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Power Up Your Real Estate Marketing

You might be thinking “what is scaled up real estate marketing? I’m just doing the run of the mill stuff and crossing my fingers.”

Happily, you can let go of the traditional approach and ramp up your efforts to perhaps, dare I say, become the market leader? That’s where the struggles ease.

Yes, this growth and scaling up for success known as “powering up” should be treated as an important project in itself.  As a key project, it will be taken more seriously, be implemented better, and the results can be better assessed.

Top Selling Realtors all Scaled Up

The top Realtors in your regional market started out right where you are now — with some modest success.  Most importantly, they kept their foot on the gas pedal to leverage momentum and continuous improvement to drive more sales. They went from just another local Realtor to leadership in their region.

These smart Realtors ramped it up and became dominant in their region. At first, frustration and disappointment hit them, and that flipped a mental switch. It’s that shock that took them out of their rut and made them progress.  They decided that powering up lead generation was the right way to go, and that means scaling up. Before they could scale up though, they had some preparation to do. That meant getting their UVP, strategy, materials, and delivery channels primed.

Everyone is online today and time spent is significant. Buyers want the right house and sellers want good guidance to time their sale well and for the best price. So being present online for them is just plain smart.

The way to succeed online is to ramp up your marketing budget and effort. It has to become the priority for your business. And you’ll want an unusually thorough real estate marketing package, one deserving of your time and funds.

Today’s Theme: Powering Up

At this point, you need to grow and scale up. Scaling up has to do with efficiency, but you actually need to grow more of the right things including visibility, quality, and traffic. It might be more content, more prospect engagement, better analytics tools, more advertising, and more of everything.

7 Aspects You Must Power Up

  1. Time spent on marketing activities — successful companies are marketing companies, those who aim to get their brand visible and their UVP understood and push competitors into the background
  2. Marketing budget – you must spend what’s necessary to launch a bigger effort because you’re competing against some smart competition who can match or beat anything at a low budget
  3. Advertising spend – but use that ad budget expertly to gain insight into market demand
  4. Marketing content – your content is the medium of traffic generation and conversion, so putting a big effort into creating the most effective content is wise. From blogs, to social posts, to market data presentation, to great photos to tasteful videos, hire a content strategist to build out a plan for strategically effective content and delivering it via multiple channels
  5. Credibility and Authority – the end goal is building relevance and trust
  6. Visibility – through all channels to build “omnipresence” along with impact, engagement, and closing
  7. Lead Funnel – a big web to catch leads is a better idea since media are so fragmented and impact on prospects takes time.

Don’t Wait for Perfection

There is no perfect moment or perfect system. No magic, just doing more and doing it better.

There are new tools, including artificial intelligence aided software, but those tools are stubbornly targeted for big companies.  After researching all the software tools, you’ll be back to the fact that they can’t create sales success. What creates success is a strong marketing effort centered on you as an agent as the core value.

All of your scaling up takes your Realtor image to a higher level where you’ll be a more effective magnet for new clients. In the end, clients buy you. It’s your Realtor brand image, the promise of a good experience and good results. Whether you like it or not, it all comes back to you.

So, think of this real estate marketing rescaling as a magnification of your professional sales value. We’re polishing and pumping your professional value up, getting it communicated, liked, and letting it pull in new clients.

After you’ve used all the tools, tricks and techniques, you’ll see that it comes back to hard work. That will make the reward that much sweeter.  It’s why you need a talented marketer with a compelling real estate marketing package to make it come true and be a sustainable asset as you keep growing.

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