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Finding Houses for Sale

We half way into 2021, and home prices don’t look to be losing their upward pace. In fact, even as new listings grow and sales plummet, house prices keep climbing past record heights.

If you’re hoping to buy a home this year, you’ll need to be very strategic in your home search to find worthy properties, and to avoid bidding wars.

Below, you’ll find some resources to help you develop better reach. Check the posts on the cities with the cheapest home prices, and the posts for housing markets in Los Angeles, Bay Area, San Diego, Denver, Dallas, Austin, Tampa, Atlanta, New York , Boston and Chicago among others.

Housing Search Resources

Your Realtors pocket listings won’t suffice and if they aren’t conducting a top notch real estate marketing effort, then it’s likely sellers aren’t going to be attracted to them. Build your own home search but definitely search also for a good real estate agent. Keep in mind, they are inundated with buyers, and for the most part now, buyers do their own searches.  The Internet is helpful that way.

You can start with Zillow,,, Redfin and other local sites that list homes for sale. Try the home search widgets below to get started.

Homes for Sale Los Angeles

Check out both the Los Angeles housing market report and the home prices in California and San Diego reports before you begin your home search. It’s important to know the economic and housing market trends, and avoid getting led down the garden path.

Homes for Sale in Florida

Florida will always be popular for buyers, even despite the restriction on sales to evil countries. You’ll find prices in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Naples or Panama City a pleasant surprise. Prices in cities such as St Augustine might be ideal and the climate in this area is perfect.

Homes for Sale in Texas

The Oil industry is looking better of late with the a more positive oil price forecast.  Cities such as Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Fort Worth are having challenges. That will drive prices down to perhaps an affordable level in the last 6 months of 2020.  As the shutdown ends, sellers will be listing more houses for sale. This is one of the few bright spots for buyers in the last 5 years in Texas.

Homes for Sale in New York

The Covid 19 Crisis has been brutal for the New York and Manhattan housing market. The trend now is to find houses on Long Island or perhaps inland that are more affordable and where the Corona Virus threat is diminished. The work from home trend is a big worry for Manhattan landlords.

Houses for Sale in Denver Colorado

Looking to enjoy the wide open spaces of Colorado and amazing life in Denver?  Low oil prices and lower tourism numbers have taken the pressure off home prices here. You may find the dream house you’ve always wanted right here in Colorado.  Check out houses for sale on Zillow.

Houses for Sale in Chicago, Illinois

Illinois is a large state, where house prices are definitely a bargain for house hunters.  With mortgage rates low and a subdued economy, this may be the perfect time to buy in Chicago, Peoria, Rockford or Springfield. Learn more about the Chicago housing market and the outlook for Illinois real estate.

The more you know about these markets, the more likely you to choose the best time to buy a house. Timing is important just as much as casting a wide home search net.

Concerned about the 2021 economic forecast? See more about the jobs outlook, outlook for the stock market, along with the 3 month, 6 month,  1 year and 5 year stock market forecasts.

Find out more about how to Sell your Home FastHouse Selling Tips and selling.  Will the Housing Market Crash? and will there be a Stock Market Crash?

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