Combining SEO and Content Strategy?

“I thought our content and SEO were already kind of aligned. What do you mean?”

On most company websites, SEO, social media widgets, blogs, company pages, ecommerce pages, and downloadables operate in their own space. They’re not aligned.

Sometimes what one department wants conflicts with the agenda of another department. Mostly, it’s a hodge podge of copy, graphics, layout, video, links, and wording that goes nowhere and ranks poorly.

A Forest Path Creates a Nice Experience

Laser Clear Focus Has More Power Than You Realize

What visitors experience is confusion and pages that play no strategic role, or they just don’t get laser clear views of your company’s unique value proposition, brand messages, or understand what their next action should be.  By understanding your content’s purpose and your website content pathways, you can streamline it for visitors and Google.

This focused user experience makes a big impact on visitors – the focus itself makes them feel good.

Google brings most of your new traffic and return visits. Googlebot needs to spider your site and index/rank with a measure of focus. When all your keyword cues and quality cues aren’t strategically aligned, Google RankBrain doesn’t get the certainty of what your content is about. And you won’t rank as high as your competitors who do get everything aligned.

Visitors and Customers are most important too.  As far as visitors are concerned, your content is your site, brand, and value proposition. Seeing is believing.  Your content has to get your customers focused, make an impression, engage them, and make them feel good enough to make a purchase. Your content is workhorse. It also has to get people to share your message and collateral online, mostly on social media.

The essence of aligning content strategy and SEO is engagement and focus.  Visitors and Google will understand, trust and be impacted more if all your relevant, engaging, and feel good content is in alignment. If your content serves a fragmented purpose, it will confuse your visitors and confuse Google.

“How do you align SEO with Content Strategy?”

Ebook SEO Content Strategy Guide by Gord CollinsBy using a higher principle or concept such as your unique value proposition, guided by the semantics (keywords, copy, images) which your content communicates to your visitors.

Both Google and humans are weary from misrepresentation and confusing content. Neither are great at interpreting it either. Make yours really relevant to them and have a driving theme to your messages.

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