San Diego California

As we progress out of the Corona Virus pandemic (hopefully the last one), Brits, Canadians, and Americans considering a variety of locations to take a vacation.  The Rocky mountain destinations of Colorado and Canada, are going to draw millions of visitors as will the San Francisco, Tahoe, and Yosemite regions of California.

Yet San Diego has an allure that is hard to beat. Here’s a city where you can take your bike, tennis racquet, golf clubs, and running shoes with you.  The San Diego to Oceanside coastal stretch is one of my favorites because I like all of these activities. And if you’re a surfer, kite boarder, or parasailer, the So Cal coast is the ultimate beach experience.

The drive along old highway 99 is one of the most enjoyable experiences and you’ll be passing through towns that look like the surfing towns they were in the 1960’s. Stop buy the surf museum in Oceanside and visit some of the surf shops in Carlsbad to see 14 foot high surf boards and more.

For the more leisurely crowd, you have the San Diego Zoo, SD Wild Animal Park, Balboa Park, San Diego Waterfront and Seaport Village to enjoy.  You can catch a San Diego Padres baseball game at Petco Park downtown, and ride the local train to see the city and enjoy some of its excellent restaurants. There may not be a better place to sample Mexican cuisine.  And the beaches and room temperature climate just makes everything that much more enjoyable.

petco park san diego wikipedia
Petco Park San Diego California. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

Yet, a lot of people will be visiting San Diego.  This year, tourism experts are forecasting 25 million people will visit SD County for a day or overnight visit. Hopefully, these aren’t people walking across the southern US border!  Visitors are forecast to spend $7.6 billion on hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertain venues in 2021. That’s a 50% increase from 2020, and it’s the highest since 2001.

The one thing you may not like is the increase in prices of hotel rooms in San Diego. And the prices of San Diego homes doesn’t add to the matter of affordability.  If you search hard on VRBO however, you’ll still find vacation rentals at a reasonable price.

How about a view of the City of San Diego from the perspective of a skateboard?

And all about the city’s top tourist features including video of some amazing beaches.

It isn’t just the beaches in San Diego, or the views from La Jolla or the shops on Coronado Island. It’s that everything else you want is so close.  It’s the constant sunshine and 70 degree temperatures, the bike ride from Oceanside to Downtown San Diego, the restaurants in La Jolla, Del Mar and Solana Beach, and the quaint beach condos in Mission Beach that remind you of the 60’s surfer culture.

It’s the golf courses, tennis courts, zoo, and California lifestyle. Even though San Diego doesn’t have mountain views like Banff or Vancouver, it has beach views that are awesome.

Top 10 Places you Must Visit in San Diego County:

  1. La Jolla and La Jolla Cove
  2. George’s on the Cove Restaurant in La Jolla
  3. Coronado Village on Coronado Island
  4. Driving over the Coronado Bridge to Coronado
  5. San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park
  6. Seaport Village
  7. Oceanside Pier
  8. Torrey Pines Park
  9. Seaworld
  10. Mission Bay

See more on my San Diego Pinterest Page. And don’t forget the fantastic views along the old highway 99.

San Diego California


Dining in San Diego

Eating on the terrace at Georges in La Jolla - San Diego, CA

The Gorgeous La Valencia. La Jolla, California. It really looks like this too. Perfect spot for a wedding!

For Your Adventurous Spirit in San Diego



Zip Lining in La Jolla

La Jolla is a special place with one specially placed park where you can enjoy panoramic views of the City and another park on the rocky shores where you can see huge waves roll in and seals frolicking on a sandy beach.  It’s a very upscale town with museums, restaurants, and shops to match.  Tip: check out George’s on the Cove. It’s a special restaurant with unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean and a great dining atmosphere.

georgesatthecove San Diego County
Georges at the Cove Restaurant, La Jolla California

Zip Zoom in La Jolla is an amazing thrill with up to 2700 foot long runs at up to 55mph. There’s training provided if you need a little warm up.

la-jolla-zip-zoom Zip Lining in San Diego
Zip Lining in San Diego California

There is a Casino, Stellar observatory on a mountain, and much more nearby to visit inland.  Temperatures are much warmer as you go inland. One nice visit if you have time, is a drive to Palm Springs along highway. It’s incredible to drive as meanders through picturesque hills.  You may want to stop in Julian to sample wines at the Bluedoor Winery.

It really is an adventure to visit San Diego California which is why it’s so popular and will be a little crowded this summer and fall.  Whether you’re driving to SD or flying in, you’ll forget everything once you’ve arrived and you’re in your vacation rental.

If you can find a rental along the coast, it’s well worth it to rent. The sunsets, as you can imagine are amazing.

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