Vacation in San Diego

Here’s a great option for a spring time getaway — 2 weeks in San Diego. Let’s take a look at the total cost. First you need to book your airfare. Going to Buffalo is the smartest choice. Save a lot of money. The condo in Oceanside is nice and the facilities are amazing and it’s right next to Oceanside beach.

Here’s your price: 

Air:                         $700
Condo:                $1100
Car Rental:         $500
Food & Drink     $400
Total:             $2700 ($1700 each)


This condo unit is $770 a week and very often you can negotiate a better 2 week rate. There’s lots of units but you’re looking at ($1100 for a 2 week rental).sandiegocondorentalCar Rental: Approx $500 + $100 in gas for 2 week period ($600)sandiegocarrental

It’s not the cheapest vacation you can take, but it could be a memorable one. See more about San Diego on my Pinterest page, and this San Diego blog post.