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Hundreds of SEO companies and digital marketing firms in Boston, Los Angeles and in Silicon Valley offer services something akin to SEO. Yet, keyword loaded copy and buying blog guest posts doesn’t work now. .

In my new book just published, I explain that content engagement is the key to top rankings now. Google can see immediately whether your page is engaging. They’ve been using this technology with Adwords for a while, and it’s finding its perfect application in organic search engine results.

Is SEO Brain Science?

SEO Content Strategy Guide by Gord CollinsLOL! It actually is. Google’s new master controller is aptly named RankBrain and artificial intelligence is in everything Google does. Anything we do with your site and content must have AI in mind.

What it comes down to is very high quality, epic content expertly SEO optimized. Stats show Google ranks these epic content pieces highest and there’s specific reasons why.

You can learn all that in my SEO Content Strategy Guide. You might begin my participation in your business success with an in-depth digital marketing audit, or you can choose a powerful SEO Content Strategy service packages.

San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles

My experience in the San Diego / Los Angeles market is an extra benefit. Yet SEO touches on so many skills in copywriting, research, analytics, developing impact and engagement, outreach, social media, and experience with a wide variety of companies over time.

Take a good look at my affordable SEO service package if you’d like to test the waters cheaply. And there’s nothing wrong with that. And a more thorough search engine optimization and content strategy service is available too.

Learn more about combining¬†SEO Content Strategy now. It’s time well spent. Contact me when you’re serious about succeeding online at 416 998 6246.

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