Luxury Living & The Rise of Roof Top Swimming Pools

Life in a high rise building is very different from ground level dwellings.  And it’s not always easy for condo developers to sell new tower condos or get them leased. And construction is expensive so it might as well be worth it.

Developers know they must continuously seek creative ways to draw potential buyers through an integration of exceptional lifestyle amenities. These add to exceptional living experiences which make it difficult for condo buyers to resist.  While house living stands still, luxury condos are accelerating the value they deliver.

Soaring in 2022, the Trend will Continue Beyond 2024

Among the latest trends capturing the attention of both developers, architects and residents alike is the inclusion of elegant, rooftop swimming pools in condominium projects. And they don’t stop there.

They’re adding parks with flowers, trees, natural green areas for relaxation, game rooms, and state of the art fitness centers adjacent to them.  The expansiveness and infusion of natural light makes traditional condominium amenities compare poorly against them.  Buyers really get the feeling they can’t go back to older condos when these spectacular residences exist.

It feels like a big leap in lifestyle enjoyment that just fits what they really want. Enjoy the photos below of some preconstruction and current luxury condos that feature rooftop deck pools.

You’ve likely seen rooftop swimming pool paradises in pictures of luxury hotels within vacation destinations such as Bali, Singapore, or Thailand. They provide elevated aquatic sanctuaries for breathtaking views and for socialization, privacy, recreation and relaxation for hotel guests. Borrowing from the hotel experience, luxury developers have something that draws buyers and raises sales prices.

Condo developers are upping their value proposition to buyers in the mid to upper price ranges with some spectacular living amenities as you’ll see in the photos below.

The Push on Higher Density Developments

With the push by governments to increase population density in urban and suburban regions, developers are finding opportunities to build more mid size to large condo towers to house millions of people in the next ten years. Most of them being built are luxury condos given the extra cost of constructing such impressive buildings. Desirable lifestyles in the city come with a price tag.

There are many reasons why sky high swimming pools and hot tubs are the exciting new amenity developers are focusing on, and we’ll explore them below.

On a lifestyle basis, these pools and leisure areas provide a vital source of socialization for residents who have complained of isolation within the soaring towers. It’s not difficult to appreciate that condo living is not for everyone, and that social isolation can be a challenge. Add on the many tech workers working from home or condo in a tower, and the isolation issue can be a serious problem for some. Great solutions such as Turing Residences in Silicon Valley show developers are hitting the sweet of buyer tastes.

On the positive side to respond to those needs, condo developers are doing more to enhance the livability within these skyscraper communities.

7 Reasons Why Pools in the Sky is a Trend

  1. Improved Lifestyles: Condo developers are selling lifestyles and rooftop pools offer leisure, fitness, and socializing opportunities. While many rooftop hotels in hotels are sterile, uncomfortable environments for wild parties and family fun, private pool levels offer peace and quiet, natural scenery, and relaxed times with friends. It fosters a greater sense of intimacy and sense of community.
  2. Maximizing Limited Space: Rooftop pools transform underutilized rooftop areas into luxurious amenities and save on precious ground level real estate. Developers can add value to their projects and provide residents with an exclusive oasis high above the city’s hustle and bustle. At high levels, maintenance is easier without leaves, dirt, and bird droppings.
  3. Captivating Panoramic Views: Rooftop pools often include awe-inspiring where residents can savor breathtaking panoramic vistas of city skylines, natural landscapes, and mesmerizing sunsets. Relaxing ad swimming or soaking in a hot tub while enjoying such majestic vistas cannot be overstated. Rooftop pools transform the swimming experience from a mundane activity into an extraordinary one, elevating the quality of life for residents.
  4. Enhanced Privacy and Exclusivity: Peace, safety and privacy is a coveted commodity in urban living, and rooftop pools provide an unparalleled sense of seclusion and feeling of safety from a dangerous world outside. A rooftop pool is away from street-level passersby, residents can enjoy their leisure time with a greater degree of privacy and exclusivity, something absolutely required in luxury condos where good behavior is a priority.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal and Design Elegance: Rooftop pools also serve as an architectural masterpiece, showcasing the creativity and vision of the developers. Sleek, captivating designs of these elevated pools often become iconic elements of the building’s skyline. With exquisite landscaping, stylish lounging areas, and meticulously chosen materials, rooftop pools create an ambiance of sophistication and luxury. The improved aesthetics enhances the overall visual appeal of the condominium and its market value and the value of residences own condos.
  6. Wellness and Recreation: Condominium developers are focusing on amenities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Rooftop pools provide residents with a convenient and invigorating way to exercise, relax, and socialize. In a high stress environments in most cities, the value of peace and relaxation can help residents maintain their health.
  7. Construction and Design: Powerful new architectural design applications make integrating some unique features and amenities into the buildings possible.

Incredible Rooftop Pools in the USA

Let’s start with the amazing city of Miami Florida where high rise luxury living is the norm.

Shell Bay Residences, Miami Florida

The new development of Shell Bay Residences offers a peak of refinement and lifestyle value in a new upcoming 20 story condominium tower (completion date 2026). On the top level, residents will enjoy rooftop pools and poolside cabanas with shade and 360 panoramic views of a private yacht club, golf course and a tennis club along with the full Miami vista.

Shell Bay Residences, Miami Florida.
Shell Bay Residences, Miami Florida. Screenshot courtesy of

The Midtown at 555TEN, New York City

The Midtown at 555TEN offers its residents one of New York City’s most eye-catching amenities: a rooftop pool located 56 stories up along with a rooftop deck complemented by a lounge, bar, indoor/outdoor fireplace, private cabanas, and stunning views of the Hudson River.

Rooftop Deck at 555 Midtown at 555TEN New York City, USA.
Rooftop Deck at Midtown at 555TEN New York City, USA. Screenshot courtesy of

Turing Fields in Milpitas, California

Close to the tech sector in Silicon Valley, Turing Fields is a marvel. The features, amenities and benefits are too numerous to mention and you’ll have to visit their website to believe it.  Residents enjoy amazing views while luxuriating in the rooftop pool and spa, with lush courtyards, a big screen tv all to enjoy plenty of that California climate.

Turing Fields Resort Deck with Swimming Pool with Leisure Park.
Turing Fields Resort Deck with Swimming Pool with Leisure Park. Screenshot Courtesy of Turing Fields.
End view of Turing Fields Resort Deck with Swimming Pool and Leisure Park.
End view of Turing Fields Resort Deck with Swimming Pool and Leisure Park. Screenshot Courtesy of

Icon Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The infinity-edged rooftop pool provides a private oasis for residents along with breathtaking views of the New River, Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the ocean in the distance. The deck level also has a large hot tub with great views and a modern fitness to complete this picture of paradise.

Icon Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale.
Icon Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale Rooftop Deck with Swimming Pool. Screenshot courtesy of
Icon Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale Rooftop Hottub.
Icon Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale Rooftop Hottub. Screenshot courtesy of
Aerial View of Icon Las Olas swimming pool Deck.
Aerial View of Icon Las Olas swimming pool Deck, Fort Lauderdale. Screenshot courtesy of

SKYHOUSE Dallas, Dallas Texas

SKYHOUSE Dallas offers rare and breathtaking views from its rooftop pool. Residents enjoy the use of the Sky Lounge, a fitness center, games room with billiards table, the leisurely evenings on the skydeck with fireplace and big screen TV.

SKYHOUSE Dallas Rooftop Swimming Pool.
Screenshot Courtesy of SKYHOUSE Dallas.

Oasis Residences, Melbourne Australia

OASIS is a collection of impeccably crafted residences within an urban sanctuary — a place of quiet elegance where homes are designed to rejuvenate and inspire. Planned for construction in Melbourne, AUS with an original scheduled Q4, 2023 completion.

Crowning this magnificent condominium development is a magnificent rooftop terrace, with an outdoor dining area and opulent infinity pool.

Oasis Residences, Melbourne.
Oasis Residences, Melbourne. Screenshot courtesy of
Oasis Residences, Melbourne.
Oasis Residences, Melbourne. Screenshot courtesy of

Is the Future Real Estate Market one of Luxury Condos?

These are just a taste of the elegant lifestyle experience in some of the most beautiful condo developments in the US and Australia. Every major city has them yet most real estate buyers pass over them while pining for that dream detached house. Yet tech talent and baby boomers may prefer the maintenance free lifestyle with all the amenities they love accessible, and for free.

In the competition for buyers and renters, new developments will likely feature the same amenities including rooftop deck resorts with spectacular swimming pools. From Dallas to New York to Miami and Los Angeles, luxury condos will be back in strong demand as the recession ends in 2024.

If you’re unable to buy a house at today’s prices, you might still enjoy an excellent lifestyle in a luxury condo in Florida, Texas, New York or California without all the maintenance and property taxes.

They’re an exciting addition to the housing market and predictions are we’ll see many more of them built as the economy resumes speed in 2024. I hope you’ve enjoyed a peak at the world of rooftop decks.  I’ll add more later!

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