Small Finance Bloggers Fight Back!

It’s a big challenge for investors to find useful, timely stock market information that isn’t tainted by corporate agendas and profit motives.

This license to misdirect and mislead is significant, and even the loss of reliable cues in information is enough to send warnings to investors.

An accurate stock market forecast is created through the honest research and outlook of the author. Unfortunately, small businesses and bloggers are not considered valid by Google. Yet they can provide a wide, deep and varied source of insight about stocks, bonds, currencies and financial services. Through the volume of opinions and angles, you can get closer to the truth. Many of you know this already however.

Google instead favors big publishers, brokers and brand name corporations in its ranking algorithm. Google’s revenue model is based on pushing small and mid sized businesses out of the index to force them to pay for advertising.

This last ranking algorithm update in October was particularly troublesome as there are almost no non-corporate sites in the top 20 now for high volume keyword phrases. Google has found a way via their indexing system to kick the small blogs out of the rankings.

It reminds us of China’s so called crackdown on financial bloggers. That was definitely a censorship move. But financial bloggers are important and good way to know if the big finance companies, banks, politicians and advisors are misleading us. The finance bloggers in the FREE world of course don’t face censorship (choke).

Google can do this censorship with legal repercussion by cancelling blog backlinks which big sites aren’t dependent on. They have other filters for corporate entities that can help prop up even the weakest corporations in the rankings. It’s a fun time for corporations who can buy up subsidiaries, affiliaties, and partnerships and exist on the pagerank of those connections. And all the time saying that Pagerank is dead and rankings are earned. If people are stupid enough to believe it, then the scam can work.

We need to encourage Google to cancel corporations interlinking so they can’t game the system.

Algorithm Only Applies to Certain Finance Sites

Google also sees blogs as a source of spammy content and paid links, yet it relies on these blanket filters because their ranking system is faulty. When you rank number one on all search engines and yet rank below 50 on Google, you’d have to expect something is wrong.

I’m sure you’ve found in visiting CNN, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and other such publishers, that the pages you landed on are shallow, low value pages with a blurb on what might be called a micro topic, a page of perhaps 200 to 400 words. Yet Google has stated it prefers deeper content with a unique, valuable angle. The issue is the end value to readers.

These short pages are shallow, thin content, the kind Google says it will penalize. We know from the top results that they are not following their stated policy.

Finding Great Stock Market Bloggers

If you try to search for blog posts from stock market and finance bloggers on Google search, you’ll have a tough time finding them. Google once allowed a way to search only for blogs, because searchers love blogs. But they’re never found.  Google ended that search parameter. Today you can search for blogs but you may still end up with corporate publisher sites in your list. The bias is very strong.

This might be seen as censorship and one that silences a large group of individuals and small businesses. This is an unfair business practice by Google and it needs to stop.

To fight the corporate agenda, I thought I’d collect a list of grass roots stock market investment and finance bloggers. These are bloggers who write good content on everything from Tesla stock to Bitcoin to economic pieces. It’s the type of material that’s easy to understand and gives you the information you’re looking for.

This group of finance bloggers are pros and are keen on sharing their insights.

My Stock Market Basics with Joseph Hogue (

Joseph Hogue an investment analyst for nearly a decade gives investing tips for stock market newbies. Joseph has two investing books to his credit, Step by Step Investing and the Passive Income Myth and enjoys 500k subscribers to his Youtube Channel.

The College Investor with Robert Farrington (

The College Investor blog with Robert Farrington offers all sorts of tips for young investors wanting to save for college, opening IRA accounts to reviews of investing websites.

Rule One Investing with Phil Town (

Phil offers plans and strategy to make smarter investing decisions to help you financially prepare for retirement. Find out how to diversify your portfolio, generate passive income, and know how to forecast a stock market crash.

Wealthy Retirement (

Wealthy Retirement is published by The Oxford Club, one of the country’s oldest independent financial publishing companies. They offer insight into dividend investing, retirement planing and building financial literacy.

The Oblivious Investor ( with Mike Piper

Mike Piper is a CPA  and the author of several personal finance books. Mike’s blogs and website focus on simple, low maintenance investing strategies to help you optimize your taxes, retirement plan.

Crossing Wall Street with Eddy Elfenbein (

Eddy aims to help people avoid the mistakes that separate successful investors from those who always find themselves spinning their wheels. Each year, he publishes the Buy List, which is a list of 25 stocks and he writes posts on return on equity, EV/EBITDA as a metric, and spotting financial fraud.

Dr Wealth is Alvin Chow who blogs about cryptocurrency investing. (

You can download his ebook. If you’re hoping to buy Bitcoin, his insights might be very helpful. He relates his stories and strategy.

Phil’s Stock World with Phil Davis (

Phil’s stock world is high finance for real people. Phil Davis, David Ristau and Optrader offer tips on stocks and options, and they’re online most trading days to talk to you live. They follow their trades through from open to close and we’re there for you to help analyze your own trades and look for ways to improve them.

The Irrelevant Investor with Michael Batnick (

Michael is the author of Big Mistakes: The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments and hosts a podcast. He develops and implements risk management and portfolio strategies for the firm’s clients. If we head into a recession or stock market crash, his insights might be invaluable.

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