Why  ChatGPT + BING is a Big Matter

The age of AI for content marketing and search engine optimization is here. AI’s ability to comb through content and respond to searchers via questions and an interactive session, is well beyond what Google is providing its users.

ChatGPT is making a huge splash in creating powerful search results that’s inspiring many while scaring others. The ChatGPT integration in Bing is quite the jump in the evolution of search. It’s creating challenges for content designers, copywriters, marketers, and search engine optimization pros. For those who are able to capitalize on this evolution, the benefits could be immense.

See the Youtube video below for insights into the Bing Chat feature and learn more about how to use ChatGPT to learn.

BING + ChatGPT encourages seachers to ask questions and create a progressive conversation that leads to finding the information or resources needed.

ChatGTP + BING search allows the search engine to dig down progressively for you, thus shortening the time spent searching, and perhaps unearthing insights you would never find on your own. The difference between Google AI and BING AI is that Google delivers based on its theoretical algorithm, whereas BING actually listens to each of your questions as you ask them.

One listens to you and works with you to find your solution. The other simply provides a content path that works for them.   Users too will prefer the BING search experience.  Once fully implemented, the quality and depth of content will increase.

In fact, while it appears to help amateurs look more productive, it actually offers even more impressive performance gains for expert content creators and advanced SEOs. The reason is in the ability to craft a powerful overall content collection into one unit that satisfies the user journey better is the most credible material for BING to present to its growing userbase.

Bing’s Search Market Share Certain to Rise

It’s hard to say what BINGs search market share is right at this moment and what it will be in 6 months, but this new technology is really catching on. It’s our difficult challenge to figure it out and leverage to push our businesses to the top. BING optimization is of much more interest now. I hope you have your BING webmaster account set up.

As the video below shows, OpenAI’s new product integrated into Bing is providing some outstanding quality searches for consumers and for business people. One example in the video has ChatGPT comparing a financial report from one company to another in seconds. ChatGPT and stock market investing is big area of search that until this time, didn’t really exist.

This search work generally takes a long time to complete. Information overload and evaluation has always what’s kept investors in the dark. And with the stock market comprised of a hundred thousand of stocks and securities, most evaluations even from professional advisors/experts end up being wrong.

Stock investors and home buyers are looking for improved information to aid in their investment decisions. The potential for finding, accessing, processing and presenting useful stock market data is immense. We wonder what future ChatGPT stock market forecasts will look like.

For skilled content creators, Bing + ChatGPT represents an opportunity to soar above competitors with much more well-designed and informative content.

ChatGPT fastest ever to one million users.
ChatGPT fastest ever to one million users. Screenshot courtesy of Statista.

The creation of music by an AI chatbot is mind blowing, and I don’t doubt that it will improve in the next few years. There will be legal challenges to ChatGPT’s meteoric success, but for now we can enjoy how much easier and time saving it makes our work.

Google Vs The Enhanced Bing Search Engine

Google’s BARD Failing Badly

Google’s introduction of BARD is costing a downgrade of their stock price and generating big brand damage.

Google was using AI to keep users on the Google site, with the result being zero click searches which means fewer clickthroughs to websites. Bing’s ChatGPT will create even more zero click searches.

So advanced SEO specialist might see reason for concern. Bing will be leveraging scraped material to use on their site with no compensation or benefit for the content creator.

What ChatGPT Offers SEO Service Buyers

While some marketers focus on generative ai for content generation itself, the real value is in helping expert creators craft even more compelling content for a more comprehensive creation that Bing likes to give to searchers.

If your website’s content is trustworthy, well-constructed, informative, helpful, authoritative and consistent with the advanced algorithms they’re using, it could generate a lot of traffic. Bing may recommend one website as the most relevant website on a topic. Hopefully, you’ve got the well-optimized quality content they believe is ideal.

ChatGPT changes SEO. Traditional approaches to SEO may not work. Increasingly, these AI guided algorithms look beyond obvious signals such as keywords. They look to define user intent and match the customer journey to a series of content pieces which fulfills the buyer’s quest.

Content creators will be looking at their complete, progressive, topic coverage and a proven ability to engage and convert visitors.  These AI-driven systems can find the best performing sites and favor them.  This could create a winner take all environment, something very threatening to small companies. And if top performing companies on organic search also buy up the top advertising spots, it could make competitors completely invisible, unable to reach the audience online.

The quality paradigm in search brings the whole content funnel into play, not just solving one task. If your site can’t help complete the buyer journey, then Google or Bing may not want to deliver traffic to your site, even though you have one relevant content piece. So content significance then refers to a more comprehensive satisfaction and relevance to the complete information journey.

You can find out more about advanced SEO on ai-marketers.com.

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