Why is Real Estate SEO in such High Demand?

Realtors are wondering whether digital marketing can make a difference in today’s difficult real estate sales environment.

Competition in housing markets for Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Denver, or Toronto Realtors is intense. And  property listings have diminished as buyers can’t afford to buy, and homeowners can’t sell. So the bar has been raised, yet it doesn’t mean you can’t win in these markets.

There are some exciting opportunities for you.

Real estate SEO may be the only activity that can make a difference to your business. Printed brochures, radio ads, transit ads, ppc ads, Facebook ads, and billboards try to build presence, but the cost and results just don’t add up.  Money runs dry.

And after all of your promotional efforts, prospects still go to Google to do more research and they find one of your top competitors. All roads lead to Google.  This is what makes real estate SEO so valuable.  It actually benefits from all other marketing that companies do.  And to top it off, SEO helps extend value in content exposure, brand building, social media engagement, and email response.

You’ll find as many of my clients have, that SEO juices up all your other marketing channels.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization:

  • makes you findable, quickly and easily
  • helps keep you top of mind to current prospects
  • reacquaints you with previously built contacts/leads
  • keeps prospects away from other Realtors
  • keep prospects glued to your brand and value proposition (constant top of mind)
  • builds your Realtor brand recognition for sustainable results

From these points above, you can see that Realtors need to be in command of their presence in the market. If you leave the online market to competitors, it’s a foregone conclusion that they will capture and convert these available prospects. And when they create loyalty and enforce high visibility, they’ll convert more of those prospects over the coming years.

Everyone Goes Online — Mostly to Google

Whether someone is house hunting or pondering the price and sale of their current home amidst recessionary trends, they will go online to engage with that topic.  They don’t engage much on Tiktok or Facebook, but instead go deeper on the topic via Google searches.  They’re engaging in preparatory organization for a potential decision. If they are online and searching, then a purchase/sale is on their minds.

If you can use advanced Real estate SEO techniques to gain visibility and get a great UVP across, then you’re in the driver’s seat for those valuable buyer/seller leads. Just one or two sales could cover your entire marketing spend.

So what Is Real Estate SEO Today?

You can view real estate SEO as part of a comprehensive digital marketing effort. Yes, it will capture the lion’s share of traffic to your site.

Yet you’ll use search engine optimization and unique content as a key support to drive success via other channels. In order for email, social media, online visibility, showing events, podcasts, or even pay per click campaigns to actually work, you need traffic.

Traffic from Google is the essence of real estate SEO strategies. Those users on Google are interested in real estate so you’re getting the best qualified prospects available. They’re actually searching for what you sell. It doesn’t get any better than that.

How Do You Surpass Mediocrity to Excellence?

Excellence in real estate SEO comes down to the usual activities of high ranking optimization:

  • keyword and topic selection (topics are very important to engagement)
  • understanding the needs/issues of real estate buyers and sellers
  • understanding unique demographic or target segments of the audience to focus on
  • expert copywriting for SEO (mastering semantics) to match Google’s ranking algorithm
  • excellent content (creating the most informative, enjoyable, satisfying content experience)
  • helping you leverage multiple types of media (articles, data, sources, videos, photos, customer interviews)
  • building a strong, active social media presence (brandings and current engagement)
  • strong promotion to encourage sharing and backlinks
  • optimizing your real estate website to leverage mls listings

In a nutshell, that’s what drives excellence in real estate SEO. Expertise is in the orchestration of these elements to leverage them to reach higher results. By themselves, they’re weak, but brought together and synchronized, they become very powerful. That’s how market leaders are created.

The Challenge of Real Estate SEO

Success is possible, only if you acknowledge the challenges. If you won’t see and acknowledge, then you may believe that cheap, spammy approach should work.

And gimmicks are what are often sold as SEO services, yet they don’t work. Where optimization is required is in building the right assets, having enough promotional resources, and creating the kind of quality that the real estate market will be excited about.

Quality Content: There is a lot of real estate junk content on the Internet and social media sites but if you plan your branding and content strategy you can create the kind of uniqueness that gets attention. It’s how you create a great Realtor brand, by bringing great content together, on multiple channels which creates the kind of impact needed.

Engagement: You must also engage with your audience, which many Realtors find distasteful and time consuming. An experienced, clever real estate SEO specialist can help you here so that you’re available for special cameo appearances. This way, you’re putting in meaningful time and not wasting it on regular marketing activities.

Expertise in Real Estate Channels: You can rely on your expert real estate SEO consultant and producer for a lot, yet you must bring a genuine presence to create impact and engagement to be significant to your audience. Your goal is to be the most significant Realtor to your prospect pool. When they’re ready to transact, they’ll call you.

No Limits Approach:  Great real estate SEO is a combination of local and national SEO practices. Sometimes to dominate locally, you must reach out to gather ranking power from wherever you can get it. It may not seem important to have your article posted on Realtor.com, but it could put you at the top locally. So, it’s wise to do.

Creating Value

A real estate expert will put an emphasis on finding your brand UVP and creating content that delivers value to audiences. That’s not an easy task. Your SEO provider will need to do mental gymnastics to find unique ways to be relevant, helpful, informative, entertaining, and relevant to audiences.

A certain patience and focus on quality will help your SEO specialist build content that’s actually worthy of prospects time. You don’t want them associating you with useless, time wasting junk that’s everyone online today.

Capturing All Those Real Estate Consumers

It doesn’t matter how many Realtors there are or how many properties are for sale. Most Realtors don’t even show up online. They won’t try for lack of confidence.

The real estate market is available for those who want it. It’s all a matter of your drive and intent.

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