summer weather forecast

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

It’s going to be an unusually hot summer for 2020.  For June, the temps have already been warm, and the heat is forecasted to continue throughout July, August and even September.

A huge weather front is setting up to persist throughout the full month of July. Although the most unusual heat changes will occur in the Northeast, the heatwave will be felt in most of the continental US and in Canada.


In fact, the summer heatwave mixed with Tornados, floods, forest fires, and hurricanes along with Covid 19 outbreaks could make this a bad time for everyone wishing for relief from the devastating disease from China. Since the Covid 19 vaccine is a ways off, this month could accelerate the search for a vaccine.

This could bring record setting high temperatures for Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Buffalo, and very uncomfortable temps for New York, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Albany, Hartford, Philadelphia, Washington, Pittsburgh, Dayton, and other eastern US cities.

The upper midwest, the Great Lakes, and the Northeast, including Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maine, Vermont, and in provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Even in the midwest cities of Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Oklahoma, Cincinnati, St Louis, Kansas City, Little Rock, temperatures are predicted to be higher.

The CDC warns about dangers heatwaves:  “From 1999 to 2010, a total of 7,415 people died of heat-related deaths in the United States, an average of about 618 deaths a year.”

Direct Weather’s Summer Forecast

Weather Channel Forecast

The Weather Channel is forecasting hotter than average temperatures are anticipated across most of the mainland USA for the rest of the summer and early fall.

Farmers Almanac Summer Forecast

The Farmer’s Almanac concurs that the summer weather forecast will continue hot.  They break down the weather outlook by region for the US.

Screenshot courtesy of

And the summer long range outlook for regions of Canada


See more on the 7 day forecast for your city.

Tornados and Hurricane Forecasts for 2020

The year started out as very active for Tornados and the expectation for the Hurricane season is active. Tornados in April wreaked havoc on Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina. With the intense heat returning in July, storm chaser attention is turned to Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and southern Illinois.

How will the heat wave affect the stock market and housing market?   Heat generally loosens up home buyers mindsets however sellers may not be as eager to go through the selling and moving process during a heatwave.  We might expect home prices to rise.

A key factor in predictions is regarding Corona Virus outbreaks do to increased beach going.  Americans and Canadians will try to stick to their backyards for Canada Day and July 4th celebrations, but the heat does push people out of their homes.

Air conditioned relief centers increase the likelihood of disease spread as well. This would send negative signals through the stock markets, as investors fear business shutdowns which are very costly to businesses.

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