Content is King, Distribution is Queen

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They’re the Royal Couple of content marketing. In truth however, Quality and Relevance are King, and Reach and Impact are Queen.

Content marketing is simply the process of publishing blogs, videos, graphics, white papers, case studies, product reviews, product specs, infographics, social posts, comments, and many other forms of content. It’s perhaps the most fun task in digital marketing and it can create customers or generate inbound links for your SEO.

You create and share them or you encourage others to share, post and talk about them and your brand on social media. Your quality content acts an inbound marketing customer generator attracting prospects to your website.

Which types of content are most effective for your marketing campaign depends on your goals and resources.  It’s wise not to skimp on content quality since it can reflect negatively on your brand and defeat your purpose.

After receiving my digital marketing audit for your business, you can decide on which types of content will make the best impact with the right target audience. From SEO to copywriting to reaching influencers, I can help you bring it all together as one cohesive content marketing effort.

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Types of Inbound Marketing Content
Types of Inbound Marketing Content – Courtesy of Hubspot Automated Marketing


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