Markets Rising

Market Leader is the Best Positioning

In any housing market, leads and sales are finite. Your local market has a certain volume and your challenge is to cut out a good sized chunk of the available clientele.

It does take a certain ambition and discipline with yourself and your career to actually build the mechanisms to become one of the sales leaders. If being number one is too much to ask, then being one of the top 5 isn’t. Either way, you’ve had a taste of sales success and you’re ready to build your business through 2022, and the next 5 years.

You can do this using the power of some effective real estate marketing services packages. But we’ll get to that later. Right now, you need to focus on the foundation of real estate sales leadership.

Moving toward the top is the right decision. Below the top is disappointment. Top dogs take all in the age of monopoly. This is where the satisfaction you seek lives. As the housing market peaks, prices will remain high and commissions will be solid. Sales will grow as sellers finally have the conditions they need to sell their home and buyers are ready to jump.

Strong Marketing Builds Preferred Status

When sellers ask “should I sell my home” you want to be the one providing the answer. In fact, for whatever questions they’re asking, you want to be their preferred Realtor. You can do this real estate marketing thing so well in fact, that they will have a strong preference for you. Choosing someone else seems almost sacrilegious.

That’s what real estate branding is all about. It’s not to elevate a weak image, it’s to build a powerful preference (in the foreground) that makes competitors fade away into the background fog. There is no one else, just you.

Before you get them to that moment of decision about who to hire, you’ll need to gain visibility, relevance, trust, and conviction (VRTC).

There are plenty of real estate marketing agencies selling slick designed packages, but they’re often empty sales shells. There’s no personal commitment to you. Just a sales and marketing template with standard services. Sure it looks good, but it’s like ice cream, all sugary with no nutrition. You must have a solution for you, not to fulfill a marketing service company’s revenue goals.

To create trusted and desired status, we have to get real with a solid, unique value offer. Focus on the heart of it first and work on the exterior afterward. Design is easy, building real value isn’t.

Truly Empowering Your Real Estate Marketing

Whether you plan to leverage free organic media channels or use fully paid approaches, your content must have a sincerity to it. That’s a big part of relevance, credibility and trust. If home buyers and sellers feel your content is too shallow or slick, they won’t trust it. It gives off signals of lower value.

It’s the same if your content is too rough, not on topic, or lacks panache. The point of effective website and social media content is in hitting on the factors relevant to your your targeted audience.

You don’t have to appeal to every prospect, in fact, you can’t. By focusing on one group, you may alienate others. You’ll be giving up something less for something much more — your ideal client.

These people will be more eager to work with you, much more loyal to you and the long term payoff will be excellent.

Right now, then you should be looking at a quality real estate marketing package to ensure it can give you the broad, persistent exposure to your targeted clientele. Google, Facebook, YouTube, and selected real estate publishers should be your go to lead sources.

Follow these basic steps:

  1. Build a strong brand patiently – a calm, wise, patient approach will get you to the top of the sales leader rankings. Your name will be synonymous with excellence, confidence, and positivity. Your brand will provide a lasting reputation for providing the buy/sell experience they expect. And clients can’t wait to meet you in person.
  2. Good content + strong visibility = strong sales foundation  Google traffic plus valued, engaging content makes you their go to resource online. They become informed, feel more focused, more aware, and more confident of following through with their buy/sell decision with you.
  3. Visibility and Omnipresence – why are brand advertisers so persistent? They know impressions add up to create top of mind awareness. They keep pushing the unique value proposition until you decide to buy. Whether it’s Coca Cola, McDonalds, Ford, or Starbucks, omnipresence generates big success. Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter,, Zillow, and other portals give you broad, deep connections to your target market.
  4. Relevance, Credibility and Trust – These 3 come as a package deal. Buyers and sellers don’t trust you unless you’re relevant to them and are credible. In a sense, they want to hire their vision of the perfect real estate agent. Yet, with strong visibility, you have a chance to broaden or skew their vision to include you. They are prejudiced, and without promotion, they will never hire you.
  5. Intent and Decisiveness – They are aware of you, respect you, and want to sell, but something is stopping them from pulling the trigger. And, it’s in this time, during this indecision, that they will wipe you from memory. It’s pure psychology, but if they keep putting things off with you, they will decide to work with someone else. It’s important to stay visible and ensure they don’t get pessimistic or lose sight of their mission (to buy or sell and move).You can generate a little bit of intent in them, but for the most part you’re simply leveraging the intent to buy or sell they already have. The conviction to sell means that all objections have been vaporized via your content, and that moving forward is the climax of the experience they’ve dreamed of. They’ll call you directly on the phone to put things in action because you’ve trained them to see you as the only one who can make it happen the way they expect.

Your Website Content

Your web content embodies all of these channels, objectives and steps, making the process seem natural to them.
Your analytics solution will monitor this process (sales funnel touchpoints) and help us improve it so we capture all possible client prospects. Right now, you might be losing 100% of all leads. Kind of embarrassing, but not uncommon. Lead conversion excellence is the holy grail of online real estate marketing.  Your marketing service package feeds into this funnel.

Fortunately, with me working with you personally, you’re going to enjoy huge exposure, and a commitment to optimizing the lead capture process. The point with this is the intent to be the best at it. There is work to do, things to learn, improvements to make, tools to use, and a daily effort to get it right.

Magic is just smarts plus hard work. There is no other dedicated, real estate marketing specialist you want to consider. No one else will do this much for you.

No one else is going to create a better, more engaging, and sales building, marketing machine for you.

Sales leaders create their sales machine through sincere, persistent, targeted marketing. Review the real estate marketing packages again and note how you’d like to make them better. I’m all for it. In the end, it’s all about giving you the results you need and you’re going to help me produce the perfect mix.

Given the commissions you earn in your profession, the ROI from these real estate marketing services is unparalleled. There is no better investment in your career.

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