SEO Consulting Silicon Valley

Companies in Silicon Valley California hope to capture the best SEO Consultant available to develop a sophisticated, resilient and powerful SEO strategy.

Why an SEO Consultant?  It’s the dedication, creativity, focus, energy, and specialized expertise in search engine optimization — high level skills that aren’t taught. Pros in any industry have a special level of motivation and capacity to produce outstanding, market leading work.

Whether it’s tourism, SaaS software technology, or real estate sales, California’s economic outlook is brightening. After a period of adjustment, Silicon Valley will be more lean and fit for competition.  And yet, the real seat of competitiveness will come from outsourcing for services such as search engine optimization.

The exodus of IT and creative talent and companies to Florida, Texas, Arizona and other states, means Silicon Valley companies must look beyond the Bay Area to remote SEO consultants.

What are the key deliverables of SEO Services?

  • competitive research (audit of competitors, topics and keywords, value proposition, gaps)
  • expert content strategy (designing the right content to create rankings, attention, impact, engagement, backlinks)
  • expert copywriting (well constructed content which resonates to Google’s ranking algorithm)
  • social media strategy, posting and engagement (connecting, engaging, and building persistent awareness)
  • blogging (building urgency, rapport, value, and persistent awareness)
  • communicating your unique value proposition, making prospects feel comfortable and feeling good about your company
  • adding value to your other marketing channels and staff (lead generation, communications, branding)

You’re on the right path to finding the SEO Consultant/Expert you need in todays competitive environment.

Expert SEO Talent in an Agency?

My clients in Silicon Valley, San Diego, Sacramento and Los Angeles had this progressive vision. The rule is simple, don’t be distracted by flashy advertising and SEO marketing buzzwords. Find a California SEO expert who can:

  • conduct in-depth industry and topical research
  • solve tough marketing and technical problems
  • create a viable customized content strategy
  • build authority and topic leadership
  • create additional value through impact, engagement, and personality
  • generate actionable insights from analytics
  • help you take your marketing and traffic to the next level

Build Your Competitive Advantage

Your company brand likely possesses significant value which you can leverage to raise rankings and capture new leads.  If not, Gord is the expert at building brand and targeted traffic, even up against market goliaths.

There is a competitive position you can win to build rankings and draw massive traffic.  Gord has done this many times even with clients with common undifferentiated brands.  He understands the challenge.

Your SEO’s creativity, determination and drive are what will power you to the top.  Look for those qualities.

2023 will make Silicon Valley Companies Look Outward

California and the Bay Area is still the place to grow a business.  Yet costs in the silicon valley are clearly not affordable.  It’s the costs that are driving talented digital workers out of San Francisco, San Jose, Mountainview, Cupertino or Oakland. The cost of living, taxes, and commute time are a problem. More valley companies will be forced to relocate.  Those who don’t will struggle to find competent programmers, designers, SEO experts, content strategists, and digital marketing specialists in the Bay Area.

Outsourcing SEO and Content strategy/development to an efficient producer is the path everyone is taking.

As an example, my client Manage Casa located in San Francisco, an innovative and leading edge property management solution provider, is one such firm. They have most of their talented staff located outside of the Bay Area. Up against other software companies with hundreds of millions in investment funding, they must achieve sensible business costs and position their business for a growing international customer base across the US into Europe.

And for any Los Angeles, San Diego or Bay Area companies looking to expand into the UK, Australia, Germany, France, Canada and even into Florida, Texas, Boston New York, outsourcing to an SEO consultant means affordable reliable, responsive search engine optimization service provision.

And SEO still is the number one source of web traffic and leads. It also feeds value into the rest of your marketing channels — a key branding, communications and lead gen support for your business.

Successful Companies who Used SEO

Here’s just a few of the companies I’ve helped build successes on Google, Bing and Yahoo throughout 2 decades of high rankings and big exposure.

Call Gord to get started:  416 998 6246


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