The World’s Ultimate Vacation Resorts in the Maldives

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About 14 years ago, I received a call from a Maldives hotel operator about my SEO Services for Hotels and travel sites. It was proof that I had built good reach around the world (my site ranked number one for SEO company at one point).

I knew almost nothing about the Maldives.  Unfortunately, I had so many clients including a Boston marketing agency that I had to pass on that opportunity. Of course, we all have regrets. Back then the travel market wasn’t as developed.

New travel management software would soon be revolutionizing how travel is booked, managed, and helped travel management companies offer better business trips, family vacations and Bleisure trips.  Of course since 2022, the travel market has boomed created demand for more sophisticated services and more travel destinations, hotels and venues.

As we now know, the Maldives is perhaps the most exotic travel location for those who enjoy peace and quiet. The beauty of this place draws photographers and millionaires from around the world.  It’s a place of exquisite sandy beaches, plentiful coral ocean life, and comfortable hotels with amenities fit for a king.

And since European, Japanese, and North American travelers are older (40+) they are seeking the tranquility of travel destinations such as the Maldives, Madagascar, Fiji, and Norway.

About the Maldives Islands

The Maldives is a picture-perfect archipelago, situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and home to 1,190+ tiny coral islands. The country has its own language, Dhivehi, yet the workers speak English very well.

Today, they’re quite a magnet for the luxury travel segment. As you’ll see in the videos below, from the Luxury Travel Expert, they offer a spectacular vacation experience some very pricey, and still within budget reach for many travelers. The resorts have excellent amenities and in the Maldives, the trip from the Velana International Airport (Maldives main airport) via plane or speedboat is part of this very unique vacation experience.

Watch the videos below and you’ll see how the visitors anticipation is peaked as they fly over the Maldives archipelago, to finally arrive at the resort dock or pier.

What is the essence of a Maldives vacation? Luxury, intelligent extravagance, unique, once in a lifetime, and maximum relaxation are a few of the core benefits you’ll enjoy. Some consider it the most romantic travel destination in the world and you’ll find plenty of honeymooners. If you’re trying to capture that someone special, this would be the ideal place to do it.

The Maldives is open again to foreign tourists. The pandemic was difficult for the resorts as travel was stopped. Hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue was lost, yet with the new lust for travel relaunched, they will be fully booked.

Far from the Madding Crowds

Maldives is much less densely populated. Its resorts offer spacious rooms and many of those you will prefer are located on isolated islands.  The accent on privacy, comfort, amenities and guest services is compelling to discriminating travelers.

The Maldives is the opposite of Paris, New York, London, Disneyland, and Cancun. It offers comfortable peace and tranquility with incredible food, perfect beaches, and incomparable vistas. Some resorts offer condos built on stilts above the water. You can see these in the Luxury Travel Experts’ amazing videos below.

Free Luxury Travel Vacation Contest with the Luxury Travel Expert

The Luxury Travel Expert offers contests for free luxury travel vacations including a $10,000 USD prize for planning the cheapest round-the-world trip with Lonely Planet.

Vacation Resorts in the Maldives

The Luxury Travel Expert (@LuxuryTravelExpert) covers the Maldive’s various resorts very well. He’s a well known blogger whose many resort and travel videos are widely viewed and enjoyed, and he has built up quite a following of travellers. His knowledge on the Maldives should be helpful and reliable.

Video Review: SONEVA JANI, most exclusive hotel in the Maldives

Video Review: SONEVA FUSHI MALDIVES: phenomenal resort

More affordable accommodations in the Maldives:

Be forewarned that the rainy season begins in May and runs through September.

Here’s an excellent Maldives Island themed music video that shows some of the activities you can enjoy.

Enjoy your Maldives vacation. It’s one that’s all about you and no stress during your stay.:

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