Huffington Post Article Tells Us We Need to Grow – Edible Beer Rings

Huffington Post Article Tells Us We Need to Grow – Edible Beer Rings

Your Sunday Awakening

sealA new feature article on Huffington Post says so much about how small-minded we are in business and how desperately we need to grow.

It’s a simple post about an six-pack beer ring, the symbol of convenience and weekend celebration for the working class.

6 pack rings thought to be a simple, innovative packaging solution, have actually been adopted as a symbol of death by ecology groups around the world, yet manufacturers ignored that issue. Marine birds and sealife are entangled and die because of these plastic strips. Worse perhaps, these plastic rings end up with other dangerous plastics and microplastic particles in the south Atlantic swirling timelessly in a global cesspool. Microplastics are one of the most insidious threats of our era. This is our time capsule for future generations to remember us.

The moral of this lesson is that marketing agencies can and should come up with convincing branding and disruptive messaging that counters the despicable reputation of big brands. Small agile, free-minded marketing minds can generate the necessary views to change the reputation of marketing and corporate entities (including the numbered companies we so adore).

Who Respects Beer Companies?

Beer companies have the worst reputation, socially, environmentally, morally and business wise.  Who isn’t annoyed with Coors and Budweiser ads for the working class’s champagne?  Astonishingly though, a beer company’s marketing agency actually came up with a new idea — that these nasty killing threats could be neutralized by making them edible for marine creatures.  An amazing, disruptive concept. What if you turned your most negative brand image weakness or business liability into a strength? This so brilliant!

Hyper Growth is Beginning to Make Sense!

The economic and governmental rules that make commerce impossible in Europe and North America could actually be a grand hyper-growth opportunity if we act on them. For the first time, eco-friendly thinkers are being asked for their opinions. They were ignored. You can see how the terms disruption, innovation and hypergrowth are meaningful. This is the leading edge of major transformation in how we think about business. eco-friendly marketing may just be a reaction to oppressive business conditions in Europe and North America.

Plastic Rings? Well, We Can’t do anything About that.

wallstreetIt seems we can do something about that. In fact, if Wall Street and Bay Street reject the concepts they used to gain easy, short term profit, they’d be part of a complete renaissance in the branding of big corporate profits. And let’s face it, corporate profit is the biggest brand image problem these companies face. Consumers are disgusted by big business profit and cheer as big business fails. Time to think like a responsible small business with a conscience.

For small business, this “edible biodegradable” concept dissolves a major hurdle for entrepreneurs by dumping the common excuses of big business. Big business clings to the “jobs benefit” they think voters actually believe. Gasp, cough, snicker, no one likes corporations.

The key takeaway from the “edible beer rings” disruption is that when we disrupt the normal corporate value with something more humane, eco-friendly and cost effective, it’s good for everyone.  Share this post with your Walmart, Costco, Target, Coors clients as proof that disruption is good.

Gord Collins is a digital marketing strategist focused on brand growth. Serving clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Vancouver, Phoenix and Vancouver, Gord takes clients with modest expectations into a realm of colossal success.  What is stopping your business from major success?


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