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Million dollar agents will tell you, the money is at the top.

Yet, if your website is poor and your visibility minimal on Google, it’s unlikely you’re going to reach the top. In terms of performance and perception, a weak presence can crush personal brands and sabotage careers.

All your hard could be undermined, or never really achieve impact for sales.

Wide Google Visibility is a Must Do

Search engine lead generation remains the number one channel for those who rank at the top for relevant, high intent keyword phrases. It’s a foundational element for a successful career in this digital era of real estate.

Market Leaders take an entirely different view of the sales power and net effect of strong online visibility. They know sales can be a game of numbers via visibility, range, depth, best performing keywords, and in strong significance to prospects online.

Good Real Estate SEO brings additional benefits to all marketing channels, and is grossly underappreciated.

Google is a powerful source of leads. Those buyers/sellers who visit NAR, Zillow, Redfin and other listing sites often start on a Google search. So that’s the original lead source.

Building the Realtor’s Edge

Establish yourself as a trusted and respected brand — one who gives them the ideal experience they want.

What will be your Realtor Edge?

  • your big reach into the buyer/seller market (traffic volume)
  • your persistent visibility to prospects on Google/Social Media (omnipresence)
  • your emphasis of the key benefits/outcomes and the most enjoyable experience
  • your higher quality brand to reassure and raise their comfort level (preference/significance)
  • your transparency, generosity and professionalism in action (proof)
  • how you’re sincerely dedicated to the prospect’s dreams/expectations (the only agent for them)

According to a survey by Virtuance, real estate agents said they want to generate more leads, increase referrals, and sell listings faster and for more money. The survey found they believed the most important actions were:  staying in touch with previous clients; building a social media presence; investing in professional listing marketing content (such as 3D tours, professional photography, and floor plans); creating more videos; and educating their clients.

That survey showed a 20% pull back from social media and email marketing since 2019.  Buyers/sellers have less time, there are fewer properties, and agent’s value proposition can’t hold the conversation with prospects.

55% of agents want to learn more about SEO in 2023, and 48% would like to learn more about social media marketing.  These are very sophisticated marketing skills, and it’s wise to be working with someone talented to get good results.

Key Real Estate SEO Marketing Skills Today

Building a winning presence, brand, strong visibility, and keeping prospects is an ongoing challenge. Your solution will involve unique content on significant topics, social media engagement and visibility, email campaigns, and of course professional search engine optimization.

Valuable Real Estate SEO Skills to Make a Difference in Performance:

  • conducts deep, actionable audits of your Realtor digital marketing strategy to help you perfect it
  • good research into the current real estate housing market with demographics, housing sales
  • good research on seller’s online habits and the websites they frequent
  • uses AI tools to find more engaging headings, social posts, and listing descriptions to boost conversions
  • researching winnable keyword phrases and finding the most relevant topics that are of interest to prospects
  • creating engaging social media conversations
  • understanding brand differentiation to create branded content that builds your Realtor status, trustworthiness, and credibility
  • masterful search engine optimization that creates rankings on the most important keyword rankings for you (e.g., real estate broker + your city, homes for sale + your city, home prices + your city, condos for sale + your city, etc.)
  • masterful search engine optimization for generic real estate related phrases such as “real estate”, housing market, houses for sale, and other relevant high volume high purchase intent phrases
  • helping you execute a good email engagement and lead nurturing campaign
  • helping you find, build and optimize a new real estate website
  • willing to help you generate videos, Instagram material, or other unusual marketing collateral
  • help you write more effective listings and optimize your own listings to rank on Google
  • masterful optimization of your broker MLS listing feed (where possible)
  • social media skills to help you reach, connect with and engage buyers and sellers (as well as other agents)
  • passion for real estate AI software and willingness to help you leverage its power
  • passion for analytics to drill down into data to understand how traffic is being engaged
  • ability to write compelling pay per click ads (and remarketing) when needed to aid with lead generation

What Exactly are the Deliverables from Real Estate SEO?

The huge value an expert SEO consultant creates is via:

  • unparalleled reach and visibility via search engines to keep you persistently in touch with  your audience
  • introducing you, your personality, superior brand, selling skills and accomplishments to the market
  • helping you discover and improve your unique agent value proposition
  • helping you establish and grow your brand to be most significant/desired agent in town
  • reduce the market’s exposure to other agents who are taking the sales right now
  • leveraging your MLS listings to grow reach and usefulness to buyers/sellers
  • excellent original content that is useful and engaging to social media users
  • epic content that makes you a clear authority in your sales region
  • creating stickiness to prospects who need to be persuaded
  • helping you find reach via other marketing channels (Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin)
  • optimizing the lead funnel to help you acquire more leads (and convert them to new customers)

History is certain — those with optimism and vision who take risks will be successful.  Competing with over 2 million Realtors in the US means stepping it up via strategy to meet that challenge.

Real Estate Marketing Packages

Check out these real estate marketing packages which are certainly adjustable to your needs and challenges.  You can also hire me by the hour to review your situation and opportunity. It’s wise to understand your outlook before you commit funds to it long term.

As a real estate SEO consultant, I bring my experience, sense of strategy, knowledge of Google’s algorithm, creativity, writing skill, endless curiosity, dedication/determination, great energy, and patience. 

As you’ll note from my SEO book, I am very strategic, hard working, focused, and pay great attention to building the best real estate and housing market content possible.  You’re gaining the advantage of my in-depth research, insights and strong sense of strategy. Of course, funding predicts quality too, so your package helps us access higher quality resources to build more professional level content.

Of course, the best content and rankings, and social engagement are just ahead in 2023. I hope we’re working together and building a lasting, sustainable sales success.

What Does Google Want in a Real Estate Website?

  1. High quality, original content that is on topic and written in a flexible, comprehensive way that makes them think it is natural and not written for search engines (especially not auto-produced by an AI robot).
  2. Fresh, interesting, real world, engaging real estate topic content that resonates with the current culture and topical themes of the day. You want your real estate related content updated frequently, even daily, to be the soup de jour.
  3. Trust is important which is why a TrustRank factor was brought into Google’s ranking system. Google’s system checks for spam, and other misrepresenting, poor quality content and links, and rewards citations/links from quality websites/pages. You won’t see much spam via Google anymore, however, if you have thin content that looks like everyone else’s — Google thinks that spam. When you have high Trust Factor, Google will trust your backlinks links and the unique, authoritative content on your site more.
  4. Google wants to see lots of incoming links to your site. If you have quality content, are active on social media and do a good job of marketing your marketing, you’ll likely get those links (maybe some extra help needed too).

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