LA Realtors Finding the Edge with SEO Consulting

Are you content with the leads you grind out every month?  You’re doing okay but you need to do better.

The Los Angeles metro housing market is vast and one of the most rewarding anywhere in the US for real estate agents. That’s why it’s well worth investing in marketing for your market. And the possibilities are limitless in metro LA.

The top dogs don’t limit themselves, and perhaps that’s their secret.

And real estate SEO provides the lion’s share of traffic to almost every agent website. Except for those who like to pay excessively for paid placement.

SEO Supports Your Entire Real Estate Marketing Efforts

The way to look at online visibility, prospect engagement, lead generation, and sales is that SEO fits in nicely to support your entire marketing effort from branding to homebuyer mls search to email, paid advertising, and news messages.

In any sector or local market, SEO reaches prospects and influencers. And getting expert level SEO consulting, research, strategy and production working you is the best investment.  I’m assuming you want to work in the LA real estate market for a while? SEO is the only sustainable channel that builds on itself.  Everything else fades quickly.

Amazing, fast and search friendly Websites optimized by me give you a huge advantage online. You deserve one this powerful

The leads you’re getting through online lead generation companies, your contact list, or through local print listings probably aren’t great. It’s not a big enough funnel, and it’s not optimized to deliver value to them as your visitors need it.

Never before have Realtors been able to reach other agent’s prospects and get them to give them a try.  You can’t rest on your laurels and past connections which makes persistent visibility so important. Build and communicate a great value proposition, useful, interesting content and you have an audience that’s always interested and intrigued.

And SEO works to leverage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin to draw more connections and leads.

You Determine who Your Prospects and Clients Will Be

The real estate sales landscape in Los Angeles is diverse which you already know.  The reality is that you get to choose what type of buyer or seller will contact you from whatever neighborhood in LA county (or from around the world). Your marketing and your content shape the brand impression you make.  And your rankings and social visibility determine your reach.

Your content and your rankings determine who your prospects will be and what impression buyers and sellers have of you.  You want to build a great brand for them, and create persistent visibility — top of mind awareness as the marketers say.

I strongly recommend listing with my former client Dream Homes Magazine as every elite Los Angeles realtor is showcased on DHM.

If you want to dominate the Google rankings in prestigious markets in LA such as Beverly Hills, Malibu, greater Wilshire, Silver Lake, Hermosa Beach, Venice, Pacific Palisades, Hermosa Beach or Bel Air, you need to have the best, experienced, and innovative SEO Consultant working for you.

Having a versatile Real estate SEO consultant on your side is the best.  Agencies normally pass off research, engagement, and production to low paid interns and then disappear down to the Caribbean. Success actually comes from hard work and persistence.  That’s who you should hire.

There’s nothing wrong with big earnings and fancy offices, but if you need persistent effort and hard work to get to the top of Google’s rankings and draw traffic. The low paid kids won’t be able to build it.

You may be interested in AI real estate solutions, but in reality, automation won’t do a lot for you. It comes down to knowing your audience, creating meaningful personal value, connecting with them as a human, and engaging with them. A real content producing human is needed.

Outsourcing to Your Dedicated SEO & Content Provider

Outsourcing to a Canadian SEO/Content developer is wise. Your investment goes much farther than anyone you can hire in Los Angeles. You want hard work and results not local fulfillment, and I’m ready to help you climb to the top! Take a good look at my elite program service menus. They’re designed for Los Angeles realtors who want incredible results in traffic and leads.

I only want to work with a Los Angeles realtor who is sincerely interested in building market leadership and wants me to be part of that success. Thorough dedication is needed now or you won’t make it.

A Professional SEO Consultant:

  1. does the market research to understand how consumer demand matches your unique value proposition
  2. helps you build a real realtor brand with substance and value not flaky cliches that people hate
  3. creates a powerful SEO strategy and content plan that will create the kind of assets Google likes and supporters love to share
  4. implements an immediate lead generation program because you don’t want to wait
  5. optimizes the MLS listings as assets, not just let them lie unseen and unindexed in Google
  6. builds high quality EPIC level content that’s way better than anything anybody else is putting out
  7. patiently takes time to understand your targeted buyers
  8. builds a useful and engaging social presence for you and listen for cues as to buying selling intent
  9. optimizes your conversion process from content pieces to your landing pages
  10. uses social media as your lead nurturing system

uvp-bethebestThe more successful agents and other business people become, the further away from Los Angeles they look to find the perfect digital marketer. Quality, custom work, responsiveness, reliability, exceptional results, and a habit of developing leadership positions are their forte.

I’ve optimized SEO campaigns for casinos, hotels, manufacturers, 1 branding firm, 4 digital marketing agencies, brand name sports companies, a PropTech company, luxury real estate magazine, 2 moving companies, and more).

LA’s Top Real Agents Building Relationships First

Too many agents ruin their leads by not preparing them well online. That bad beginning right from the Google search results could result in the lead not following through.  The whole point of a lead conversion process is to continue building intent as they discover you and your great approach to buying and selling. If you want to enjoy the success of superstars like Jade Mills, Tami Pardee, Santiago Arana, Joe Babajian, Blair Chang, Tracy B Do, Jane Essex Harvey, Mike Glickman, Sally Forster Jones, Peter McKenzie, Polly Watts, and David Woodruff. They were doing from 40 to 200 deals a year.

Tami Pardee’s beautiful website shows the respect she has for her brand and business, and for her clients. She sets the tone right away with dreamy relevant images and background video.


LA Realtors with No Limits – Positive Inspired Healthy

Tami Pardee and Santiago Arana talk about their $1 billion sales year. Keep in mind Merrily Hackett in Vancouver had $12 Billion in sales! Santiago talks about positive attitudes and ridding yourself of limits and hesitation and how he built his amazing success. He started in 2004.

Are you pumped up and ready to move your realty career ahead? I’m looking forward to helping you excel in leads, sales and revenue.  I really enjoy working in Real Estate. I’m not a Realtor, but consider it a career field for me.  I’m looking forward to speaking with if you believe there’s a good match.

Gord Collins — Real Estate SEO Expert for realtors in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Sacramento, San Jose, Long Beach, Anaheim, Fresno, Oakland, Bakersfield, Santa Ana, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Palm Springs, Beverly Hills, Chula Vista, Irvine, and many more cities in California.

Call Gord at 416 998 6246 now and let’s get started!

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