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While CEOs and marketing managers struggle impatiently with their severely stressed and convoluted marketing campaigns, they could be generating higher quality leads using an experienced SEO expert and the free, organic search engine results.

Instead of becoming an expert at chasing prospects around with weak banner advertising, email pushes, and social media advertising, relax and go back to the best source of qualified, interested customer prospects — including your own current customers who are always shopping around.

This isn’t a post about the 20 questions you should ask your marketing consultant. It’s about helping you understand what your SEO consultant needs to do. If we keep our minds on the big picture, the details will fall into place.

An experienced optimizer offers the expertise in SEO planning and strategy you need. And the value doesn’t stop there. If there’s only one thing you can do today, then studying the ROI from a search engine optimization guru is that one thing.

Not that SEO is easy, however, with a crafty SEO expert guiding your strategy, you’re spared the complexity of figuring it all out by yourself. It’s much smarter to hire an SEO consultant with the expertise to dominate rankings in your field.

What is an SEO Expert?  One who has knowledge, savvy, proficiency, skill, ingenuity, mastery, craftsmanship, ability, and versatility, in the art and science of search engine algorithm mastery – particularly Google Search.

components of algorithmWhen search engine algorithms became complex and the competition for rankings became competitive, the SEO Company was born. And as the fees for SEO expertise grew, the SEO expert was the new highly sought after producer who helped companies rank against all odds, even when their products, services and value proposition were admittedly poor.

Throughout my early days as an optimizer, it was only companies in trouble that called for help. Until they hit bottom and tried advertising, email, and phone sales that they saw SEO as their savior of last resort. Hopefully, you haven’t run the gamut of push marketing outlets and have no money left to hire an SEO consultant.

This is one of those decisions CEO’s and Marketing managers have to labor over — whether to spend on improving their product, staff, marketing, value proposition, or to simply hire an SEO expert to reach more prospects online and deal with the conversion process as they meet it. Hiring an SEO consultant, a good one, could be the most important HR decision you will make for 2017. 2017 is coming fast, so read a few posts on my blog or just call me to discuss your situation.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Rand Fishkin of Moz. He’s certainly become an SEO expert and you’ll enjoy his educational videos on Youtube. Rand reveals the ingenuity and perseverance so common among the best SEO pros.

Q:  What prepared you for a career in SEO?

A:  Nothing, really. I dropped out of college, hadn’t had any professional experience and wasn’t much of an entrepreneur. I had plenty of pain and struggle getting SEOmoz started, and that’s reflected in the terrible financial results we had from 2001-2005.

Today, there’s a huge emphasis on conversion processes and conversion rates mostly because Google has forced everyone into its expensive adwords program, or to its rival Facebook’s ad program.

Since companies are spending so much money, they need a CXO to optimize everything from Facebook posts to Adwords ads along with landing pages to product pages. That’s the customer journey. Some companies have given up on SEO and content design because it’s competitive and demanding and not controllable.

There is a strong argument however that SEO can be consistent, high quality and reliable if you’re doing it right. Google ranks web pages consistently, and the number 1 and 2 ranking sites will likely be near to the top 2 or 5 from now.  An SEO genius can create this world of optimized content expertly written for search engine indexing.

Most SMB owners and marketing managers are well aware that Google organic search traffic isn’t free and often extra effort in social media and content development is needed. There’s an investment needed, and it’s one you should be investigating.

The Keys to Top Performance from an SEO Expert

The most important assets the best SEO experts possess is expertise and deep knowledge of Google’s ranking algorithm and how to build links naturally. Sure, money can buy some ranking assets, but top performing sites have an emphasis on high quality content and shaping the visitor’s journey.

Each SEO specialist will have their own set of strengths, experience, knowledge and skills. No one’s expertise is infinite. You’re buying a resource with a unique value proposition. Certain skills will pay more dividends, and you may have unique needs yourself.

If an SEO can generate content that ranks really well without backlink support, then they are likely very good. If this guru can build an SEO/Content presence that supports all other areas of your marketing such as social media, PR, and advertising results, they’re worth their weight in gold.  All you’ll have to give them is a good salary and a gold medal.

Come on, how does a great SEO do it? They do it via high quality trusted epic content, expert manipulation of copywriting, personally engaging social media, expert outreach strategy, finding a few good links, and compelling, convincing conversations with supporters.  To find out more, you would have to hire me:)

Let’s take a look at the general skills/competence you should be investigating in our next SEO Consultant:

20 Things your next SEO Expert should understand:

  1. Google’s algorithm and how information is passes between pages and ranking points are attributed (database calculations) and how ranks the quality of site content
  2. how to construct EPIC level content and what Google is measuring within it
  3. how Google rates visitor rates engagement with content
  4. RankBrain and its artificial intelligence ranking system
  5. Pagerank and Trustrank factors in the algorithm
  6. keyword semantics — user intention and what Google thinks is really meant by a search keyword phrase
  7. keyword usage and placement in titles, anchor text, and page text
  8. keyword siloing and how to break keyword phrases down into more basic keywords and build ranking power through them
  9. how to design and write persuasive, engaging, and moving copywriting
  10. how to design visual content such as infographics, charts, graphs, photos, videos, and text infographics
  11. how to optimize the content paths within the customer journey and how to create a persuasive site architecture
  12. how to identify and troubleshoot technical problems
  13. how to create an SEO/Content/Social Media Strategy
  14. branding and unique value proposition design
  15. marketing principles and trends and how they impact SEO results
  16. how to shape, vary, and curate content to create EPIC content
  17. domain and page authority and how yours will be increased
  18. how to communicate SEO concepts and practices to lay persons such as marketing managers, CEOs and small biz owners
  19. experience because many things have to be experienced first hand as understanding Google’s algorithm updates isn’t enough
  20. basic html and javascript (error checking)

Anyone hoping to be called an SEO expert or consultant/specialist has to go well beyond “best practices” to a realm of innovation, curiosity, testing, experimenting, creativity, and superb content development.  The number of Google searchers perusing the search results pages has stayed consistent for more than 4 years.

There are trillions of searches done on, and there are thousands of other types of search engines used online. Algorithms organize the worlds databases and pose a significant obstacle for SEOs who wish to dominate visibility.

With smart optimization practices that use patience and significant value for users, and high quality SEO packages, your SEO strategy is well worth focusing on. The insight you build doing SEO can be extended to social media and paid advertising. 2022 will be a great year for you and your company if you plan ahead and get the jump on the competition. First ones in get a big advantage.

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