Web Copy that Sells

Web Copy that Sells

Your website can never be persuasive enough.

Take a look at your own site and your blog. Does it grab attention? Does it get your UVP across quickly? Does it have the depth of content, topics, and copy style to persuade? Does it move visitors emotionally? Is it generating lots of leads?


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Most websites aren’t very persuasive at all. Yet it’s a challenge to attract, engage and convert visitors to customers. Those who can write persuasively to entertain, engage, convince and generate sales conversions are some of the most sought after pros in marketing. Creating powerful content with an appropriate style/system for your site and your clients is very important.

A System to Build Persuasiveness

If your email and web copy is lacking a convincing result, then Web Copy That Sells by Maria Levoso might help you juice up your site’s persuasiveness.  It provides insight into how to strategize your web copy and help you build emotion and get your UVP across.

Maria Veloso specializes in direct response copywriting where bottom line results are demanded. She understood that web copywriting is a demanding and specialized craft.

Persuasion is Everything


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What works in the print and corporate worlds doesn’t work in the more complex space of linked web pages, viewable on small mobile phones. This is almost a complete course in writing copy for web and email.

I found it to be enlightening and inspiring. She covers how to structure your copy, use psychological techniques, and how to evaluate your copy’s effectiveness. You’ll discover perspectives and techniques you were unaware of. All the things a good content strategist must have.

And yes, she understands the unique value proposition built on customer and market research, and avoiding blunders that might ruin all your hard work.

More consumers/customers are reading our marketing material on their smartphones and this is requiring further changes in how we layout and serve it up for these people. That’s creating a revolution in modular content where it’s divided up into digestible pieces served different ways or even repurposed later. The range of creativity here is exceptional and we’ll see more of it.

And whatever way it’s served up, it has to be effective. This book helps you get above the common “top tips” level of copywriting mastery. Your writing needs to be conceived more strategically as a system, just as your webpages operate as a system.

Maria’s Simple Blueprint for Writing Web Copy

The book is comprehensive process of creating compelling copy that differentiates, informs and sells. She suggests asking 5 simple questions:

  1. What is the problem?
  2. Why hasn’t it been solved?
  3. How will your UVP/solution change things?
  4. What is possible?
  5. What should you do now?

I enjoyed reading her tips on injecting emotion, making it scannable and enticing, adding credibility, using psychological devices, and replacing rational words with emotional words. Yes, customers buy on emotion and rationalize with information.

Chapter 3 in particular presents something that few copywriters know about — using psychological tactics. You can get an almost illegal, hypnotic effect by using these techniques in your copy.  She covers neurolinguistic programming, embedded commands, presuppositions, and even the cliffhanger principle. This is stuff you should know if you’re writing copy on the web.  There’s more eye-opening insight waiting for you in her book.

If you’re a content strategist, copywriter, or digital marketer who needs to write copy, you should have this as one of your key books. It will challenge your thinking and make you a better writer.


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