Solve a Problem and Win a Customer

Of all your digital content, your copywriting is the one that moves the needle for business. It orchestrates and choreographs a persuasive process to grow leads and sales.

I can’t think of a more powerful aid to new business development and customer loyalty than great copywriting. Relevant, interesting topics that clearly and quickly help customers with their most vexing problems is what engages visitors and creates a lead conversion.

A Clear Value Proposition: I Will Help You!

Infographics, video, slides, memes, and podcasts can all capture attention and engage, however it’s your copywriting that moves visitor’s minds. And good copywriting is helpful and convincing. When fused within an excellent unique value proposition it engages visitors in a way they prefer.

Good copywriting helps readers identify and quantify their problems too. You can help them go from vague understandings of their poor business performance and stagnancy, to a clear vision of the remedy. That’s powerful.

There are plenty of ways to be helpful. Start with your customer profile/persona and consider their problems and the benefits they need. Now sew those benefits into your topical blog post,  and have links to your other relevant posts and suddenly your post is very helpful.

What Does Your Customer Need or Care About?

Your customers have a diverse set of needs/interests and you really do need to know them deeply. The closer you can get to your customers and their customers, the better. Take a look at their top competitors and see what they’re writing about.

A buyer persona is just a quick study of your typical customer characteristics, pains, and what they might need.

Infographic Courtesy of Single Grain Marketing

Shakespeare Really is Dead

I had fun attending a Shakespeare in the Park play a while ago. But wow, they make you work hard to understand what the heck what they’re saying, what’s happening, and why you should be interested (hence the low attendance). You can’t do that in web copywriting.

Helpful topics, visual useful information, and actionable information are much more powerful than pretty prose. Choosing your topics well and letting the reader know that you’re about to improve their lives and business results — that’s your real promise of value. Be generous and encouraging.

From your title, to heading, to first paragraph, to your visuals in your email, blog post or social post, your promise of helpfulness and fulfillment should be obvious (but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw in a few surprises too).

After you’ve ensured your topic is helpful and effective to your reader, then you can use your valuable keywords, make it visually pleasing, and make it sharable on social networks. Yes, the hard work of reaching more people to help them is never done.

Top 20 lists, how to, book reviews, and best information sources are some of the most read posts online. They’re easy-to-understand presentations of value (sometimes of difficult topics) with information and clarity empowers the reader. If the reader is empowered and acts on what you’ve written, then you’ve done your job as a copywriter.

Don’t worry that you don’t have the skill or budget to create fantastic videos or infographics. You can curate others stuff like I’ve done in this post. Just give the creator a link and a mention and they’ll be happy!

Need to brainstorm topic ideas? Check out this infographic from Brian Clark of Copyblogger. Copyblogger is a must read for anyone doing business copywriting.

Action is the most powerful result. What will your next action be?