Real Estate SEO Specialist

Real Estate SEO Specialist

The Art of Real Estate SEO

What does a true Real Estate SEO expert have that you don’t?  Mostly we have great energy, patience, and determination.  We have to, because winning today isn’t easy.

Gord has the technical insight, experience with the whole process of creating high ranking/high traffic websites, and the ability to create exceptional content that hits the notes with Google and Bing. You can’t hire several pros due to the cost. 

For you, one talented pro will have to do all of your online marketing and social media. Now you know how I can weave things together so tightly and effectively.

An Accent on Quality and Ranking Domination

Given the intense competition and quality guidelines of Google’s ranking algorithm, you need a big custom effort to build a high organic traffic website.  It’s not so much the quantity of content or tricky optimization. It’s about the quality, engagement, and persuasiveness of the content.

Your web content has to be engaging and sharable via social media.  Content is king, but distribution is queen.

Orchestrating Big Successes

There’s a lot that goes into a high ranking high traffic website. I can help you achieve your business goals. Website traffic and social media connectivity are keys to success in real estate sales now.  It will be even more so in future.

My latest book on SEO and Content discusses the power of combining and building both together.  When content is well planned, strategized, developed, and promotion is executed well on social media, the results are astonishing.  You really can do this with me.

The SEO which Agencies Hire

I’ve worked with 4 digital marketing agencies and I’m very familiar with the “cheap” formula. But it’s always disappointing and discourages clients. This is when they give up on SEO and go back to traditional marketing alone.

Thorough, professional SEO strategies can actually work well with traditional channels. Given how long it takes to convert prospects, you need good exposure on Google combine with a good drip email campaign to nurture them.

Real Estate SEO advantage today is to get personal with readers – to make a connection that automated marketing can’t make

What is it that we focus on to make your site soar in the rankings? I’ve authored a ground breaking book on SEO and continue studies of Google algorithm changes including RankBrain, Trustrank, Mobile, and engagement factors. And I’ve provided San Diego, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Miami, Houston, New York, Boston, Oceanside, and San Francisco firms with high ranking and high traffic results.

What Does Google Want in a Real Estate Website?

  1. High quality, original content that is on topic and written in a flexible, comprehensive way that makes them think it is natural and not written for search engines.
  2. Trust is important which is why the TrustRank algorithm was created. Google’s system checks for spam, and other misrepresenting, poor quality content and links. You won’t see much spam via Google anymore so they’ve cleaned it up. However, if you have thin content that looks like everyone else’s — Google thinks that spam. When you have high TrustRank, Google will trust the links and words on your site more.
  3. Google wants to see lots of incoming links to your site. If you have quality content, are active on social media and do a good job of marketing your marketing, you’ll likely get those links (maybe some extra help here too).

Here’s Rand Fishkin of Moz in his video speaking about basic page SEO which is some of the work an SEO specialist must do. Rand’s an interesting guy and I don’t know how he remembers all that!

Ignore the Ill-informed Myths Floating Around out There

Pagerank is not dead. Google stills needs a number to rate importance and popularity of websites and webpages. An algorithm is simply a complex equation that generates or results in a numeric value. To rank things you need numbers. However, Pagerank is much more filtered now.  

The new Pagerank is closely tied to Trustrank and keyword relevance (for instance, if you get a link from a site that is not related to your specific topical area such as a blog on a music site, there may not be much ranking juice awarded to your real estate site.

Instead if you get a link from a major, popular and trusted real estate portal such as or Remax, it may give you more Pagerank and Trustrank factor than you ever dreamed of. Almost inappropriately!

I’ve got a some SEO techniques that might help real estate agents compete way beyond what they expect. 

What are the Key Ranking Factors

There are a lot of ranking factors (Google still says 200) however these are the big factors you need to understand:

1 High quality, well written content with an intelligent flow to it appeals to Google’s quality filter
2 Content on your site flows well from a progressive learning perspective appeals to the Rankbrain Algorithm
3 Rich content that includes video, bulleted text, graphics, statistics, and other visuals that make it a more complete experience for visitors
4 Long form content – pages over 1000 words in length such as what you’ll see on my site (content that offers chances to link out and is what people like to share socially)
5 Long form content with more to read increases engagement and is more well shared on social media — Google is watching whether visitors stay on your pages
6 Content that uses synonyms, related words and stemmed variations of words in an intelligent way that Google reads as on topic and relevant
7 Websites with lots of content pages that have inbound links coming to them (not just to your homepage)
8 Keywords near linked items
9 Keywords within anchor text
10 Keywords in title tag of page
11 Content that is segmented or siloed to produce more power to capture high volume competitive phrases and long tail phrases (e.g., real estate agents in Los Angeles would have separate silos for real estate, real estate agents, and los angeles. Google even processes the word “in” so you work that into your page linking structure)
12 Google likes original, unique copywriting and linking – this is customized, personalized content generation that does well
13 Content that uses related words in links and text which helps Google determine precisely what your content is about (e.g., homes for sale 90210 or houses for sale in Beverly Hills, tells them with more precision than if you plastered your site with LA homes for sale). The words in your other page’s content will affect what Google believes about your page.

That’s the subtlety and complexity that applies to every word, link, and page on your site.  And Google is much more page-centric and on topic than ever. In the past, if you had a popular, authoritative, and trusted website, then all of your pages were given a golden halo. Not anymore, Google has increased its damping factor which means ranking juice doesn’t go very far through the links.  Sort of like the Colorado river. By the time it gets to the mouth, there’s nothing left.



Do You Need an SEO Specialist to Review Your Site? Call me at 416 998 6246 and let’s talk

Skill and Strategy in Search Engine Optimization

An SEO Specialist is very crafty, sneaky, strategy-minded copywriter, social media marketer, brand strategist, researcher, and promoter. 

Going up against powerful wealthy companies is not easy.  The level of energy, time and strategy is greater than you think and that’s why having someone with experience and expertise is essential.

Call me to get started on a new path of high visibility, quality branding, and lead conversion.  Whatever the challenges, we’ll conquer them and help you dominate your market. It’s all about market leadership.

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