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Expert SEO Services by the Hour

Are you having a host of issues with your website and are underperforming?

Digital marketing and Google rankings are no easy task. Having an experienced, expert who is experienced and capable of investigating, solving and create a solution is a big advantage for you — advantages you don’t get very often.

I’m Gord Collins, an experienced SEO/content creator for 25 years, author of two SEO books, and I’ll likely be able to solve your issues. If I accept your project, then my work is guaranteed, and I will continue until the project is successfully complete. I don’t guarantee rankings. Your success will depend on the assets you develop and how much time I work on your site.

If you’re a startup or SMB needing to make digital marketing work for an affordable cost, then I could be the best investment you’ve ever made.

There are advantages to hiring by the hourly fee or on a project basis:
  • inexpensive way to find out why you’re having difficulty
  • investigation of your situation/errors/challenge that’s thorough and reliable
  • you can’t afford a pro who charges $100k+ per year
  • you get those things fixed which are causing your ranking and traffic issues
  • you get to see the pro in action to gauge for serious, ongoing projects

Considering how important SEO is to an online marketing project, it’s wise to hire an SEO consultant in — whether by retainer, hourly fee, project or SEO package.

Does My Website Really Have A Problem?

That’s what I must uncover first. It could be something else, and perhaps you’re not seeing it. I certainly won’t create work with your site when there is nothing wrong, or it’s something simple.  I can help you get the right solution so you can make good decisions for your company.

A US-based SEO consultant who started only in 2016 reports he has enjoyed using the hourly model. He charges $200 per hour for a variety of digital marketing consulting services and is doing well. That’s great news about a deserving person who works all day. However, his health is now in question.

SEO: Is it all About Price and not Performance?

A higher hourly fee will certainly draw in the better search engine optimizers to the marketplace. That’s good for clients who expect a provider with experience, knowledge, insight, talent, integrity, poise, and strong problem solving skills.

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ahrefs SEO software firm conducted a study on the typical hourly rates of agencies, consultants and freelancers (2023) and here’s what they discovered:

SEO Consultants hourly fee: $171.18/hour
SEO Agencies hourly fee: $98.90/hour
SEO Freelancers hourly fee: $71.59/hour

SEO agencies and consultants typically charge higher rates, and that might be due to the belief that they know more and are more skilled or resourceful. That may not be true. Small fixes and big fixes both may be very valuable to the client. After fixing your issues, you still have the challenge of competing on Google.

In their survey, ahrefs found most service providers are not flexible about their pricing model.  Agencies/consultants often charge retainer fees of $500 to thousands of dollars. US and Canada SEOs charge the highest retainer fees on average ($2500).

Of course, most also have larger search engine optimization packages too.

Project Based Services

ahrefs found that project-based fees usually range from $2500 to $5000.

On average overall, this is what the average SEO provider is earning per month:

Agencies: $9,507.00/month, on average.
Consultancies: $8,685.00/month, on average.
Freelancers: $2,348.00/month, on average.

Gord Collins SEO Fees:

Hourly service fee: $100 /hour.

Hourly-based work may include:

  • SEO audits
  • digital marketing audits
  • SEO strategy development
  • optimization and refresh of content
  • technical analysis and troubleshooting
  • ranking analysis, keyword analysis, content issues analysis
  • research and original content creation
  • performance and improvement reports

Whether you’re needing a technical SEO issue studied and resolved, or to re-engineer and improve your content so it’s tuned to Google’s ranking signals, or to redevelop an ultra million-visitor successful SEO strategy, this hourly fee for SEO services is an excellent risk-free start to something great.  And you don’t have the longer term contract.

Trying out someone’s services is wise, and if you know they’re a 25 year veteran of SEO with two books written, then the risk is pretty low.

Call me at 416 998 6246 to discuss your SEO needs.

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