Best 5G Smartphones for 2021

Best 5G Smartphones

The introduction of 5G was a big bonus for consumers, business travelers, and software companies.

5G has given the ability for travelers to speak to friends and families back home, and for immigrants to speak to their families in their original countries. That makes a big difference. Additionally, customer services teams have the capacity to speak to service reps in real-time.  For travelers, that can be a big booster of travel bookings since people still feel travel is risky to safety and to bank accounts.

I’ll introduce you to this amazing technology below, available for the budget conscious as well as those who want the very best smartphones possible.

5G wireless technology if you haven’t been introduced to it, is the next generation high speed wireless technology. It’s revolutionizing the cell phone industry along with creating endless new business applications which are possible because of its speed (online gaming through wireless, and iOT applications).

5G networks and 5G smartphones will herald in the era of 4k video and live video (Facetime) which can’t be understated as desirable to traveling consumers, bloggers, marketers, and social media users.

The smartphone manufacturers of course are putting everything into 5G because this is the next big thing for consumers who are bored with the common features that drove smartphone sales in past years.

Motorola 5G Smartphone with 48 MP quad camera system. Screenshot courtesy of Motorola.

You’ll discover new 5G smartphones from many manufacturers including Apple, LG, Motorola, Google, OnePlus, Samsung, and Sony. They range in price from $659 to $1999.

Apple is using 5G in all 4 of its new iPhones. Two new 5G Apple iPads are reportedly in the pipline for introduction in 1st quarter 2021.

Experts said 5G phones weren’t really 5G and that real 5G phones are still off a few years. Of course, this means all the 5G stocks would not see their peak values for sometime.

The headline feature of the new iPhone 12 was super fast 5G speeds. You can test your own phones connection speed via this installable app on Google Play (

As the chart from Toms Guide shows, 5G is a step up from the speeds you’re used to. However, the real speeds we might enjoy in 2021/2002 are much faster. Read more about 5G technology.

5G vs 4G speed test. Screenshot courtesy of

T-Mobile’s president talks about the latest from his network:

5G vs 4G speed test

5G smartphones need 5G networks to function of course, and those continue to be built across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. China has taken pains to be quick into 5G networks and 5G smartphones are selling like hotcakes in China in the 2nd half. Of course, they use the globally banned Huawei 5G technology.

Which 5G Smartphone Should You Buy for Xmas?

Most come with a hefty price although a few models are definitely affordable, especially if you buy them via monthly service package. You’ll need to compare the phones, service packages, bandwidth offered, among other needed features.

While camera and video quality aren’t often spoken about, picture quality is an important feature for many users who use their phones for business or creative purposes. Forward technology compatibility is something you should research in depth to avoid owning a phone that’s not going to perform in 2 or 3 years.

In this video below, Stetson Doggett offers a test of 5G speeds on Verizon, AT&T and T-mobile networks.



Tomsguide rates these top 5G smartphones:

iPhone 12 Pro Max Price:$1100
rating: 5 stars
best features: 6.7″ OLED display, solid battery life, toggle between 4G and 5G speeds, 1.7μm pixel camera with good light service and a 2.5 times telephoto camera lends.

iPhone 12 Pro Price: $999
rating: 4.5 stars
best features: large 6.1 inch dispaly, A14 processor, 9 hour battery life, AT&T and T-mobile Verizon network services compatible.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Price: $1200
rating 4 stars
best features: supports all 5G stypes, 64MP camera with telephoto lens, 120hz screen refresh rate.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Price $1179 ($51 per month from Samsung)
rating: 4.5 stars
best features: streams Xbox games, battery life, fast 120 hz refresh display

iPhone 12  Price: $799
rating: 4 stars
best features: AT&T and T-Mobiel Verizon network coverage, 6.1 display,

OnePlus 8 Pro Price: $955
rating: 4 stars
best features: android phone, great prices, fast charging, bright fast 120 hz display, excellent quad camera system (only works on sub-6Hz-based 5G networks).

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Price: $1999
rating: 4 stars
best features: Giant 7.6 display, 10 hr battery life, foldable, connects to any 5G network.


Budget Friendly 5G Phones:

Google Pixel 4a with 5G Price: $459
best features: extra light for dim light conditions, 6GB RAM, 2,340 x 1,080 pixels display resolution, 16megapixel ultrawide camera, a fingerprint sensor for fast login

Samsung Galaxy S20 Price: $659
Rating: ?
Best features: 10 MP camera, low price, 6.2 inch display, fast 120 hz refresh rate,

Motorola One 5G Smartphone Price $499
Rating: ?  Lowest price available, 48 megapixel 4 camera system, ultra-wide CinemaVision display, 2 days of battery life, 5G-optimized Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor, 6.7-inch Full HD+ Cinema Vision display with 90hz refresh rate, AT&T and Verizon networks,  fingerprint sensor for fast login.

5G Phone Reviews:

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