15 Mind Opening Techniques to Refresh Your Business Results

15 Mind Opening Techniques to Refresh Your Business Results

Let Go and Move Ahead – You’ll Feel Better


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Every small business entrepreneur or professional services provider suffers times when sales are very slow, or much slower than competitors. Doubt can creep in as we think the market is moving away from us.  Today it moves fast.

To stay with the market, we may have to make quick decisions about our competitiveness, visibility, and whether we need to change our business model and unique value proposition. I’ve seen company management who’ve had negative experiences and who’ve chosen the comfort of safety to the discomfort of growth. But without taking chances, even your status quo is in doubt. Right now, small businesses aren’t faring well. The market will leave them.

You know what they say “&*i# happens” But don’t internalize your failures.  It’s all about where you’re positioned in the marketplace. You need to be open and experiment to find the right new market positioning and invest in a solution. If you’re clouded with depression, anxiety, and fear — conservatism, you’ll miss out on opportunities to be a market leader again. Anyone can lead a market if they play their cards right.

If you’re just coasting right now, you’re not on the path of the market. It will leave you. Your only choice is to let go of old values, techniques, systems, and beliefs and gather momentum to change course and win. If your business isn’t growing, something is holding you back, so why don’t we hunt those demons down and get rid of them?

Reseting is to Reorganize and Reboot

I’d like you to Push your Reset Button. You reset by letting go of old habits and procedures, but you also let go by focusing intensely and passionately on where you need to go.


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Refresh your image of yourself, what you’re capable, and even your idea of safety.  It’s almost certain that your worst enemy is you so this post is a pep talk and a reminder of what is actually stopping you from moving you and your business forward.

Refresh Your View of Yourself
To refresh your professional life and create new opportunities and grow faster, you must first refresh your view of yourself. Old values and attitudes you learned when you were younger don’t work any longer. Your parents told you to avoid danger and risk, but as an adult you must take chances in order to learn and grow and stay current with the market. Whether you’re looking for a job or launching a startup, staying with the market is vital.

How do people think and feel when they’re doing well?  They believe they’re perfect or ideal – that they’re ideally matched to the market.

Successful people don’t have limitations or self-limiting beliefs. They see themselves as ideal for their pursuits so they show no fear about investing in their success.

Here’s Sir Richard with his thoughts: get into your passion fully — it’s how you win. Following your passion is wise because it prevents the appearance of self-doubt or self-limiting thoughts

The Success Interview: Why Aren’t you a Sales Leader?

richardquoteWhy are you where you are right now? How did you get there? Is it because you believe that’s all you can achieve, that there’s no real options? Can you travel? Can you create a new business? Can you triple your sales? Find out specifically what’s stopping you. Did you let fate control too much?

Don’t like hard work and frustration? No one does, and the truth about hard work is that it isn’t all it’s hyped up to be.  It’s your passion and focus that creates your success. The rest are just passengers.

A Note about Travel – It Takes Away our Crutches


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Many business people travel or vacation as their reset button and a nice trip to Costa Rica, Borneo, Banff, or Mexico wouldn’t hurt.  Yet you can actually reset your mind anytime you please. You don’t need permission or support, or even to get away. As Tony Robbins says: You can make a decision right now to renew your life. Tony always points out your moments of decision as the key. Google even focused on what they call the Zero Moment of Truth. It’s at your zero moment of truth that all your lies and truths become evident.

Success Comes as Fast as You’ll Let It

I play tennis and I’ve seen kids as young 6 years, whollop a tennis ball at frightening speeds almost effortlessly. And I’ve seen tremendously powerful adults whose fastest hits go maybe 50 mph.  How could this be?

Kids new tennis techniques

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I’ll tell you. It’s because the kids have learned how to play a new way. The adults can’t hit the ball fast because of how they hold the racket. Their body mechanics thwarts the natural speed whereas the kids whip their arms as fast as they can and their shots go in. The adult tries to hit the ball faster but it sails out of the court.

It’s a classic case of how new techniques supercede old techniques. Although the 6 year old has almost no power, they’re able to use their bodies fully to hit the ball up to 80 mph and right in the court for a winner.  The oldsters must learn the new techniques, but most don’t want to. They’re afraid to let go and try something new. Some will give up the game because they can’t even play with the new crowd. The game has changed.

Let’s Move over to the Topic of Digital Marketing

I didn’t say online marketing or Internet marketing.  It’s digital marketing because digital is moving beyond the internet to private advertising networks such as gaming, TV, outdoor, or anywhere people can see it. Things are changing.

If you haven’t tried to educate yourself on digital marketing or you don’t have time, there’s a simple solution — find someone with the expertise, time and patience to help you understand and apply it. That’s a reset button action. You’re asking for help and being proactive. Then repeat the process for every area of your life.

Here’s 15 Ways to Reset Your Mind — read each patiently:

  1. let go of your resentments, stop judging everything and everyone and measuring against “standards”
  2. devalue what is torturing you because it’s ruining your happiness and performance – give up on the things you hate — let them go
  3. let go of the belief that you have to do it all — let others help you achieve your goals
  4. study the business model of successful people in your field
  5. let go of your beliefs about what you can do and what others can do for you
  6. let go of your beliefs about what you should do — there are many roads to success and happiness and you may be choosing the wrong path right now
  7. reset your most cherished values – the things you thought were most important (money, job, love, house, travel, social) may be stopping you from getting what you actually do want
  8. write down all the reasons you’re not rich and happy — are they excuses?
  9. turn off your TV and tech devices to get a sense of timeless peacefulness
  10. let go of prejudicial attitudes and see people as you would a stranger — as though they had limitless potential
  11. admit that you don’t know everything, that you need more info and guidance
  12. admit the weaknesses in your professional capabilities — you don’t need to be the greatest
  13. study your unique value proposition – what customer pain point have you missed?
  14. take a minimum 3 week holiday, far away from where you live where you don’t know anyone
  15. Are you waiting for that time when it “feels right?” By the time it feels right, your opportunities may have evaporated and the competition are pushing you out.

Look at online marketing as a tool to find a better path to the sales and happiness you really want. Like a divining rod, it will lead you to those clients, markets, and opportunities that are best for you. Let it happen naturally and the right ones will appear.

In your zero moment of truth, you have to decide whether you have faith in yourself to pursue the clients and natural opportunities that are right for you. Courage means faith in being the progressive you. The best clients/customers for you are the ones who will provide the best rewards. But if they can’t find you online, how will you find and connect with them?

If your digital marketing is poor, then why not try out my $995 offer to get you rolling? You’ve got someone willing to help you sustain your success so call me at 416 998 6246.  Your business is going to look a whole lot better and your competitors will feel the heat:)

Gord Collins is a seasoned digital marketer who works with clients who need someone to manage their digital marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively. Clients in Boston, New York, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto discovered much better value than they could receive via an agency.

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