Capitalize on Google’s Fantastic Gift of FREE Traffic

Google is still tops in online reach and vital to succeed with.  I want to share my enthusiasm for big Google exposure. Check out their ad revenue, stock value and marketshare growth to confirm they are King of the Castle. When it comes to website traffic, there isn’t much else to talk about, so let’s focus on the King.

Google is the traffic bringer and it’s the kind of traffic that is actually looking for your product or service. How great is that?!  So let’s clarify in this post why it is so wise to recommit to Google and how it underscores Internet marketing success.

Graphic Courtesy of Search Engine Land

Forget what else you’ve heard about Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. It’s all bunk. Google delivers far greater value which is why the smartest executives and small business owners focus on Google to build awareness, brand equity, and even direct sales.

Google is simply fantastic, so avoiding competing for search traffic because it’s competitive is a poor business decision. Neglecting Google could be that one bad decision that Tony Robbins often talks about in his seminars, the one that takes you down the road to nowhere.

Visit the Googleplex in Mountainview California

This snippet from my blog’s analytics report shows that in the last 2 months, 91% of traffic arrives via Google (Yes, Facebook referrals are growing strong too and working the two together is great).

Current Pageview total: 1 Million per year. Goal: 5 Million per year. You can have this kind of ambition and success too.  Believe it. No time to waste because it takes time.

What About Facebook and Linkedin?

Facebook and Linkedin can be useful when used in concert with Google SEO. Where Facebook and Linkedin come into play is after you’ve established yourself on Google as trusted and authoritative with value to share. That value can be distributed to create impressive effects via social media and Google rankings. The trick is to use them together strategically with a feedback loop, to make impact, engage, build intent and share the message. Google sees all this and will reward you with impressive web traffic.

Google Facebook Marketshare
Infographic Courtesy of Visual Capitalist – Google and Facebook Dominate Internet Marketing

Larry Kim and Neil Patel

If you’re an Internet marketer, you know who these guys are. They built their impressive companies by creating high quality content. They built their awesome businesses on FREE traffic from Google. Their success with Google has launched them into completely new opportunities they could never have dreamed of. Larry started in Winnipeg, Canada and moved to Boston to build his business empire, Wordstream.  And he was a developer with no interest in blogging, but when he got into it, he found a reward he couldn’t imagine.  This should be your story too!

And Neil Patel is the pentultimate Google and content marketer and owner of KissMetrics. I didn’t say he was the best. But he certainly made the smart decision to capitalize on Google intelligently and he offers some excellent content to small business owners. He’s quoted his site’s traffic from Google, and it’s about a million a month. Ask him if Google is King.

Why is Google Still King on the Internet?

Google gives consumers and other searchers what they’re looking for – information, inspiration, justification and a sene of mastery about a topic, product, service, industry, technology, etc. People want to feel in control, that they’re making good decisions and Google has always focused on solving that need.

Everyone turns to Google, not Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Bing. And can they turn to the major media publishers? Increasingly, with the presence of biased media coverage, fake news, and other propaganda, people are turning away from the news organizations.

How about 3,000 visitors per day from one single blog post?

Blogs are the Core of Internet Marketing for Good Reason

People read blogs for deep, unrestrained, and intimate exposure of topics, details, and solutions. Blogging will grow in influence, so if your blog sucks, you risk being left out entirely. And that means ad campaigns will be your only source of new customers. Successful blogs looks simple and free form, rough around the edges, yet the content is purposely created, linked, and promoted socially to maximize performance.

As you’re planning your Internet marketing campaign and budget for 2017 and 2018, reconsider devoting more effort to your content strategy and SEO efforts. The stats in the first graphic above says it all about who is delivering customers and generating sales — Google. And Google wants good content, and their indexing process knows how to tell which is high quality content.

I have epic blogs that draw ridiculous traffic, and visitors come back to those posts and they share them online. Google is very page specific now so you can think of your amazing content as a collection of single pages that must be written and promoted in a particular way. You’ll have to consider whether Google believes your content satisfies user’s typical quest for learning and fulfillment.

How Do You Create Awesome Content?

The best way is to hire me to create it. I know what Google is looking for and what keeps visitors engaged. If you have an awesome designer, videographer, researcher, and graphic artist, wow, that’s a dream. Most often, I’ll be finding people for you to get everything done. If you have a budget to create the format, then we can create EPIC content that will deliver ridiculous traffic from Google and people will share via social media. How about 3,000 visitors per day from one single blog post? (That’s my current best).

Regardless of where you’re getting your online traffic from, it’s your online content which greets, impacts, engages and creates purposeful action. Put together content that is truly unique, interesting, trustworthy, informative, and which makes an impact, keeps the visitor engaged and gets them to return, and gets your value or selling proposition across, and they’ll gobble it up. You’ll get that phone call sooner or later.

You know marketing takes time to generate leads and sales. If your content is bland, typical, conforming, and uncontroversial, then it will take longer.

Time To Take Intelligent Risks and Get Better Results

Think and go outside the box on content, SEO, and engagement and give visitors something unusual, exciting, unsettling, and which invites them into a conversation. Definitely respect Google, the King of Online marketing.

I’m Gord and I create high quality, high ranking, big traffic content combining well chosen topics, keyword phrases, semantically rich copywriting, linked powerfully with a laser clear value proposition:

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