and others will feel your enthusiasm no matter what it is. Get them to ask you about the market and talk about positives and negatives and when they ask you “is this a good time to sell” say “It depends.” Then you’ve got them immersed in all the issues you can help them with. Brilliant.
  5. Build a huge lead funnel through extensive SEO (Google visibility), content marketing, video, social media engagement and exposure on local websites and real estate portals. Drive traffic to your free home valuation page.
  6. Play up your open houses — and get lots of signs out in that neighborhood. Then walk the neighborhood and leave your custom logo usb stick with files will take them to an online contest on your website! Oh ya, give them an adventure and they’ll be talking about you.
  7. Create giveaways, contests, events to add a dynamic element to your presence.
  8. Create a big presence online with good content on a well-indexed mls idx website .  Ensure you have all the right content visitors are looking for, at every point in their selling experience.   Ensure all the MLS home listings are available view your Realtor website.  The right content plus thousands of MLS listings are a great way to greet and engage both buyers and seller. And make sure all your city’s MLS listed property pages on your site are indexed in Google.  Share MLS listed homes for sale on your social accounts where permissible.

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I will give you the first month’s services free. On the second month, a portion of the fee will be used for Google pay per click traffic to ensure you get some leads flowing quickly.  Spring 2023 is almost here and I’m looking forward to helping you grow your business and revenue.


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