Awesome WordPress RETS IDX Real Estate Websites

There are a variety of excellent real estate website hosting services available today.

The list includes: IDX Central, IDX Brokers, Showcase IDX, Real Estate Webmasters, Real Geeks, BoomTownROI, Chime, and many others.

Today, many of these RealTech platforms are SEO friendly and come with a complete set of Realtor tools and services. They’re a very affordable asset for any real estate agent serious about building a long term sustainable sales careers.

Solutions range from the ultraexpensive system offered by Real Estate Webmasters to the more affordable IDX brokers. IDX Brokers offers their foundational system to other 3rd parties (IDX Central) who modify and add their own customized services. Which you might choose is a matter of preference, features, function and cost.

IDX real esatate website features
Screenshot courtesy of IDX Central.

Before you decide on a real estate web site and CRM service, you’ll want to be certain of what limits it might pose for marketing including SEO. It’s best to turn to a real estate SEO specialist for guidance on functionality and marketing performance.

Capitalizing on the MLS Listings and the Visitor Home Shopping Experience

With respect to SEO and user experience, a key benefit has always been the ability to leverage your broker listings and the general MLS listings to your advantage. This still remains a big deal, however Google has used its algorithm to filter out repetitive MLS listings across agents websites. To get seen, you need to be one of the top ten agents that carry a particular house for sale listing. That means real estate SEO.

There’s a lot more to real estate SEO of course.  The value of a real estate SEO/Content consultant is to ensure you’re optimized for great Google/Bing rankings and traffic while also choosing the correct real estate website hosting service.  That content also works on social media and to enhance your email campaigns as well as help convert visitors via PPC advertising.

Most agents and hosting services have evolved their feed technology, yet whichever they use, you’ll likely get good performance for Search Engine Optimization.

The big issue with Realtors in adopting the right hosting/CRM service is a tendency to want to hang onto to old legacy sales tools they use. With some systems, tools such as Zapier can make old apps usable.

You can grow visits from Google and increase conversion rates through RETS IDX-based MLS Listing power.  Having the power of your MLS is at your fingertips is wonderful for attracting leads online.

A Top Notch RETS IDX Website

If your current real estate website looks awful and does nothing for you or your visitors, or allow for good marketing performance, then it’s time for a change.

High quality IDX websites for realtors offer excellent value while being easy on your budget.


Depending on your level of investment and which Digital Marketing Program you choose, you can have either a custom or semi-custom realtor mobile-friendly website complete with searchable, interactive MLS home listings, and you can add your own brokerage’s listings too.

But first, go to Google and type in site: * (replace with your own domain) to see how many pages you have indexed in Google.  Not many? Okay, that’s a big problem, and this is the solution.

Google Listings are Essential for SEO success and, visitors want to see real homes for sale and to contact you right away

The key benefit with RETS based MLS listings is Visibility in Google searches
. Most realtors have a poor, Google-killing FTP IDX solution which is slow, redundant and makes your site look like spam.  With RETS however, you’ll have a Google high performer.  The most content I’ve ever seen on one realtor site is 9 million pages indexed.

You’ll certainly have thousands or tens of thousands of listings, and that’s plenty to give you a lot more traffic from Google.

Here’s some of the Realtor Website Options you may enjoy depending on the service you choose:

  • Built on WordPress Platform and includes your own blog
  • RETS IDX integration
  • Easily Add/Edit your unique Website Content
  • Includes IDX / MLS Search + Featured listing search
  • Optimized for Search Engines and lots of listings from your MLS
  • User Training and Call-in Support
  • Mobile friendly, Responsive IDX design
  • Interactive Mapping of search areas
  • Easy to use, fast, reliable
  • All leads go directly to you
  • premium plugins and other valuable bonuses
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Agent Roster add-in available for your agents
  • Coast to Coast MLS Coverage in Canada and USA

Below is the Seattle© Template. It’s bold, visual, easy to navigate, fast, and search engine optimized. Everyone is switching to WordPress because of the flexibility it gives your developer. It also allows the use of thousands of useful plug-in apps that make your site better for visitors. This is tremendous value for your money.

Semi-custom sites offer tremendous value in user experience and SEO power.


Custom Sites offer even more power for SEO, lead generation, and the user experience.


These templates are Google performers and they entice homebuyers with their cleanliness, speed and ability to look for homes right away. Simplicity, power and user experience optimized!


If you’re tired of the results you’re getting from your current site, don’t hang on. It won’t change. These custom built WordPress sites are the best bargain you’ll find anywhere. As an 18 year veteran of digital marketing and a decade of real estate marketing experience, I can safely say these are the premium sites you need.

It’s all about performance. Call me now at 416-998-6246 to inquire.